Lesson 8B/12 – Social Media Marketing ( Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing )

Learn Social Media Marketing In English By Er Sumit Hello guys, welcome to your channel digital learning faithful I am your friend Sallah and we started our journey We started learning digital marketing and till now we learned how search engine works and we learned some basics of HTML and We learned how to write effective title deck and Meta Description tag and we learnt about google webmaster tools and we learned about Google Analytics tools and We let what is Alexa traffic rank and how to fight Alexa traffic rank of a website and We learned how to create your glow and how to earn money from it and guys So this is our 8th chapter or digital marketing as I have already told you I am a divided my eighth lecture on digital marketing In six parts in our first point of eight lecture

We learnt Facebook marketing So this is a second part of each lecture And in this part we learn Twitter and LinkedIn marketing guys so this is most comprehensive lecture on Twitter marketing and LinkedIn marketing watch this video carefully and watch this video till the end now Let's come to why today's lecture first of all, let's start our lecture on twitter marketing Guys pretend is one of the famous social networking website in our country It has an Alexa traffic rank of 12 all of your favorite quality should and all of your favorite Journalists, they have been a twitter account It's a statement from Wikipedia then great Ellis online news and social networking website guys over there favorite politician and all your journalists they extend on Public issues by expressing their opinion on frigid guys for daily news you can depend on Twitter But guys, it's my good advice to you for daily news Do not depend upon Twitter It's good if you depend on your local newspaper And your favorite news channel now guys in this lecture we how to rate your profile on Twitter how to tweet on Twitter and how to retweet To someone's to eat now guys Let me give some tips on Twitter marketing in some of the websites like Facebook and Linden there are groups You can easily target your audience using groups or you get drive insane traffic from Facebook groups But guys and websites like Twitter, there are no groups So it is slightly difficult to target your audience Now guys one important that suppose you have just painted your Twitter account You have zero followers on Twitter first of all Follow all your facebook friends on twitter All their Facebook friends they have the Twitter account Also follow all your friends I am sure that most of them will put on you

Also now guys one more important that on Twitter marketing Suppose you are in the business of providing marketing services to your clients search all the keywords related to marketing Search marketing search Digital marketing search Twitter marketing search Facebook marketing such a hitless marketing search all the keywords when you search all the keywords all the tweets containing these keywords will come in front of you and Now guys what you should do is dead You have the folder all the people those who have put out such excellent tweets Okay, guys, they are those people those who are interested in your content You you should follow all these people and I showed it Most of them will follow you also so in this way you can target your audience you get increase your followers and Guys one more important tip for you guys after getting followers try to engage With you offer was more and more You should see all the Retweets try to build relationship with them in this way You can convert that into your customers or in this way You can generate more leads fi me Ed and guys some more important tips for you guys on Twitter You must complete your profile you must upload a good and as they must use hashtags in your tweets you can use keywords as Hashtags guys and last but not least one more tip for you guys On a website like Twitter if you want to get more and more followers if you want to generate leads from Twitter you must tweet more than five times in a day and you must treat at relevant time with the appropriate gap now guys I have completed my important strategies on Twitter marketing now guys, let's start our lecture Guys, let's start our lecture on twiddle Guys Twitter is one of the famous social networking website You can follow your favorite actor single politician on Twitter First of all, let's learn how to make account on Twitter for meeting your account on Twitter Just I put it in your browser and open website Wwwmisnylaw

com Or email and password After that click on sign up now You have to enter your phone number and click on next now You have to select user name according to your choice and click on next now Click on let's go now guys, you have to select the fields in which you are interested For example here I have selected sports music entertainment lifestyle government and politics After that, click on continue now guys If you want to link your Gmail context with Twitter then click on import Context and guys, if you do not want to import your Gmail context with Twitter then click on no Thanks now guys Click on follow and continue and after that if you want to turn on notification click on turn on Notification or if you do not want to turn on notification click on not now now guys Your Twitter homepage will be opened now guys, you have to click on next now guys Your Twitter account has be formed now guys, you have to confirm your meal ID for confirming your mail ID Just go to gmail

