How to Start Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

hey guys welcome back to my channel and in today's video we going to talk about about how to make money online with Affiliate marketing and if you're someone who never made money online or else are struggling to make money online this is the easiest way to make five hundred six hundred dollars a month and you can also scale this method to next level and some people's are still making thousands and thousands of dollars every single day by just doing this method before that if you're someone who started new to this channel and never been to this channel before just make sure you give a like to this video and do subscribe to my channel and join my facebook group link in the description and let's get started to make your first Commission all you need to do is match right product with the right customer so to do that we're gonna need content but you're not going to write over one content we're not going to ask and money or not writing over old content or hiring someone from fiverr or upwork we don't need that because the all the content you're gonna need is already out there in internet which is going to use that and we're just going to give them source first let me show you guys how this method exactly works and I'm going to share some tools with you and just go ahead and use them they are totally free you don't have to pay for anything and let me show you guys some examples so before that if you're someone who's totally new to this channel this is my channel just go ahead and subscribe for more videos like this and let me explain so mostly videos like top 10 or top 5 all those videos Do well on youtube so you can see tiara this one has almost half a million views and this one has four hundred and thirty four thousand one point nine million and 12 million seven hundred seventy-one thousand views so you can see job so this method really works because people like to watch videos like this top ten days or top five days they spend a lot of time on watching videos like this so all you need to do is you need to find the content and in this case we're going to use Google to search for articles and you can see it you I just search for the particular keyword which is top 10 base for weight loss so Google is going to suggest you some websites and articles and let's go to this website so you can see 10 ways to lose weight without dieting so it's very easy to create video you don't have to create your own videos or L so you don't have to use cameras to create your own videos just go ahead and copy this URL and just go to this website called lumen 5-lumen fires a website which converts article into video you can say to your transformed article into videos and minutes like all you need to do is just go ahead and copy this URL and paste it in roman file so it automatically populates the video from from the blog article you can see it here so if this is going to be your article and once you paste your article inside this website it's going to convert the article into this video which is you consider your Model X Tesla so and you don't have to worry about these videos and these images because all these videos and images or copyright free they only use copyright free content from internet they don't use copyright copyrighted content and you can also change your images if you want or else you can also upload image you can also upload video to this element fire and you can replace this video with your own videos so it automatically creates you video within three to four minutes and I made thousands of videos from this website for free you don't have to buy the promotion so once you finish creating your video just go ahead and upload that video to YouTube and you can also create your own channel icon sitio you can name your channel as six-packs factory comm or else weight loss tips and tricks' pretty much anything you want and so right now we have a youtube channel and youtube video so all you need to do is we need to find a product to monetize the video so just go ahead and create your own account on Clickbank and just go to health and fitness section and I can find diet and weight loss section so just sort the results by gravity so it's going to give you the best converting products right now so you can see these are the best converting products right now when this particular niche which is diet and weight loss so pretty much you can promote anything because you don't have to wait for any approvals and all those things so just click the button promote and it's going to give you link just make sure that you don't use just don't use that link on your YouTube video description and convert that URL into a bitly link or else a tiny URL you can see here this bitlycom you can copy paste that link inside here and it's going to give you a shortened URL so it looks much pretty compared to that clickbank URL thats the reason and once you finished uploading your video to youtube just make sure that you add your affiliate link on the first line because don't add don't add your link here because there is a reason why because people don't click that show more button there's a reason make sure you add your URL in the first line because it will be more visible to mobile users because majority of video views is going to be mobile users that's a reason and once you finish doing that you need to focus on MSE o because mostly keywords like let me show you guys are so you consider how to lose weight fast and easy top 10 base to exercise this is a long term key so a long tail keyboard just go ahead and use this particular key bit because there's no competition let me show you guys this is Vedic you I use without you to to know the competition and search volume you consider the vehicle competition is very less so it can go behind this one this tail the long tail keyboard and just copy this you are sorry keyboard and paste as your heading and put it as your title so it and make sure you repeat the same keyword in your video and in your description and in your tags so but you're going to get ranked and you need to create some backlinks have it just getting started YouTube won't rank your YouTube video because you don't have that authority on YouTube that's a reason and just go to fiverr

com and order your backlinks or you can CTO it's going to cost you just $5 you don't have to do any of these just go ahead and order some backlinks 50 to 80 or else 100 backlinks so it's going to kick start your YouTube video or no YouTube so initially you will get 2 to 20 30 views on daily basis after that it's going to gain some attraction and it's going to get like 3000 to 4000 views every single day so all you need is one conversion to make 30 to $40 are you can see you click back will pay you $30 per conversion you can also use this method to promote your one product or else you can also use this method to promote Amazon eBay Max bounty CP offers this method pretty much works on everything you need to spend time on creating videos because this is not some push-button scheme or else make money overnight kind of thing it's you need to work really hard to make this work and this is the easiest way to make some commissions initially when you're just getting started that's why I'm sharing this with you guys and pretty much that's all and tomorrow I'll make a video on how to do keyword research or how to find long term sorry a longtail keyword on YouTube so make sure you subscribe to my channel and join my facebook group link in the description and see you guys in the next video you

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