4 habilidades a dominar en affiliate marketing y donde aprenderlas

what are those specific skills that we have to worry about develop and concentrate on to learn Learn to select our niche learn traffic and Seo learn to convert that traffic and learn to scale our business

Tea I could say that there are 3 ways in that you can get to acquire this knowledge and these skills A way is through testing yourself making mistakes and improving errors that tests well that is a method of "prove-err-improve" this method of your go testing is pretty good at sense that it is free you do not need pay nothing but it has the counter that it really does not you know where to go testing and you do not have feedback, does not really know if what are you doing at the end if you are working or not It's a road that's going to take a lot of time and you're going to spend a lot of energy and as you do not really know If you are doing it right or not you get discouraged, it discourages you a little The second way to learn these skills is through forums and free pages and groups in internet where there a group of people who are talking on the subject and they are exchanging experiences and opinions Now the good of this is that it's free, it's also completely free, and that there is a lot of information, You can get to find jewelry people who will teach you wonders, but the counter of this is that you do not know really how to distinguish who if you is giving super good advice or who is giving you an advice that in reality is useless and the other important problem, the against that I I find that is really not there is a structure, it's like really you do not know, well I follow a step, two steps, three steps, no, it's just a bunch of information that you do not know how structure and how to put it in the practice

The third option is to take courses The good thing about a paid course is which is well structured, it's also that you have a feedback, I'm going taking the course they tell me "do this", what I do, I show it and they're going to say "yes you did well "or" no, this change " Against this method is that it can become very expensive There are cheap courses, courses that will be at your level pocket and courses that will cost you too much for your budget and another against is that there are good courses and there are bad courses You have to analyze your own situation, analyze the pros and cons they have for you these three methods of learning these skills to be able to develop your online business and which ones are really your goals and what are the deadlines You want to achieve those goals Do not forget to subscribe to my channel in youtube, if they liked give him the little finger up, if you did not like it, put me in the comments why they did not like it and Do not forget to download the link that I put here below or up here, should if they are on facebook or on youtube, to download the free book where I give them a lot of tips to start with affiliate marketing, now?

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