Video Marketing Tips 2018

Hello, I',m Uzair and thanks for joining in I'm sure you're excited to see how I use video marketing to promote our business

During this presentation, I'll showcase my exact system and processes, which took my YouTube channel from 30 to over 1000 subscribers, 188,000 minutes of watch time and over 81,000 video views all in the space of 90 days Want to find out how I did that? Let's hop over to the presentation and get started We started the business or Farzana, started the business in 2002 as traditional photographers And as the internet, Google, YouTube, Facebook came along our work, diversified into a creating head shots, product shots, videos, websites Now we are a Google partner and also certified by Google, so we help companies of all sizes, with their online marketing strategies and marketing campaigns

So what these logos mean, the partner and the YouTube certified is, I get tutored or mentored by Google directly So we have events at Google in London, mostly and in Leeds, but they've closed the office now, where we go there and learn with the latest and the greatest Google and YouTube has got to offer So I would like to think I do know what I'm talking about So what I'm going to show you today is what I've been learning directly from Google and YouTube So as with every New Years we all have resolutions and I wanted to do something different this year as to what, what can I do to make a difference to our business? So I've been doing video marketing but not to the scale which I've been doing since first of January this year

I've been bumbling along doing little videos every now and then, nothing big I said okay I'm going to give myself a challenge I'm going to upload a video a day for the next 90 days, create content and put it out there and see what happens I'm not going to know until I don't do it So I am a little bit behind, but I'm keeping up to it and I'm going to carry on doing this because hopefully if I carry on uploading a video a day, until the end of this year, I'm going to have a few hundred videos in my content marketing arsenal, and my message will be out there

So I'm going to show you how I'm doing it, what I'm using to do them, and you will pretty much learn the whole system The main reason for doing this is to become an authority in my niche so people can get my message across and learn what my expertise, knowhow, knowledge is So you are pretty much digitalising yourself, everybody in this room has got some kind of expertise and knowledge and you're good at what you do, so why restrict it to yourself, create something, create content, and don't worry about the quality of the videos, you know the content has to be good If the lighting is not perfect, audio is not good, you perfect as you go along, but just get it out there That's the most important thing, you know take action and get started

So these are the kinds of videos which I'm doing and they're not expensive, they're not, high production costs or anything like that It's just me sitting on my desk, my computer screen is being recorded and I've got a green screen behind me so I'm green screening myself out and putting those files together and it's fairly easy to do it, when you know how, but the software does all the heavy lifting, I don't have to sit there and do all the green screening ourselves, it's just a matter of clicking a couple of buttons and pretty much the job is done So a lot of the times I'm not spending time making fancy, PowerPoint slides , that's the time it takes to create videos, all I'm doing is opening up a notepad and I'll talk and type and I've got a few bullet points which I know that I need to cover and then that's all I do is I'm just recording myself into my microphone and creating these videos which are between five to 10 minutes long So they're not mega long either because again, time is such a thing, which not many people have nowadays So if you're going to make 60 minutes video or half an hour videos, not many people will will watch them, so just give them nuggets of information which are very easy to consume, whilst they're having a cup of tea or drink or during the break and then quite often I'm showing them a workflow of a software, how to do this or how to do that

I'm getting a lot of engagement so this is, these are the stats just for the last 28 days, so that's almost 794 hours of people listening to my message, so a lot of time, so instead of me talking to a room full of 30 people or whatever, we are videoing this, creating content and then I'm going to use that content to keep on remarketing, repurposing and just keep on keeping on getting more, more views So those of you who do a run presentations and events, video then because these are your content which you can leverage over and over again That's the most important thing You either spend the cash or you spend the time, so that's the page on YouTube where I put in my keyword, which I'm targeting, so within seven minutes I'm on a number two in the rankings Then I went to Google, put in the search term and I've started to come up on page or the bottom of page one

You've got to leverage these two platforms, so that's also again, within seven minutes of uploading that video on there, so you start to see and when you see these results popping up, it just gives you more energy to keep on producing more stuff regularly and improve upon your content a lot more So all the metrics are pretty much going in the right directions, so you can see the likes well, you'll always have dislikes and some trolls on the Internet How dare they dislike my videos, comments, shares, videos and playlists Is really important because they are saving my videos in that playlist to re-watch them and subscribers So you've got to build up your subscriber list, when I started in January, I had about 70 odd subscribers right now I think it's 589 or something like that, so again, everyday I'm getting new subscribers and getting them into my funnel

