EP:046 Building a Thriving Digital Marketing Agency with Ilana Wechsler

I've got a confession to make I need to get this off my chest

As a business owner, we all make mistakes I've gotta confess, I've gotta confess Hey guys it's Charley from Confessions of a Business Owner once again and today I have a very special guest Ilana Wechsler from Green Arrow Digital who has come on to confess what I can only describe as a fantastic story I'm really looking forward to this one today I did get a little bit of a preview, so I know what's coming but I really think there's many many people that will have done similar things out there and it's time to bring that to the open So Ilana how are you doing? – I'm well, thanks Charley, how are you? – I'm really well, thank you so much for being on the show

– It's a pleasure to be here – Now I'll quickly read out some bio things here So Ilana is a CEO and founder of Green Arrow Digital a PPC agency, she's a former data analyst Which I was saying is like the perfect career to come into the PPC world, there's a lot of data analyst type activities that go on She has a husband and three lovely young children and is based in Sydney

And she also like to, as well as doing a done-for-you service she has her own community in which she teaches people how to do PPC, so passing on the skill sets Which I think is very very cool – Thank you – So how are you doing in Sydney this fine morning? How's business in general? – Business is good, business is busy as you know, you're a fellow PPC person You know that PPC fun just never stops

– Well the irony is that I look at this and I find that the people that are good at PPC are always super busy and should always have a really good amount of leads coming into their business and if they don't, it's an integrity issue It's a really big integrity issue – It's true, I think there's a lot of sharks out there so if you are good at what you do and you have good integrity and good business ethic then it doesn't take long for word to get out and true story, I've never actually done PPC for my own agency, so I've never had to, which is, I guess a testament to hopefully, what I think good work ethic and good quality service for people – It certainly does and I can even look back on my time in my PPC agency, even though it was many many years ago now, we had much of the same thing I can't remember us ever running ads in that nature

And alarmingly, I think that a good 20% of the leads that came into our business were actually other marketing agencies And I was always curious I was very curious about that Do you notice the same? Do you get other marketing agencies coming to you? – Yeah, we used to go down the white labeling route for a while, so therefore other agencies white labeling us because many full service agencies don't really wanna do the PPC work It's very fiddly work, it's hard to scale, it's hard to recruit for, so they were using us

We kinda do that less and less actually We found there were some issues, just lack of client communication and et cetera like that So I tend to not like to do that anymore But yeah, I can relate, marketing agencies contacting us – Ooo that saga continues

Good to know it wasn't just us – No – Now I wanna get into it, 'cause this is just such a good story I got a bit excited when you mentioned it early from today, so I'm gonna get straight into it It's your time to come on and confess on the show

Do you wanna take us through this story? I'm eager to hear in detail – All right, putting myself out there Okay, so it needs a bit of context so rather than going straight for the confession I'm kinda gonna lead into it a little bit in that I'm not your kinda classic story of I wanted to become, open a digital agency by any means So as you said with my bio, I did used to be a data analyst, I was for about 10 years working for lots of corporate companies and when I had a family basically the decision was kinda made up for me to leave my job even though I loved it actually And had every intention to return, but family life got in the way and corporate and family are like oil and water, they don't mix basically

So I thought, what am I gonna do? You know, what are my skills? And my skills were very much Excel I spent 10 years basically building Excel spreadsheets So I thought I might try and do that So I started like an Excel consulting and I got some traction and I built a website 'cause I put an add on Gumtree and was getting leads that way and so I built a website called Excel Help and low and behold, no one came to my website So that kinda sparked the journey of online marketing and I tried affiliate marketing, and for probably a year, I think, failed miserably at that

I thought, okay, scrap that, what else can I do? So I tried building content sites and monetizing via AdSense and I actually built that up to be quite decent And I had a team of writers and I had a bunch of websites, and then of course the algorithm update happened and my business was a house of cards and came crashing literally overnight So I thought, what are my skillsets? My skills are data and knowing about keyword research and AdSense, I kind of what somewhat exposed to AdWords 'cause it's the other side of the equation And so I thought, I'm gonna do, I'm gonna do PPC work Can't believe I didn't think of this earlier

