Sydney Digital Marketing Agency | What Makes A Brand? The Hustle EP #32

What makes a brand? Well according to the Emperor of the Earth, your brand is what other people say about You when you're not in the room Now that emperor of course is Jeff Bezos of AMAZON Now love him or hate him

He knows a thing or two about the digital space and how to build a brand so what are people saying about your brand, when you're not in the room? What builds brand loyalty these days in an age driven by price and convenience Well for me, it's about the customer Experience and I can tell you about evolve which is a great Australian company that builds electric skateboards I'm so impressed with the customer experience that I'm actually here big advocate of theirs their brand on my own social media channels They have built a vibrant community globally across facebook instagram and any time I've had an issue with my board I've had instant communication with me by email or facebook messenger, so they make it convenient for me to contact them, how I see fit- they've offered me a free upgrade on the version, two Control of when it was released early this year, even a free battery upgrade when that became available They communicated It via their facebook page to the entire community and every time I see them in the news feeds – they are offering me something of value

99 percent of the time by video and the best part is like Redbull and GoPro that community is uploading pictures and videos of their daily commute or weekend shredding on their boards and evolve simply share this – now that's brand advocacy at its finest Now additionally, they and others Forums to talk about repairs and to share their experiences, um talk about that modifications to the board Stretcher, which is surely valuable feedback for the evolve directors and the product development team Now there's other products out there, such as boosted I'm not bias I'm just sharing

My experience of the great customer, a great customer experience, but there are other products out there the customer experience I have enjoyed with evolve, for me They have a loyal customer and brand advocate, even if the other products were better it will be a tough decision for me to change brands and I'm a skateboard nut with a quiver of boards at home And I do ride this everyday to and from work, talk about a low carbon footprint So what are you doing to provide an amazing customer experience? What are people saying about you when you're not in the room? What experiences have you had from brands you can share here – to get the conversation going thanks guys that's all for now next week I'm running my second champion chat of the year with a mystery guest who has been a seven times world champion at something – stay tuned I'm Simon Gould We are Sydney Digital Marketing

This is the Hustle thanks for watching It took to long it's disconnected it I was gonna ride off on my board We have to wait till next time thanks guys check you later!

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