So video is one of the best ways to build trust on complete autopilot You do the work once, that's the beauty of it, unless and until you delete your videos, you cannot stop the views, you do this properly and you follow the system you are going to keep on carry on getting more and more views, subscribers, shares and more traffic to your website and this is the beauty is you just do the work once Then I'm starting to get lots of comments, feedback on social media and on YouTube, on Google and a lot of people also telling me to create other content which they would like me to create So I'm getting more ideas, because sometimes you hit the brick wall, what shall I do now? You know, I can't keep on doing the same videos over and over again, but then these people are giving me feedback, more ideas as to whether they like it, don't like it If they don't like it, I want to know why

So that is again, social proof, that's what you want So I direct them to Google my business page or YouTube channel and ask them to please make a comment and let me know So I'm sure you are all waiting to see how the system and processes work It's a very simple process which I have and I keep things very, very simple, so it's not very complicated Yes, there is a lot of work involved, I'm not going to lie about it, but it's going to give you the returns and the rewards

So you're going to create a video first, right? Everything starts from a video So it could be a video, it could be a blog post, it could be pretty much anything you want, but start off with a video on any topic you like Then I'm putting out this video starting off with YouTube And then on as many places on the internet as legally possible, because we can spam as much as we can, but that doesn't take us very far So these are the platforms that I'm going to go and some of them and show you what it is all about

So the first thing I do is create a simple spreadsheet, so you've got to keep things very organised because there's quite a few things which you're going to do a for each video So I start off with a Google sheet or an Excel spreadsheet, just a simple spreadsheet You start with your put in your date when you want to publish it, I create a Google drive folder for that so I can put in my URLs for that and then the headline is usually the keyword or the key phrase which I'm going to use for that video, so I know what that video is all about Fairly straightforward Nothing complicated over here

Then I go into Google drive and then I create a folder for each video, so every video has it's own folder All the assets, images, graphics, videos, files Pretty much anything to do with that particular video goes in each folder So you carry on and you number them so you know you can cross reference, so if that's number six or number 26, then you can easily find them over here, so organise your drive Then the same hierarchy and the same folder system is replicated on my computer's hard drive or wherever you save your files and folders

So every folder has a number, and then that same keywords or key phrases or the name? Yeah, fairly straightforward up to now Then I use an app called Trello It's brilliant It's free, so you can start using it for free It's amazing

I have created the template and then when I want to create a new video, I just copied the template Now that template has got 89 things or tasks to do so far I started off with 30 and then I kept on adding, changing, tweaking, amending So still not perfect, but I'm adapting my system so it's very easy to adapt and perfect as I go along until I've found myself Okay

This is a very good system which I can scale and that is the key to this, is scalability, I can't be sitting there and doing all these 89 tasks where it's going to take me all day long and I'm sure all of you don't have that much time as well So how can I do this? How can I pass this on to an 18 year old or 16 year old and they'll be able to do this for you without any problems it's so easy So I copy that template and create a card for each video And then in there I've got all the tasks So our heading for what I need to do for Pinterest, what I need to do for Google Post, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress

So every, everywhere I need to put that video for video production, of editing, of all the tasks, even to the, you know, the minute a minute tester that lead lists, docs you can put up, put it on there so that you have a system So when somebody looks at it, they can follow to, I need to copy these two paragraphs from the word doc, then I need to add it to the video, to the photos or whatever Now, my 18 year old son is helping me out with this right? And he's brilliant So I don't need to worry about, oh, when he comes in the office twice a week for three or four hours So if I've started on a card and I've been doing on the Pinterest and then the Google Post or LinkedIn needs to be done, he will know straight away what needs to be done

So where I've left off, he can take up and then where he left off, somebody else can take up So that is the flexibility of the system it's not like, oh, I will need to ask him or her what was the last thing they did It is just a case of they can see or these have been done, don't need to worry about it These are the things which needs doing I need to carry on doing this

