Easy-to-Follow Influencer Marketing Tips – Social Media Minute

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab this is Social Media Minute We've already talked on this show about how to find the right influencer for your brand, for your company

How to find it on various platforms whether it's on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram And we've talked about consistency also But we haven't talked about influencer marketing tips How to then take that and work with that influencer I always say, "Look, if you have a campaign brief, don't bring it to an influencer

" Show them your product, figure out what is the way they would talk about the product in front of their audience I love when marketers, for example, do influencer battles They have two influencers use their product in different ways Then the outcome, whichever it is, is pretty fun And you have double the audience, sometimes much more than that

Don't forget to mix influencers Don't just go for one or two big ones Go for the long tail of influencers There's two ways of doing that You can do that either by paying one of those MCNs that reach micro-influencers but you can also reach out to a very big influencer that you know, by definition, engages the smaller influencers out there

Usually, that's number one, number two, number three on the market Or sort of the very conversational ones or maybe even slightly controversial if that fits your brand strategy In order to find the right influencers, you need the right data Tap into Socialbakers or other tools on the market With Socialbakers, for example, you can check who are not only the big influencers in your space but who are the micro-influencers in your space

Around your market, around your region, around your hashtags that you use, that your industry uses You wanna understand this data in order to find the right players in your space Understand what your competitors do, obviously, and if your number one competitor's working with a certain influencer, maybe you don't wanna work with that particular influencer immediately but you wanna figure out where to go from there and find the right ones Thanks for watching and see you next Monday

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