This is my home So, I did a whole bunch of courses I bought a stack of books that I had on my desk and I was working through all the content But you and I know, at the end of the day you need an account to really work on and play with, and I thought, what am I gonna do? Like I didn't wanna do the Excel work, so I needed some kind of client account to really learn, 'cause only through implementing do you actually learn And everyone says to learn on your own account first, but I had nothing to promote, I had nothing

So I thought, I don't know what to do And a dear friend of mine who will remain nameless because to protect the integrity of him, said to me that he, well he had a marketing agency, and his PPC person had let him down and so he was looking for someone to give that account to to manage and he gave me my first account So I was a PPC expert without ever actually having played in a real live account that was running So that is my confession But I knew that I had a really strong work ethic, and I knew that I understood the concepts very well, and I wasn't completely green to online

So I thought, I just know I can make this work And fast forward over five years they are actually still a client which is pretty amazing – That is such a good story There's a bit of a fake it till you make it moment there where it's getting that first client before we're in there But sometimes that can be what it takes in business

I think it's a very very cool thing – Thank you, yeah, look, I mean that first month that I had that account I probably spent a obscene amount of time in that account Much more than I would have to now But I was so petrified about making a mistake and I would cross reference what was in the account with what was in the books, which is in the online video tutorials that I was running So I work out my hourly rate from the income I made from that first account, obviously it was not about that, it was about me learning, but yeah, that's really where I honed my skills

– Well what a learning experience none-the-less And for anyone that's not in the PPC space or has done similar things, I kind of think that marketing in general, it's kind of like riding a bike And what I mean by that is there's only so many books you can read on riding a bike Or only so many courses you could take on riding a bike At some point you've gotta ride a bike

It's never gonna– – That's right – Be the same It's the experience that develops the skill So I think that's very cool But how did you find that first month and that learning experience? Because I can only imagine it probably put some pressure on you

– Yeah, look, absolutely I think the difference was it was a very well established account so I was walking in on something that was very, like it was built already I mean, in hindsight it was a complete mess and I actually ended up completely rebuilding it because it just defied what was taught to me And I was taught the right way, so, but then of course, doubt kinda comes in, you think, well this is what previous person did and I just took a punt and I just thought no I'm gonna go with what I think and I had legitimate I guess reasoning behind that thinking and I guess I just backed myself

With a lot of learning, you know, I wasn't completely blind with it, but yeah that first month was really hard and I was under a lot of pressure But, I mean, as I said, like I hardly charged this client anything, it was really just to recover some of my time But I, you know, obviously have raised my prices since then now that I've got more experience But, yeah, it was just, it was just to learn – Did you ever disclose to the client that it was your first account? Did they know? – Sorry the audio just got distorted for a sec

– It's all good then, we'll just go for the question again Did you ever disclose that to the client? Did they ever know about it? – No, and even though they're still a client I've never actually met them because it's still through this other agency – Oh wow, that is so brilliant on many many levels And to have them five years later still, and still be performing for them I think is, makes the story even better 'Cause you've worked through all the learning stages and kept them on board

– And I think what was lucky was this account was in a really weird niche So it wasn't a very expensive niche where we were dealing with hight cost per clicks like law firms or whatever where if you make a mistake you will be creamed This was in an industry which obviously I can't reveal, but it's quite obscure and the cost per clicks were about a dollar and still are So, it was kind of, in an industry where there was a lot, not a heap of competition, and the implications for making a mistake weren't so great – Good to know

Now when you look back over this experience now, is there anything you would do differently? – (inhaling deeply) Anything I would do differently, Um, that's a good question Probably lots What would I do differently? You've stumped me I know that there are lots of things I would do differently, but early on I specialized in PPC thinking that that's probably the wrong decision, but in hindsight that ended up being the right decision and I specialized just because that's what I really love to do And so I guess, that's what I would recommend for some people

What would I, what would I say, What was the question again? – If you could go back and have this experience over again, would you do anything differently? – I'd probably hire people a lot quicker, because I got busy very very quickly I would, um, yeah I don't know I would probably have chosen to do this a lot sooner, because I wouldn't have kind of followed the bright shiny object of going after affiliate marketing 'cause that was all the rage then, and then SEO which was my AdSense sites I would have probably really looked at my skillsets and thought what's a good fit? But when you don't know what PPC is you don't know You can't find a way, you know? Um yeah, so– – Well I think we've all dabbled in SEO at some point and have deep regrets about that