So everybody has got a smartphone with HD and 4K videos on it, so that's your video camera You need a little microphone which you attach to your phone, and then you need a little lighting kit which is about £60 Both of them can be on Amazon and that's all you need really Editing-wise you can also edit on your phones, you got iMovie and that is the kit which you need Okay

Then I use another app once the video is already and upload it to YouTube Then I go to Temi, so I'm transcribing the video because what I'm doing is I want the technology right now is pretty good on YouTube where it understands what you are talking about and it will transcribe it but it's not 100 percent accurate So with Temi, you upload your video to there and it's going to transcribe the whole video what you're talking about in text form, within two minutes or so It's not 100 percent accurate is about 95 to 98 percent accurate So then you go into edit whatever, there was some, especially like my name, if I say I'm Uzair, it makes me some, some weird person, god knows, Jose or somebody

Yeah, yeah Jose is the closest to my name It has made me transcribe it, download the file, upload to YouTube and then upload to Facebook so you know when you are uploading to Facebook and you have the little text which comes up so you can use that as well But the great thing about this transcript is I want to use this video as my blog post, but I don't want to create more content about writing I hate writing

I don't like writing, so I use that video script as my blog post because google wants a minimum of 300 words for a blog post or whatever I've got more than 300 words all key worded in there for SEO, so it's great from an SEO point of view as well So all you do is copy that, put it on your WordPress blog with a heading with your transcription and at the top of the video, put something like, you know, in this video I'm going to show you how to make a cake or whatever, you don't need to write a long blog post and you've got that content as well So I've repurposed my video content into text format and now you can create a little PDF as well if you like You can also extract your audio out of it and make it into an audio podcast, so you're repurposing that same content over and over again

And the best thing is it only costs $010 per minute So it depends on how long your video is So if it's a 10 minute video, it's going to cost you £100

So Canva is again a free APP, which I use to create my thumbnail So before any video is played on YouTube, you will see those thumbnails Now most people don't bother or design there custom thumbnail So just putting your branding, your image, your logo on it, just brings it a lot more consistency and straight away they can see that it's my video, rather than allowing YouTube to screenshot or screen grab one of your videos and putting it up as a custom nail So again, it's very, very easy

Use It for free, to design your images for your YouTube and also for all your social media Quora is the hidden gem of the Internet So where people go and ask questions, how do I do this? Or I'm having problems with this And then everyone will start replying and that is a goldmine mine So if you're struggling to create content, go to Quora and search for your keywords and you're going to get a ton of content and questions where you can use that

That's what people are asking That's the problem they have And if you've got that solution to somebody's problem, they're going to come to you So what happens on Quora, somebody puts up a question and then everybody will start writing or replying there answers What I tend to do is create a video for that question

It could be two minutes or three minutes, so I'm not even creating a PowerPoint presentation or whatever All I do is bring up on the browser the same question I'll read the question or so this person is asking how to do x, y, z , I say okay this is how you do it So I opened up this, I do this, I do that video done, uploaded, and then put that video onto this post which is extremely relevant and now it's just going to get traction and views over and over again And there's a blog for Quora as well, which is very, very good for putting content

So I'm putting up my videos on the blog as well as on these posts as well So I'm just looking I'll pickup a video, one of my videos and I'll just go and start looking at Quora So when I'm on Quora and I find a question, I know I've got a video about that So I'm just gonna take my video from YouTube I don't need to create a new one

I'm just gonna paste and put here is a video and people love it Oh, thanks so much for your video or for your help Out of that long list of replies, my one is the only one which has got a video Not many people are doing it So that's the kind of questions they will ask

You know, what are backlinks keywords? Ad Words Is there any good sources where I can learn them? So if somebody is asking, so I replied back, yeah, I've got a free video training Click here link to my website or to my landing page So don't go in there and spam, right? Because people will look at your profiles and then they will see, okay, this person is an expert in such and such He has had so many likes on his replies and he's been an active part of this community

So it is a community basically So spending a little bit of time on Quora and see, what you find This is the 'biggie', Reddit I'm sure you've heard of it It's Quora on steroids, literally it's so massive

