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Wel Come to Great Graphics Before understanding digital marketing, you have to understand what marketing is, Marketing is a process (activity) that is in the middle of the group of customers, products and services are promoted through different mediums There are different ways of marketing, such as radio, television, news paper etc

Besides, we will have to understand the customer's needs Accordingly, we have to increase our product and take it forward Reach the product to the related customers they are looking for If we have access to our customers and its needs, then we are well-marketed It is important for a company to know that they just do not know what their customer did not get? But what are they getting to know? Only then can the company stay in the market

Today digital marketing has changed the entire market of the market Just good products and services are not enough It is also important to know what the customer wants? Today we are connected to the digital world We like to buy most of the things online We do some search for something connected with social media

Discuss social activity Anyone who goes online to take a product's service, these processes are digital Digital is a service that transmits product and services through the online media The product and service were transported to the people through the medium of the first television, but now the product and services are delivered to the people through digital It started marketing through social media, Google, etc

But now people have become smart so that marketing will not work Content is a very important part in digital marketing Traditional V / s Digital Outbound Marketing is a traditional method of marketing, which includes News Paper, Magazine, SMS, telephone marketing and inbound marketing is a method that uses digital marketing Inbound marketing A variety of strategies Which includes content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media, etc In digital, youtube, email facebook, twitter are included Traditional marketing services can reach only a few hundred people, and its scope can be fixed in a few seconds

If a local news paper reveals an advertisement, will there be something to know about it? Will not someone click on it to get special information? not at all This means the user engagement is zero When traditional marketing is expensive for a common man, then return of investment is nothing When compared to the fact that digital is far out of place, millions of millions of people know your product and services, and can take advantage of it Target Audience will be available there User engagement will also be available in large amounts, because in the digital you give services to the product until you understand it Its cost is very tremendously with traditional marketing Here you are likely to get a return of investment You get full compensation for your money in the digital medium

Why Google works on the principle of PPC (pay per click) You only have to pay the rupee when the user clicks So you get full compensation for your money When there is no possibility of it in the traditional Today we are commonly associated with online like shopping from mobile, online food order, buying clothes online and so on In this way digital marketing facilitates our kind of objectives, What are the objectives of digital marketing # Build Brand Awareness # Capture A Target Audience # Gain a new customer # Increase Revenue (Edge) # Improve local SEO So if you have business, then increase your brand awareness

You can capture your target audience, you can lead a new customer, generate your website and its revenues After you can improve local SEO What are the ways of Digital Marketing? # Display Banner Ads can be marketed by banner # email Marketing # Social marketing # Video Marketing # Marketing can be done by Search Engine These are all digital marketing methods Digital marketing is the essential step to stay on the platform of digital marketing You have to make the right place where you have to stay

# On right time – Will have to walk with time # Be ready to capture customer To attract and trust your customers, then you can get some traffic Advantage: What are you? # online shoping is growing #VARIETIES OF OPTIONS – There are lots of ways to earn # AT LOW COAST APPLY: We can apply for a very low price

Anytime # can go online anytime Can comment, give your opinion Digital Marketing Media: How can you promote your business online? owned media: Your website, your blog, which you manage You can take it as mu ch as you want paid media: By which you pay a large amount of sales marketing process Like Google Adwords etc

 earned media: We have promoted our website at different places From there through our services and products when people reach us shared media: Some media, such as these media, or things that become viral Which is branded by us as a product or service For the program that we run programs for customer avenues

Which run on social media These summary processes are shared media You can stay connected with digital marketing by

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