– Yes, it's true (Charley laughing) – It comes with it So, looking at this experience and you've had a moment where you've taken on account without necessarily being experienced, but backed yourself well and pulled it off, – Yeah – For anyone that's thinking about getting into PPC or perhaps starting a digital marketing agency, is this an approach you would say is worth doing? Or was it way too stressful and not advisable? – I'd say it's probably not advisable And there's a reason lots of people say try on your own account first

And I would also agree with that Like, I just was stumped to think of what I can experiment on that I just thought, I would love to try on my own account, but I just couldn't think of what I could do or use So, in that respect, hopefully somebody who's looking to get into PPC kind of can, can find a way to kinda test, maybe test it with affiliate products and stuff like that So, yeah, I'd say going down that route is probably not for everyone, but I just thought, I could do this And I had, I don't know, blind faith that in my skills that I thought I could do it

But probably in hindsight, I wouldn't really recommend anyone else to do that Hence why it's a confession, 'cause it's something that I don't think people should do – I actually will agree with that in a way I think if you can find particularly a friend or family member maybe you know another business owner that would let you have a play, can be a really good starting point Or your own stuff, if you do have availability

It is, especially like these days, I can see how expensive PPC is getting or those types of fields Melting a credit card is very very possible these days Which is just a word of caution for anyone looking to play in this space But I wanna shift it up a little bit here now I wanna talk more about the PPC industry because I was going through your podcast earlier this morning and listened to one of your updates

And I think there's many many things happening, so I wanna kinda get your context on a couple of things here and the first one is, do you think the average business owner can do their own PPC these days or do they need to hire an expert? – I do genuinely believe that they can, and in a limited capacity, yes, but and in the right kind of business yes, but as soon as you really, like a local business for example, like a local dental practice I have a lot of dental clients I do believe it's pretty vanilla Like it's pretty much a mobile campaign, there are probably five to 10 keywords that will end up being profitable And I think you could totally, with some learning, I would say, definitely don't do it yourself without educating yourself somewhat

But often it is, I think you can learn it But provided you have someone in house, either an admin assistant or somebody who is skilled in this area to learn a couple of the strategies, I think yeah you can I do, I do believe that And I know that because in my training community we have people like that who have taken the time to learn, we've actually helped them We've built the account for them with the right structure and negative keywords and match types et cetera

We've showed them how to optimize it ongoing And they're doing well – I tend to agree on that one as well I think there's, obviously it's not a one size fits all Some industries need a pro, and some maybe not so much so

But if you're in that category where you could possibly do it yourself, what type of time commitment does someone need to say? Is this like you need to have a couple of hours a week to put into your account? Is that enough or more? – I think a couple of hours a week is probably enough once it's humming along nicely And that's the thing Like we know certain industries really really well, where as I said, we will build the account for them, knowing generally what will work and what don't work And once it is, as I said, humming along nicely, I think it's probably like an hour or two a week Showing people a handful of things of what you're gonna do, what you're gonna monitor ongoing

And like they're not having complicated remarketing funnels They're not gonna be doing display ads, they're not gonna doing Gmail ads and all these kind of like funky, fancy stuff that's new and really it's not going to doing YouTube ads So I think getting an agency for a lot of kind of local kind of businesses is overkill I mean some businesses just don't want to have anything to do with it, and they're willing to pay that premium to get an agency and there's always those businesses like that But other people where they are on tight budget, and AdWords is expensive

You know, for a dental care, you're looking at around $10 a click, so those costs add up pretty quickly for the actual ads I don't know, I'm a believer in why not just spend all your budget on the ads rather than the agency? – Ooo, I think there's a lot of agencies that are listening to this podcast right now sorta throwing kicks at the wall and hands in the air – That's not to say like there's not a place for the agency I'm not saying that, as I said Just for many local kind of businesses, personally, I think it can be overkill

– Wah, I'm a fence sitter I see both sides of it, which I think is really interesting but the analogy I like to use, which I think anyone who's not in the marketing industry may be helpful is I kinda think of it like cooking, right? It's kind of like, if you just need meat and three veg, getting a personal chef could be overkill So if you're just that little simple thing, on the reverse, if you're trying to produce some sort of really high end filet mignon truffle concoction with handmade pasta from Italy, or something like that which is really really starting to get complex, then getting that chef in can save you a lot of pain and frustration So that's the way I kinda like to think about it Would you agree with that? – 100% and that's my point

