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When I landed my first agency job in 2010, I joined a thriving little agency filled with talented passionate people who really cared about their clients unfortunately, for all the good intentions of the people who worked there the agency itself just didn't have the processes or structures in place to succeed I myself was managing a book of around 80 clients, while many others were juggling more than a hundred it just wasn't an environment that was built for success

At least not for many of their customers and certainly not for the overworked account managers who were trying their best to deliver value to their clients While I managed to hang in there for a number of years and even succeed as much as anyone could Staff turnover was understandably high I remember at one point thinking to myself, imagine what an amazing agency you could build with just the people who have quit this place So when I eventually left to create the BizWisdom agency it was with one clear vision

I thought surely if you just hire amazing talented people people who are driven by passion to deliver incredible value to their clients, to create an environment for them to succeed, charge appropriately and keep the number of clients that each Account Manager is expected to manage low, then surely it should just take care of itself I believed that if you hire great people, put in place the structures and systems for them to do their job well, train them to become leaders in their field and set them to work on great clients who want to grow, that there shouldn't really be much more to it At the time I was willing to admit that maybe I'd been a little too idealistic, perhaps even naive and that maybe after a year or two the harsh business realities would make me see the errors of my ways But five years on after building a small team of high achievers who share my original vision I'm absolutely ready to say that I was right It can be that simple

There is such a thing as win-win Not only that, but off the back of this original vision, our team has been lucky enough to work alongside some of Australia's best-known brands Brands such as Maurice Blackburn, Oxfam, Care Australia, Omega Watches, Ryco Hydraulics, Wittner Shoes and many other amazing brands, both large and small And I believe that we have made a positive impact with almost every brand that we've worked with, some dramatically so However one of my proudest achievements during my time at BizWisdom is the team that I've assembled

A team of high achievers a team of experts, equals, a team of leaders, but more importantly a team of fun passionate marketers who love their clients, who come to work each day enthusiastic to improve the businesses of those clients that they work with But now I have a problem You see, high achievers have no tolerance for working with people who are not just as motivated as they are They feed off the success of those around them, they need the competitiveness of other brilliant individuals to drive them to new heights So I need to find just such a high performer to join our pay-per-click team

Managing Facebook ads, paid search and other pay-per-click advertising channels and implementing the strategies and methodologies that we have developed whilst working with some of the best brands in the country So I need your help if you are just such an individual or if you know someone who is, then now is your opportunity to act Either message me directly through Facebook or LinkedIn, click on the link in this post to view our seek ad or tag a friend who might be the right fit for our team you might be struggling in an environment like the one I described earlier, you might be working client-side and want to make the leap to agency or you might be a gun freelancer who would enjoy the change of scenery and to work alongside a kick-ass team Whatever your motivation if your passion is pay-per-click advertising in any of its forms then we might have the position for you I'm not gonna lie though, we are expecting a lot of applications and we are looking for the best of the best

But if you think you have what it takes, then throw your hat in the ring and use the link in this post to apply now In a moment I'll take you on a quick tour, very quick, around the office to see some of the friendly faces that you could be working with and get a very small feel for who we are here at BizWisdom So if you're a pay-per-click superstar, someone who lives and breathes marketing funnels conversion rates, lead magnets ecommerce sales and everything that goes along with that and who is importantly able to work in South Melbourne, then we want to hear from you Okay so I want to show youa little bit around, this will be the place that you work I'll turn the camera around a moment and come meet the team

So this is the team Hard at work Hello this is the great man here Matt who is sadly departing us but the team thought that was really important that I show you the big shoes that you will need to fill and also assure you that this desk will be cleaned, sterilized and all that before you start So over there there's Dan busy on the phone to one of our clients, I'm sure that we're annoying him no end right now Over here hello earned media team, say hi to your new employee, your new team member

They are a lot of fun and that is Dave, but he's not there Yeah he is he is one of those annoying Richmond supporters, so that may be an issue but you know we can work through that can't we Well there you go that's the team, oh we do have the obligatory foosball table, that doesn't get used much, but of course it is important to have one in every agency and there are some plants there as well so there you go that's the team You've met everyone, you've seen a little bit around we would love to have you join this team and become part of what is a great business, working with amazing clients and doing really wonderful work So if this sounds like the position for you, please press the link

It's down there or potentially up there, it's somewhere and apply now and and we hope to hear from you!

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