YouTube Video Secrets to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Video Secrets to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing YouTube Video SEO and The Simplicity of Application YouTube Videos and ClickBank Affiliate Marketing YouTube Videos is the Most Cost Effective way to Make Money Professionally Cloak Affiliate Links for Video Descriptions Test All Links Make Sure They Work and open in Under 6 Seconds Important Factors for YouTube Video Optimization YouTube Video Title Keywords Video Description 4000 – 5000 Characters Contain Search Phrases and Keywords Strategic Placement of Search Phrases and Keywords YouTube Video Tags in Sequence of Importance Use both Search Phrase Tags and Single Keyword Tags YouTube Video Tags 400 – 500 Characters With Title Description and Tags you must Count Spaces Upload 1920 x 1080 Video Thumbnails to YouTube Always Download Images in JPG Format YouTube Video Thumbnails Must Represent the Channel Thumbnails must Inspire Curiosity Video Thumbnails must also Be Specific Thumbnails Must Mirror the Video Content Add Appropriately Spaced Cards to your YouTube Video Video Cards 2 – 5 Cards Add a Video End Screen and End Screen Annotations YouTube Video Annotations 2 – 4 Annotations Add YouTube Video Sub Titles Know your YouTube Video Content Be able to Respond to Comments and gain Popularity Video Keywords Must Populate the Subtitles Apply these YouTube Video Secrets And do Proper Search Phrase and Keyword Research Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Videos to Make Money Online with YouTube And Hit the Bell Notification to get notified of Newly Discovered Tactics Kindly spread the word and Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Below Feel Free to Ask Questions related to Video Content and Description Don’t forget to Share this Video

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