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As a small business owner, you probably know how much you should be paying for things like office supplies, but what about online marketing? We found that most small business owners have no idea what they should actually be paying for online marketing Unfortunately, that means they're probably paying way too much

No one likes getting ripped off, but the fact is most online marketing companies are not built with small businesses in mind Knowing how 99 percent of the big name marketing companies make their money is the first step towards finding out if you're being taken advantage of In fact that's exactly why BizIQ was founded to begin with We're tired of the big name companies taking advantage of small business owners We've helped over 20,000 small businesses grow through local online marketing for less, all while delivering more leads and better results than ever before

It's just one of the reasons that we have more great Google reviews than any small business marketing company in the United States Get in touch with a digital marketing consultant from BizIQ today We'll tell you in 10 minutes or less if you're being overcharged and pinpoint opportunities for you to save Between you and me, we found improvements and savings on 100% of the campaigns we've analyzed Schedule, your risk free consultation with a BizIQ digital marketing consultant today No pressure, no obligation, no contracts

Just great advice that'll save you money

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