Like a plumber's not gonna do a complicated remarketing funnel, they're just trying to get the phone to ring for someone's leaking pipes, for example So yeah, so that's the meat and two veg And getting the chef is overkill So that's that balance that I totally agree with you And I think it's an excellent analogy

– That was funny 'cause I know my mom will probably listen to this episode and she'll call me and go, what's PPC? So I always like to include a little note for her so she can see what's happening And thank you mom for listening to the show, it's how we get our downloads and opt-ins so cheers But I'll shift it up from here and I think we might do one each on this one, because I have an opinion on this one as well, but what is the most common mistake you see in PPC or marketing these days? – Oh man, where do I start? They don't, PPC being AdWords or you mean Facebook as well? – You can go broadly here, can be marketing, can be any of it And I'll let you pick your favorite – Okay, so if I'm going to kinda cover the big picture on both, I'd say they kind of doing have a clear strategy of what they're gonna do

They just wanna generate leads and let's say once they generate leads through some kind of lead magnet or free guide or something, they've got no method of converting those leads into sales That's kind of, or just like some kind of big picture strategy of how they're going to get people into their ecosystem and to be able to generate a return on investment That's kind of the biggest mistake I've seen people make From an AdWords point of view they, they, lots of mistakes, they try and do it themselves and they don't educate themselves and there's lots of like Google landmines that are placed designed to make Google more money and this business spend more money So if you are gonna do it yourself, you need to educate yourself of these little landmines that are placed around

And yeah, but I think big picture, they kind of lack a conversion strategy What about you? What do you think? – I think that's a really good answer you've just described there I would agree on both of them For me, the thing I see over and over again, and over and over and it will continue to happen even after I say this, I think the biggest mistake people make with their marketing, in particular PPC campaigns, is they don't talk to a customer where they're at They talk from where they are at

– Yep – So the example I use of this is like, we as business owners know our product really really well, but the consumers don't So we see a lot of PPC ads where it's like they're talking really about the thing and from a level of awareness that's like way up where we are, instead of seeing where the customer's at and their customers' understanding of it So I'll use AdWords as the example here 'cause I think this will kind of clear up the context I see PPC agencies put up ads where they'll talk about the specifics of like, oh the new Gmail ad feature to get your CTR out 14%, and they'll target that towards, let's say your dentist mates we've been talking about earlier

And the dentist's just got no idea about CTR is or Gmail ads, that's not in their awareness But if the AdWords ad had say, hey, I can get you more customers in the door I can get more dental patients in your dental clinic, that's what they're really interested in That might actually be the same thing But how they're communicating it is just different levels, just way out of sync

– It's interesting, I've been guilty of that myself actually Because being an inherently technical person, when I discovered AdWords I got so excited, it actually blew my mind that you could do this stuff And it just like was so genius I got so excited, and I thought oh my god, I can help so many people It's gonna be awesome

So I tried to get, you know, grow my agency, you know? And I fell into exactly that trap I was like, you can do this, and you get click through rate, and this conversion rate, and like, I was talking another language to people And I just, I was like that, it didn't even, I couldn't communicate with people So, I can relate to that, and actually what I did was, I did, I went to business networking breakfasts for about a year, just to learn how to communicate with business owners and talk the language and understand what actually was interesting to them and what they wanted to know And as soon as someone said, oh that's interesting, tell me more, I thought okay, now I'm communicating in such a way that it makes sense to them, because yeah, I was guilty of that

Another confession! – We made two on the show here, this is great (Ilana laughing) What a great strategy for improving it though I think that's a really great way of going about it It's like well hang on, I'm gonna go hang out where my audience is or where business owners are And instead of, I suppose hiding and trying to work behind a computer, speaking to real people and communicating at that level and seeing indicators of when people show interest, I think is a fantastic strategy for this

– It was good And I guess what was also good was that none of the people in the room were my target audience Like they didn't really have much marketing budget, and that's what I loved about it, because it was actually a safe environment Because I didn't want any of them to be my clients I wasn't trying to sell to these people, they were just kind of like my guinea pigs, you know? And so that when I was talking to the right business I could, I knew what to say to people, and I could talk in a language that was relevant to them and kind of talk about, find out what their ultimate goals were et cetera, but yeah, no more technical talk

