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Facebook advertising is a part of our paid social advertising service, which also encompasses other platforms like Twitter and Linkedin But we like to focus a lot on Facebook because it's absolutely the most cost-effective way to reach your exact customers and the one advertising platform that can give you a positive ROI in literally hours after launching the campaign

What you need to remember about Facebook is that it's a data company first, and a social network second That's really good for us advertisers Consider this example: You've probably seen a ton of video ads when you scroll down your Facebook news feed, right? What would you say is one of the best determinig factors that will tell you if somebody is interested in the content that is being shown in that video? How much of the video was watched, right? Now, what if we could show an advertisement to JUST the people that watched 75% of the at video? or 95% even? And then create an audience that LOOKS like those exact people? That's no longer a cold lead, guys – these are very, very warm potential customers that we can market straight to And that's not even the cool part What if I told you we could get these views for FRACTIONS of cents on the dollar? That's just the tip of the iceberg with Facebook ads

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Facebook advertising and other paid social advertising can dramatically increase your reach, sales and leads

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