Reddit can send you so much traffic It's going to take your website down, so that's a good problem to have Same thing, people ask questions, they started replying I'm replying with a video, but what I do is I have call to actions on my video, so have you come across cards and end screens on YouTube, so what that allows you to do is have clickable links So when somebody clicks on that little 'I' or at a certain time twice on this video or on every video, a message will come up on the top right hand corner

Want more traffic, more leads, or want more sales Then when you click on it, a window opens up with a clickable image and a clickable link to my landing page where they can sign up to whatever I'm offering So it's a great way to drive traffic from your video Not only from YouTube but from all over the Internet, and you just keep on and once you've got a bank of videos, then all you do is you just go out there looking for those questions and then pasting the videos and there, you're not selling anything because in this community people hate those who just start selling, buy my stuff, buy my stuff, but if you offer them help, support and great content, trust me, you are going to get a lot of work out of it LinkedIn articles, is another place- this is all repurposing that same video over and over again in different places, so I'm sure most of you are on LinkedIn, but not many of you may have been active on LinkedIn

So now at the moment I've got about 50 odd articles on there, so all I'm doing is So in this video you'll learn why you should use a phrase match keywords in your Google AdWords campaigns Plays the video for more information, visit my website or visit my landing page so I'm not making long blog post or on there All I'm doing is just putting up the same video, repurposing the content over here I came across Slideshare Mark when I came to one of your events

Brilliant Absolutely brilliant I loved it I didn't know about this place about four weeks ago So what this is all about is somebody is making a presentation

I've got this PowerPoint presentation Then they will go in and put in their slides over here to share with their audience So then I will send out an email to all of you or you want to download my presentation, go to Slideshare and you can download from here, right? But, this Slideshare of mine is with a difference because what I'm doing is I'm using the same video on a Slideshare, so when you see somebody's Slideshare and you will see the text, you will see images, graphics, but until somebody doesn't explain to you what that is all about, you'll see it, but it won't mean a lot to you But if I've got a video in there of me talking about that slide or that particular bullet point or that image, it is very, very powerful way of putting that message across So all I'm doing is, but three slide slide a point, a PowerPoint

So for the first one is my cover with my head shot and the title of the slide, second one, it's got the video embedded in it and the third one has got my contact details on it, how to get in touch with me That's it Again, it takes literally not even five minutes to do that, but needs to be done So this is again a check on the Trello checklist and you see over here now on the recommended ones, on that one, I've got three more links So again, I'm getting my name out there

It's just getting yourself out there when we have our Google AdWords community it's a huge website Every niche has got these kinds of places where people go in to ask questions When I took this screenshot, there were 5,100 members online Again, they go there and ask questions about Google AdWords I go in there reply to questions, I go in there, embed my videos as many times as I possibly can

So just offering help and replying to people's questions, not selling anything, don't sell straight up, let them come to you They will come to you Instagram ads so now we're playing with creating these 15-20 second ads of the main, so it's a trailer, a little trailer of the main video, and then putting it up on the- we haven't started doing it and we've just sorted out our video template, the logos, how the branding and everything, and then all we do is just create a 15 second video of the main video Would you like to learn more about AdWords? Click on the link below and watch the video or read the blog post So use that channel to drive traffic

So the traffic is not the problem, but this is the heart of the whole system This is my secret sauce, which I'm not many people use it as to how to get these rankings So I use these three tools Mangools, Tube Buddy and Morning Fame, you're getting these links in the video later on Start off with Mangools Got to keyword research

Don't pick up a fight with the wrong keyword Keywords are like if you were in the boxing arena, you want to fight with the weakest and the most amateur boxer and not with a heavyweight champion No matter what you do, you will be knocked down as soon as that person lands you a punch, but with the weaker amateur boxer, you at least have a 50 chance 50 chance of winning that match Because he's going to throw some punches at you I'm going to throw some punches and rankings is like a boxing match

When I see somebody above me, what do I want to do? Yeah, it is knock them down so I can take that place Put the keyword in there is going to give you a long list of keywords right on there That's going to give you the search volumes, how much that keyword, January per month, and then the level of difficulty wherever there is green, good to go It's very, very weak competition, so all I'm looking for is these green bits over there and a fair number of searches over 500 per month So every keyword or phrase you put in it gives you keyword SEO difficulty from zero to 100