– Yeah, and I think that's another great way of talking about it is that you're going, we do speak another language We really do, we just don't necessarily perceive it that way And this is across so many niches This isn't just marketing, like this is mechanics, this is dentists – Absolutely

– This is people who do websites, there's tons of it out there that applies – And it applies to copywriting actually It's kind of, it's not words, just words on the page, you know? – Absolutely So the next one I wanna ask you, and I think you'll be, have your finger on the pulse more than I do in this one is like what do you see as the best PPC strategies of today or what's working the most from your perspective? – Oh god, it really depends on the industry You know there's a lot of noise in the industry, there's a lot of latest and greatest and newest strategies, there's Facebook Messenger and bots and all this fancy, fancy stuff

But, to be honest, we still do a lot of the fundamentals, just the classic kind of lead magnet promotions with on the thank you page we will then have some kind of offer or move people along But in terms of the best PPC strategy, I think it really depends on the industry that you're in I do think that in this day and age it is very multi platform and multi device And we see this all the time where we might be promoting something on Facebook that we've just kicked it off on Facebook but then we, 'cause we're doing remarketing for search on AdWords we'll see people searching for the specific thing that we were advertising on Facebook where that was the only way that they could have found out about it So we are literally seeing, people will see an ad on Facebook, but then they're Google searching it

– So that's really interesting The cross platform I've noticed in my own stuff is becoming bigger and bigger – It is – The layman term of that, that what we're kind of referring to here is that Facebook and Google and even things like LinkedIn or SEO are working more and more together and less and less individually – Absolutely

So I'm a big believer in the big picture and the holistic kind of, especially from a remarketing point of view, you've got to take a holistic approach I mean, being the data analyst person that I am obviously, I wanna go into the minutia of how each platform is performing, but there is a gray area where you can't really quantify which specific platform contributed x dollars because of that cross promotion And I think each, you've kind of gotta look at it in a big picture sense and how much did we put in the big picture for our online marketing, and did that contribute to the overall growth of the business? Because people behave differently online What you do online and how I behave online are very different So you need to factor that in for people

– Absolutely, I find I have biases Like me personally, I don't, and I shouldn't really say this on air, but I will It's like I don't check my email I don't do it, like my VA manages my email And then dictates or tells me things like that

– That's interesting – So for me like I have a bias not to think email's effective, because I don't use it Like it's not, I do go in there occasionally I will say, but overall, it's not somewhere where I'm spending a lot of the time But I speak to other people and like they're in the inbox constantly and then they're always wanting to do more auto responder campaigns, they're always wanting to do more Gmail ads, because they see that as where their attention is – That's right

– Play a huge role in how we all behave differently online – That's right and I think that's why as a business you need to cater for those differences in behavior As I said, we see it all the time where, and it's even multi device, ya know? People might be standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus and they're on their Facebook news feed, scrolling through, they get to work and then they Google search it – Because– – I do that! – Right, there ya go And that happens all the time

I just think, and Google have done studies on this where mobile internet usage and mobile internet search has actually surpassed desktop And I think that's just because ya know, people have their phone next to them in bed and that's the last thing they look at when they go to sleep and the first thing they look at when they wake up in the morning So as a business you've gotta kind of understand that big picture point of view – Definitely, I agree with that on a big level So, on the basis of that, and when we kind of look at it from there, who are the business owners you look up to or aspire to be more like based on that? – The business owners? What do you mean? – So who are the business owners you think are doing this really really well, the multi device and the multi marketing thing? Is there clients of yours? Is there other businesses you watch in this space you think are doing this well? – That's a good question

I think the people who are really good at content marketing and amplifying that content I think are really good And there's lots of people that fall into kind of that category, like this whole content, this whole concept of like create the content and people will find it, I think is a bit of a farce Absolutely you need to create content, but you need to amplify it through often paid traffic mechanisms So, who's a good example of that? – Do you know who's a good example? – Please – Me

