High ACOS for Maximum PROFITS I Amazon FBA Advertising (PPC Tutorial)

What is going on guys welcome to today's AMAZING video on Amazon FBA product research and advertising pay per click so i wanted to cover a Topic that i've been seeing a ton of people, ask, about in the facebook group and i wanted to make a video About it just to help you guys out so you can, better manage your amazon, fba business so let's say that's how You, use either jungle scout or viral launch to find a perfect

Product, and the product You know the price range for it was between 15 to 50 dollars It was a small package item less than a pound you know, give or take Your reviews for the competition is not that high so you know About a hundred two hundred give or take the revenues are amazing They're all making five thousand plus Amazon fba product research and how to make money online on amazon Which shows that there is demand for a product and you know based on those numbers you tracked it through the I99 method and you order that product and now it's in amazon fba warehouse So how, do you go, about selling this product as most of you guys know Amazon has a new policy that's are? They just released, which, means that you cannot just leave an unverified review for your friends and family anymore and What that caused is for you to find other ways to go about getting reviews One way that you can get reviews, is by creating coupons, and giving it to other people You know to buy and then Refunding the difference through paypal as, well you can reach out to other facebook groups that are carried Strictly to people leaving, each other reviews, which should get you those initial reviews, which you usually, want about five to ten Before you spend any money on ppc so now That you guys understand everything from beginning Ordering the product to getting those initial reviews let's start with, today's topic, which is you're a? Cause you're a cost is basically how Much money you spend on each keyword for advertising through amazon's platform and how much that amount generates for you in terms of sales so for Example let's go back to the same product and at our showcase to you guys in december if you're selling the camera light bulb The keyword camera might cost you $2 per click If for example every $20 generates you a hundred dollars in sales you're a cause is 20% and Generally the lord a cost the better so for example once you put the cost plus shipping Into your amazon, fba calculator and you see that the net profit margin is 50% You, still have that it cost that you have to take into account Along, with giveaways and all that stuff so for example if your Net profit margin is 50% and your a cost is 20 your actual net profit margin is 30% and Generally the lure that number the better however there is a case Where a higher a cost might be more beneficial in your case so i wanted to go over The two cases in this video and explain to you guys, why sometimes a higher a cost might be more beneficial and See, which one meets your criteria in this case if you have about a thousand to 2,000 bucks initial investment that you want to get started on amazon fba the best way for you to be profitable is To, have a lower a cost and the reason for this is it's better to sell, five units indeed at a 50% or 45% net profit margin then selling 10 a day at 10% So, why, would you wanna hire a cost is a good question if you've ordered say $5,000 worth for your initial investment and you have the capital and you have the inventory To match your serious velocity with the people on first page it might, make sense for you to target the higher cost Keywords such as camera, bots for example i'll give you guys an example so you can really so, if i'm selling the camera light, bulb the keyword camera ball, my cost three dollars a unit however Even though it's expensive it might generate me 20 sales a day just from that one keyword if i spent more Money for that keyword and i can increase my sales the loss to get myself on that first page it might be beneficial Because once i'm on that first page Now i can lure my ppc or i can get rid of it altogether and i can start generating Organic sales so just to recap you Want to temporarily increase your it cost so you can match your top competitors sales velocity and get yourself Onto that first page So now let's go back to our initial Example if you have an inventory of say about a thousand to two thousand dollars worth of products Doesn't make sense to match the top sellers sales Velocity so you can go on to the first page for that product or doesn't make sense for you to target the Keywords that cost less but at the same time generally you more profit, and that doesn't necessarily get you to that first page As you might have guessed the latter option is more beneficial because your whole goal is to grow That one to two thousand investment into three to four thousand so you can get to the point that you can order a bigger inventory And now match the sales velocity of the top sellers so now you can Generate that organic sales and keep your net profit margin super-high so make sure You, go, by, these two rules if you, have the capacity to more your a cost but Match the sales velocity of the top sellers to be on the first page and again you have enough inventory To, keep going it makes sense to go with that option however if you, don't have the inventory Increasing your sales velocity, would do absolutely nothing in your case so i hope all you guys, understand the concept of a cost now and Why sometimes having a higher a cost might be more beneficial and in other cases, why You, would want to increase your sales velocity and how it can be advantageous for you in the long run So the next thing i want to go over is how, do you find, these keywords and how, do you find out Which ones are generating sales for you so again if you are, new to amazon fba Once you run an automatic, ad you can request a report after seven, days And that report basically shows, you the keywords that have generated sales for you, and the ones that have gotten clicks but have Not been converting into any sales for you so now What you can do is you can pick out the keywords that are generating sales for you and you can, make sure that you're competitive For those keywords in terms of your bid amount so you can start getting more sales and Then based on the two scenarios you can See which one makes more sense for you so it's always best for example to use other Tools as, well aside from running an automatic, ads so i personally use merchant words and Google, adwords keyword tool and it's been working amazing for me because i can See, which keywords, have, high volume search and which keywords don't and then based on that i can see Which keywords are generating more profit for me so you might find a keyword that's not as popular However because not too Many, people are searching for that your bid amount is super low So if you can focus on those keywords, while keeping your a cost low You have a competitive edge over all of your competitors so don't always run an automatic Ad and try to dissect Profitable keywords from there try to be a little bit different that way you can have a successful a cost Conversion rate which is super important for you especially if you're, new to amazon, fba and you, want to grow That you know two to four thousand investment into ten twenty thousand, so that's how You grow your portfolio in amazon fba in terms of your products that you have so i Actually ordered my product that i'm gonna be doing a test account for you Guys, showcasing you the product and showing

You how, to take that two thousand dollar investment Into five to ten thousand, and the first month and i'm hopefully gonna create that And take it to thirty to fifty thousand A month within the first four to five month period so i think that's, gonna be super advantageous for you Guys especially you Want to see you know How, to target proper keywords, how To, make, sure it's profitable and in this case i think it will be very beneficial for you Guys Because i'm gonna start with a lower investment, which most people do when they're starting their amazon, fba so you, guys can, see the whole business behind fba of how to Exponentially grow that business into a six-figure a month business So let me know, what you think about today's video do you think in your case a higher a-class might make More sense for you or would you agree with, me that Making, less sales per day for keeping Your profit margins super, high is The, better option i'm curious to know, what you guys think and you know if you have any comments or questions please Make, sure to post down below and if you are, new, to this channel, make sure to hit that thumbs up button And subscribe and i can't wait to see you guys on the next video

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