When we have already created our first account in m director what we have to do is register here However let me explain that you have to wait about two or three days to wait for the company to validate your email so I'm going to register with another email account that I have associated with it once I have digitized my email and password I will click on enter emme direct I wait a few seconds and now on this page I'm going to click where it says enter email marketing enter As I am working with an already active account I have a summary of the emails that I have sent However, you will have a totally different screen, what you have to do at this moment is create a shipment that was the email at this time you have here all the six steps to start creating your own email marketing campaign the first thing you have to do is create a new campaign I'm going to select all this text because I'm going to use it I'm going to copy it and I'm going to click on accept we are going to fill in these fields that are obligatory where the name of the shipment tells us I will put here invitation social networks As it is not going to be seen by the others through the contacts I remain calm in subject I will place the same owner who is sending my person that answer email is the other account that I have active on behalf of answer I'm going to put social media invitations again now in this case if you have for example a shoe promotion you can put here interest To promote shoes in this case, the answer will be my email invitation to social networks is very important that you have the option that says with the advertising of emery director free version if you do not want that option here the system will charge you 125 dollars for each shipment we will leave with the advertising of Merida Hector and click in next step we are already in step 2 when you speak for the first time more templates will be totally of selected you will play using a basic template in my case I will use one of my templates want I have personalized and at this moment I'm going to choose the one that is here the customization of the templates is nothing complicated is more or less word but you should always keep in mind that this option is advertising ok then what I'm going to do here is customize this I'm going to teach the block and I'm going to copy the text that had put action challenge in size obviously I'm going to make it pretty big I'm going to click on apply in the image that is here I'm going to click again on the pencil at the bottom I will put selection to the file I already have a previously established image of 800 x 250 pixels click on open click on apply I am already configuring the mail as I need it now I am going to change the text that is here previously the text is already typed in a normal text file again click on the landmark pencil and simply selecting everything I'm going to replace scientific very well this url that is here is not active I'm going to mark it in block I'm going to copy I'm going to click here where this little chain is going to open this little window that is here and I'm going to copy the url you can click on accept click on apply practically everything is almost ready the next step is they are the ones I love the most and is to do a test that means I'm going to put the test option here It is telling me that I barely have 1 percent of the entire email database that is going to get to the tray spam this really is amazing or practically of 100 emails one will reach spam here you can make a test email I am going to choose one that I have in yahoo I will click on send by sending tests successfully done I'm going to go to yahoo here I have the invitation test I open it and I'm going to see how I'm really going to stay spectacular again I am going to director I will click on next step once we are in the fifth step I go to the option that says select contacts or import contacts and I have them in a database in an excel file so here I'm going to put import files from being select docked base file click on open analyze here we have to wait a bit because he's doing a test of everything we have here where it says first and last names we will replace by name and in emails we are going to put here email As already the options changed color from red to gray I can calmly continue I wait a bit since you are telling me a summary of what I have I do not have more than four thousand files that very well at this time tells me that I have duplicate contacts 92 good click on import wait a little and is telling me that I have three thousand 372 contacts successfully to accept we wait a little to load perfect and now I'm going to next step I'm already in the option to schedule shipping and the part is also quite exciting because simply what you have to do is click now send now and you are sure credentials send right now so if we accept we wait a bit and now you tell us great you have programmed I send you correctly and will come out shortly Take into account the following since it's a pretty big base, the one I have is going to take a little longer to go to about two to three hours or so but in short accounts this is how to create your first campaign with email marketing using m director I invite you to follow me on all social networks activating the bell to receive more notifications you can find me as henri pino Suarez and see you in the next lesson many thanks

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