– Okay – We actually, we noticed when, and this is really interesting, so for anyone interesting to the podcast now, it's like for the podcast itself, every episode we publish we also amplify with paid ads – Right – Because in the beginning it was like we're not really sure how to get this out there, but promoting on Facebook, YouTube, I think we even do a little bit of Instagram, I have to check with the team, but we noticed a massive rift in promoting content Like there's a fantastic way to grow the podcast

– Yes Where do you send the traffic to? – So we've begun putting the video uploaded into the platform, so we upload this video like what you're on right now will be uploaded into Facebook and YouTube and then we promote that actually video file with a link back to the website or if there's any, – To the website – Downloads or something like that, we route in that way – I think that's a good strategy because I've been, lots of people have asked me about this and they wanted to send the traffic to iTunes, to their actually specific podcast episode on iTunes, and I'm like no, don't do that – If you're on the audio right now and you can't see it, I'm like cringing a little bit, 'cause that's oh, there's no tracking, it scares me

– Totally! And no opportunity to remarket to these people I mean, it's such a missed opportunity So yeah that's great that you're doing that – I'm thrilled to know I'm on track – Yeah, tick! – I thought my PPC skills might be a little bit rusty, but I still got it baby

– It's like riding a bike, as you say – Oh well, that's really awesome from there So who were the people you learned these PPC strategies off? Is it a lot of self discovery or do you have mentors or people you follow in the PPC space? – Yeah, look, I am always learning with this stuff That's the thing like I think the PPC industry is changing so much that I'm by no means gonna rest on my laurels and think there's nothing more left for me to learn By no means do I do that

I was recently in trafficking conversions actually, in San Diego, learning from Ezra Firestone for example He does a lot of, he does a lot of Messenger for his e-commerce stuff Facebook Messenger stuff Mike Rhodes, he does a lot of AdWords stuff Heaps of people I've read a lot of blogs, a lot of experimentation that my clients fortunately give me permission to do

I say full disclosure, we are testing this As with a lot of the AI push that Google is doing towards machine learning and artificial intelligence and smart bidding, they're willing to trust me, which I'm grateful for to experiment And full disclosure I say this is a test, we're gonna give it a small amount of budget, but at the end of the day you've gotta test this stuff so I learn from heaps of people, yeah – Brilliant and big shout out to Mike Rhodes Believe or not, Mike's the guy who taught me AdWords many many many years ago

– Mike is great, yeah – Phenomenal human – Yes – I'm actually gonna send him the link to this podcast after this so he can see he's still getting a plug – Hopefully he's blushing

– You'd think, I mean the people on this podcast are pretty high level, and for us to be boasting about him, he'll get a kick – Yeah, nice – Okay, so I suppose the next thing I wanna ask is there's, being there's so much to learn in this space, I know you've got a podcast, which I had a listen to this morning, which shared a whole bunch of stuff, I think we should give it a bit of a plug here Tell people about the name of your podcast and where people can find it, because if they wanna know more about PPC, I think it's a great place to start or even enhance what you already know – Aww, thanks for that

So my podcast is called Talking Web Marketing and it really obviously talks about PPC stuff, 'cause that's my home But I didn't want to limit it to just PPC, so we talk about also big picture traffic strategies, you're gonna be coming on as a guest as well, so you're gonna talk about your fantastic traffic strategy I just became quite obsessed with traffic as a whole So we cover lots of sales funnels, that kinda stuff So Talking Web Marketing

– And definitely checked it out I listened to a great episode with Greg Kaza, I always butcher his last name, I hope that was close But that was a really good episode I enjoyed So for anyone looking for picking the first one, I think it's a solid start Or if my episode's out by then, then of course, pick me

– Of course – It'll be the best – Yes, totally – Okay, so if people wanna learn more about you, Ilana, where can they go? Where's the best place to get more info? Is it the podcast or your website or what's the go? – Probably the best place is my website called greenarrowdigitalcom, and on there there are links to the podcast obviously

We have our podcast episodes on our website And that's sort of information about our agency as well as our training stuff – Fantastic and I'll make sure there's some links in the show notes, so if anyone does wanna go and have a look through, which they should, hint hint, then that'll all be on the episode notes and the description But we will wrap it up for this episode Wanna say a massive thank you for coming on the show and confessing a great story of your first account and the experience that came with it

And also for sharing your insights on PPC It's been super super great to hear more about it So massive thank you for being on the show That's it from here – My pleasure Charley, thank you for having me

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