Zero being the easiest, 100 is don't do it That's the heavyweight boxer So all I'm looking for is a difficulty level of under 40 So what by keyword, I mean, don't pick up a word, weddings or photography, you know, you put up wedding photography, Leighton Buzzard or Milton Keynes So long tail, three or more words, start off with that

That will be the easiest to rank You will have low volume traffic, but you start to get rankings and you can see, okay, this is fine I'm going to go after that keyword because it's less competition, right? Then it will give you the top 10 results on the Google search page and show you how strong or weak that website is or that website, adwordsgooglecom high authority website

Never in a million years I will be able to beat that website, but I can beat all these little ones So that's what I'm targeting to push them, one of them out and put my one And by creating that content Tube Buddy, it is a free- I mean Mangools is also for free, but you can only do five searches per day so it's good enough So you can build up your keyword list, do five at a time to you buddy is a free one as well

They've got the paid version as well, which does a lot more So I put in a keyword on Youtube, get that long list of videos So I've got four videos on there which are my videos So again, I've got more chances of me getting the clicks from there So again, what it does is I put in the keyword or key phrase in a YouTube, it gives me the level of difficulty

So now I'm having a second opinion over here So I've got it from Mangools I go to Tube Buddy and say okay Tube Buddy- and this is specifically for YouTube, how good or bad the level of competition is on YouTube for that key phrase, if it tells me the green light, I'm going to go after that So I said this keyword isn't too competitive and has enough search volume to make it worth targeting So I've got the thumbs up from Tube Buddy, so another checkbox on my list

Yes, this keyword is looking good Once you upload the video, after a day or two you will start to see, you know the tags which you put up under the videos Tube Buddy starts to give you the rankings for those tags So if somebody puts in that key phrase, it's going to tell me that my videos rank number five or number seven or number one or number two But the beauty of Tube Buddy is it also shows me my competitor's videos, tags and their rankings

So then I can just copy what they are- well, not literally copy, but I know what they're doing Which keywords they're targeting Then I have recognised five of my most closest competitors on YouTube and there channels and I'm keeping an eye on them as to what they are doing So this guy has got 2,100 subscribers, 27,000 subscribers, 209,000 subscribers But YouTube is so big, it's only five people who I need to compete against

Not a lot Because all the others they're just doing it every now and then they are not serious about video marketing, but this lot are and I keep a close eye onto them as to what they do, what they are producing Then I got all sorts of stuff from here So last 30 days, how many views these guys have got compared to me, how many subscribers they've got, how many uploads they have done So you seen how this guy hasn't uploaded any videos in the last 30 days

This one has done only three This one has done zero So what they have achieved was in the past and now the videos are just getting the views Now, once YouTube sees me or my channel as being active, because YouTube wants to give the best and the most latest and the greatest content to somebody, then they can see I'm getting lots of interaction, engagement, shares, likes and so on I'm going to start going up and competing against the big boys

This is one of my favourite and it's the best $5 per month you're going to spend Trust me It is brilliant, absolutely brilliant So I'm looking for that ranking opportunity How am I being? Am I going to be able to get ranked for this key phrase? Slideshare Seo tutorials, so I made that Slideshare tutorial, but I made a tutorial of how to do that Slideshare and get my rankings

So what it does, it gives you three things The average video, the gateway video, the gateway videos where Morning Fame thinks that you will knock that video down and replace that spot with yours So that's the entrance of that ranking for your video And obviously my one

So four things we look at, subscribers, my channel 586, the average channel has got 285 The gateway channel average has got literally zero right views -351 average This one, the average one is 563 That's fine, and a gateway one has got 15, likes and comments I'm up there

The other two are not good Relevance, I'm up there These two hardly relevant for that key phrase, so I'm getting the green signal all along that yes, that's a really good keyword to get started Go for it And then on YouTube when you upload a video, you do three things, title, description, tags

