Why We Use Seventh Sense for Email Marketing

For email marketing we use Seventh Sense Seventh Sense is an AI technology a software that actually goes into HubSpot takes all the information and all the interactions you have done with emails opening emails, clicked emails and it actually analyzes when every single lead in your database is opening emails, clicking emails

If they're doing it from a desktop, from a mobile device and then it analyzes all that information and gives you the most probable time that people will interact with your emails So that allows us to send specific campaigns that instead of sending them at 2:00 PM on a Tuesday because someone told you to do that every time what you're doing is you're sending that email campaign within a week So are you saying between Monday and next Monday send this email to 1,000 people and send to each one of them at their peak time Therefore, it increases opening rates, it increases click through rates, and of course, in the end increases conversions, which we have a whole case study about it with one of our customers

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