Social Media Marketing for Tradies Ep1

Social media has become an integral part of our lives so much so that we're now spending 12 hours per week on social media platforms alone Today I wanted to run through with you what even is social media, what are the main platforms and where are they actually all headed

So what does social media actually entail? Well it's a website or application that enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking We're more connected than ever and social media is fast becoming an integral place to advertise your business or service to potential customers more efficiently than old institutions of television and radio advertisements If we look at any of the main players in the game right now you'll see that they are putting more time and resources into their social media activities than any other channel This is because if done right social media advertising can let you target the right people more efficiently and track and measure your performance extremely well and we're going to dive into these metrics further down the track in later webinars So which platforms are we actually talking about and where are they all actually going? Well Facebook is your key platform

It's the main player in the market and has an outrageous over two billion monthly active users Facebook is the key platform that you want to showcase your business on It will allow you to target your potential customers extremely well and that's all based off their social media and website behaviour You’re going to be able to promote your business your products and your services in a range of advertisement styles Facebook also allows potential customers to contact you in real time via messenger

You can also put on customised automatic replies and schedule in away messages Instagram, owned by Facebook as well has over 800 million monthly active users and is fast becoming a strong platform for businesses to highlight their products, services and create an online community Instagram is all about peer-to-peer sharing It's about growing engaged communities and here's where you want to use Instagram as a show book to display your work and what your expertise are and connected to a rapidly growing trade community Have you checked out the growing trade community right now on Instagram? You'd be surprised how much it's booming and you definitely don't want to miss out on it

YouTube, owned by Google has over 15 billion monthly active users and is a key mobile streaming and social TV platform Video content is the integral part of content moving forward If your business goals are to use long length videos YouTube is definitely your platform otherwise Facebook and Instagram support awesome video capabilities that you can use Twitter with over 330 million monthly active users is the key platform for real-time news and what's happening around the world It's where you put in your two cents or two hundred and eighty characters on the score the latest footy match

We don't really see too many trade businesses growing their business on this platform compared to the likes of those of Instagram or Facebook LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft is the platform for professional engagement It's all about connecting with others in your professional space and building your LinkedIn profile so that you can apply for jobs online With about a hundred and six million monthly active users this platform is still a really strong space for you to be able to display yourself professionally and keep up to date with what jobs are going on in the industry I hope this has given you an overview of social media and where all the main platforms are heading and really how it's going to be able to help your trade business

Thanks for joining us

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