You put in the title, so the way the relevance is calculated, 40 percent on the title, 20 percent on the description and 40 percent on the description YouTube will want to give, or any search engine will want to give you the most relevant content for someone searching for something, right Now, what this tells me is if I put in the keyword in my title in the description and tags and all that, my relevancy compared to my competitors is way up than them So my video is more likely to show up in the search rankings than my competitors So it doesn't matter if you're brand new, you got zero authority, zero videos, everybody has to start somewhere, start small and you're going to build up that channel authority very, very, quickly within your niche Then you get an email from Morning Fa

me the next day after 24 hours How that video is doing And this is to do with video velocity So if that video starts getting the views and that traction, YouTube knows, this video is good, we're going to show more and more in suggested videos and searches and all that You will get more views

So it says 43 views in the last 24 hours for that video is the second most viewed after 24 hours out of 34 videos of similar videos for in that So it calculates and then the most first, most liked after 24 hours So I know, okay, in my niche I'm doing the right stuff and it's helping me grow my channel So with this data you cannot go wrong It will also tell you and show other people or most the closest videos to mine as to what their thumbnails are

Hardly anyone has got a photo, and the best tip I can give is put a photo of your head shot, no matter how much we hate looking at ourselves or hearing ourselves put it on because you get those clicks Many people are doing that I also then get the search rankings where those keywords are ranking from Morning Fame So on Google videos number one on YouTube, for that keyword number one

So it's not a question of if or when you're going to get ranked You will get ranked Trust me try it Absolutely you're going to get ranked on Google That is all organic, I'm not spending any money

I'm letting the search engines rank my videos, get traffic and everything, but then I'm also scaling my campaigns with AdWords where you pay for ads, alright So then I put my video ad in front of other people's ads, so some of you may have seen my ads and then the banner accompanying banner ad comes up right? Again, it is getting myself in front of those people when they least expect, when their guard is down, when somebody may be watching Dora The Explorer with the little one, but Google and YouTube knows that they are interested in AdWords or online marketing Then potentially my video ad will show up This is a remarketing ad, banner ads, image ads, so when I'm going to check the cricket score ESPN, Huffington Post, any kind of, you know, Daily Mail, Independent Newspapers, it will follow you So the three things which I'm looking at are these columns, conversions, cost per conversions and conversion rate

Now I will try lots of different things Now on here, my cost per conversion was £3599 which is a lot and this is where most people give up I'm not paying Google £3500 to get a lead, and they stopped

It's waste of time, waste of money, but then you tweak along and you do different things £205, £956, £636, £624, and I'm getting signups, 77 conversions, 69, 63, 41 from these different campaigns

So these are actually, some of them are paid clients, some of them are email subscribers and I'm monetising my campaigns with these ads So all I'm doing is I'm driving traffic to this landing page where I'm saying to them, are you struggling with your Google AdWords? He has a free training course, enter your name and email Once they get in there, the email automation starts So then I keep an eye on very closely on the conversion rate So 4,000 visitors landed on that page

I've got 503 sign ups for that So 503 people signed up for my course conversion rate of 12 percent when they come in there Then the email automation comes up These are all the automatic emails which go out every other day offering them content, more content, free content and then an offer So I'm taking them from zero to $17

00, $9700 for $49700 and nine $99700, and then some of them, my conversion rate over there is 12% at the moment let's say, out of that 10% will this one, another 5% will buy that one and another 3% will buy my high end product, so I'm monetising it, hands free on automation So you've got to monetise, there's no point in driving traffic if you're not going to sell, but don't sell upfront

Sell on the back end, not on the front end Build that trust and by putting up loads and loads of content on YouTube, they will come to you They say, if I need to learn anything about radios, I'm going to go Stuart How to do a radio show, that's your expertise Not many people know how to do it

So you can say, this is how you start, this is the equipment, this is how you do it, the workflow and all that But you got to have that email list to market to I hope you enjoyed this presentation, and learnt a few new things about how to market your video with YouTube If you would like to fast track and take your video marketing to the next level, then I've got a great offer for you It is a fully comprehensive video course which teaches you every single step on how to create and promote your videos using YouTube

I hope you take action and sign up for this amazing offer For your complete peace of mind You have a 30 day money back guarantee If for any reasons you don't like it, I'll happily refund you in full Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you inside the course

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