On the Road together with the Higher Education Trainers Association (HECA)

On the Road together with the Higher Education Trainers Association (HECA)

Early spring comes early on to Atlanta. By mid-February, daffodils are usually in full bloom and florescence fruit woods are orchestrating their total annual display.

To secure a sneak survey of originate and get away from winter doldrums in other places of the nation, 49 self-employed college professionals descended regarding Atlanta the other day for college tours structured by volunteer members from the Higher Education Specialists Association (HECA).

But it was not just about southern hospitality as well as good weather. These dates for tours are step to the varieties of outstanding college counseling through independent instructional consultants.

Good college brokers don’t spend too much time driving a receptionist counter. They don’t depend virtual trips and web-sites to upgrade their comprehension of campuses.

Great college consultants budget money, time and attention to visit educational institutions, meet workforce, learn about fresh programs, and customarily get a sense for the categories of students who populate campuses. And because these details ages fast, consultants take a look at and revisit to upgrade their knowledge.

For example , here’s a little connected with what the 49 higher education consultants learned last week:

Agnes Jeff College
This year’s incoming younger class of 223 capable women appeared to be slightly smaller than in previous years— but it really was even more ‘qualified’ prior to now. At the same time, the faculty continues to grow academically. This year, Agnes Scott created a new dual-degree computer technology program in effort with Emory University, and the auto industry health minimal has grown so much in recognition that it is now offered like a major. Incidentally, don’t neglect ‘Soul Food Wednesday’ on the Agnes David cafeteria for the top southern fried chicken, green vegitables, and standard macaroni together with cheese on Atlanta!

Emory University.
For January one saint , Emory began the main transition to a tobacco-free campus just by implementing your tobacco-free insurance coverage for all of the or even and Emory Healthcare campuses. As part of the transition, the university will flourish up to thirty temporary smoking cigarettes zones, to get permanently taken away after a pre-established period of time. To compliment the restriction, Emory is providing a variety of tobacco-cessation resources and programs pertaining to staff together with students.

Georgia Tech
Tech will probably once again possibly be adjusting component deadlines the coming year. Instead of a couple early actions deadlines, Technology will make contact with a single TOOL deadline regarding October fifteen, 2012— specifically between the a couple of used this season. Tech welcomes either the actual SAT or perhaps the ACT all of which will consider the highest possible section scores across most of SAT plus ACT check dates developed. In other words, Technological superscores upon standardized checks. Visitors to the large Atlanta campus should take any detour to The School Restaurant to view an amazing junk food experience together with Tech history.

Oglethorpe University
Found in the heart for Atlanta, Oglethorpe is a great destination for civic-minded students serious about participating in one of over 1,500 service projects managed every year through the Core for To Engagement. Oglethorpe has many appealing scholarship programs including a single offers PRAY equivalents to help students out of contiguous areas and a $2000 award to a admitted pupil who accomplishes the FAFSA— regardless of need to have or EFC. Scholarships will also be available for undocumented students who also complete a report version of the FAFSA and even mail it all directly to the main Oglethorpe federal loans office.

Oxford College at Emory School
Oxford is a small campus to be found over a while outside of Atlanta. It buildings about 900 freshman plus sophomore pupils, the vast majority of to whom will in the end transfer to Atlanta campus of Emory for jr . and senior years. Thanks to a basic check-box in the Emory enhancers to the Popular Application, likely Oxford university student applicants level of than multiplied to 6000 over the past yr.

Savannah College of Fine art and Design (SCAD)
SCAD offers programs regarding 4 distinct campuses (including Atlanta), and students are free from work to move one of them for different groups and/or a super easy change for venue. For students with well-known talent inside arts and even for those who ‘think’ they may have got talent, SCAD will say any ‘qualified’ applicant regardless of arts qualifications. In fact , SCAD will enhance and broaden write my essay its applications to accommodate even more students. No one is changed away due to limits in class size.

College or university of Atlanta
Any sprawling 600-acre research higher education, UGA is about 60 mile after mile northeast associated with downtown Suwanee in Athens, Georgia. Situated in a previous dairy rolling on East Campus, the UGA Readers Center takes up the the southern area of wing with the Four Towers Building (the four podiums representing the very building’s four silos) along with booked over 32, 000 visits last year . UGA’s incoming younger class ended up being among the most robust academic sessions ever to sign up with an regular GPA of three. 8 together with a mean HID score of 1860.

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