com If you have got email from Twitter then guys open this email and click on confirm now If you haven't got any email Then you can ask Twitter to send email Once again now the icer email has been verified now guys We will learn how to add profile page for adding profile pic Click on add a photo and then guys you can add a photo by uploading photo from your computer On your dashboard you can see how many tweets you have made and how many accounts you have been following now guys We will learn how to follow someone on Twitter for four lines a month Just search his name For example, I have searched Amitabh Bachchan here Now I can go to his profile and I can follow him now guys, we will learn how to tweet For tweeting just click on tweet Now you have to type your tweet in the text box and now click on delete Now you have made your first week if you want to reply someone's tweet click on reply button if you want to retweet someone's tweet then you have option for retweet also and guys by clicking and hide button you can like someone's tweet and Guys, if you want to log out first of all, click on profile button and click on logout, so, okay guys We hear it updated our lecture on Twitter marketing Let's start our lecture on LinkedIn marketing now Lincoln s most famous business and employment oriented social networking website It is used by people those who are hunting for jobs and it is used by people Those who are looking for talented youth for hiring in their organization It has an Alexa traffic rank of 34 and there are 500 users of blended It is widely used by professionals in promoting their product and guys one important point on a website like Layden you can connect with 30,000 people guys on most famous social networking website Facebook You can have only 500 friends but guys on the website like LinkedIn you can connect with 30,000 people so guys make that is most effective platform to promote your product and guys if you provide Goods or services to companies? for example If you provide SEO services or digital marketing services to companies and startups Then LinkedIn is is best platform to promote your product because all are professionals on LinkedIn Guys in our lecture on LinkedIn very definitely covered how to make your profile and how to hunt for jobs on LinkedIn Guys, so this is most important point about linkage on a website Lindell You can show a complete profile from very birth

When did you start working with? Your employment your education your skills your work experience, etc you can show a complete profile on LinkedIn and guys if you are looking for a job and If you are working as an employer, you want to change your job and guys? After watching your LinkedIn profile HR executive of a company May directly hire you or he may invite you for an interview after looking your LinkedIn profile So guys if you are looking for a job or if you want to change your job guys You must make your LinkedIn profile and you must complete your LinkedIn profile You must complete all the information guys if you have shown incomplete information Or guys if you are ambiguous on your skill set or if you are very good at D based on anything No one will connect you to hire you so guys properly show all your skills on your LinkedIn profile and now guys, let's come to important part how to promote your blog on little Guys, so this is most important tip on how to promote your blog on Linda on LinkedIn You must share your existing pendant on lignan by sharing story just copy and paste two three paragraph of your blog post and after copying pasting two three paragraphs you can add a tag click to continue reading and Guys in tag click to continue reading you can insert the link of your website So after clicking the link viewer will visit your website So guys so this is most important tip on how to promote your go Ok guys as I have already given you tip on how to promote your grow one more point You must have link they share account on your blog post now guys Let's come to another part of our lecture when you should be posting on Linden guys Website LinkedIn is not like Facebook if Iran fails, but virtually But guys LinkedIn is a professional web site People are on LinkedIn mainly from 9 am

To 5 pm Definitely you should post between 9 am To 5 pm And guys you should post at least 5 times in a day as I have already given important the part of the body lock just copy and paste 2 3 paragraphs of the book and at the end you can add the tag click to continue reading and in the tab click to continue reading you can insert the length of your website and Guys one more tip

I want to give to you as I have already told you You should post between 9:00 am To 5:00 pm Guys

You should also try posting before 9:00 am If you try posting before 9:00 pm I think that you will get more engagement Because people when they log into the LinkedIn account their post will be the first post They will see guys you can share motivation codes on English You can share link of your blog or website, but guys why posting online keep in mind? It's a professional websites all the professionals on this website Avoid sharing jokes and other stuff now guys who had start a lecture Linden Let me elucidate all these points more now guys Let's start our lecture on LinkedIn LinkedIn is most famous social networking website for professionals You can make your professional profile on LinkedIn guys on website LinkedIn in your profile you can add your educational qualification Skills work experience and you can also describe your current job profile guys, basically LinkedIn is a website for sharing professional ideas LinkedIn website was started in year 2002 and now there are about 20 care professionals on LinkedIn Guys for creating account on LinkedIn just type LinkedIn in Google and open first link Wwwengvid

com After that link then website will be opened and after they click on join now now guys after that fill this form and click join now now guys after that you have to fill your educational details your college your degree Specialization your starting and here of completing after filling this information click on next now Guys, you have to verify your email Id for confirming your email Id you had to open your Gmail account open the email sent by LinkedIn and click on confirm your email address? now guys If you want to connect with all your gmail contacts type your email ID and a click on continue now guys if you want like them to view your email address view your basic g-man profile info and Manage your Linkedin contacts click on allow Now guys, you can upload your profile pic for uploading your profile pic Click on upload a photo upload photo from your computer and after that click on continue You can skip this step also now guys you can search job area wise guys chin job Phil job title and Area in such books and click on find jobs in this week You can search for job on LinkedIn and you can also post a job now guys We have completed our lecture on LinkedIn Ok guys, so we have completed our lecture on lignin So gaius we have updated our lecture yield B in this lecture We have learnt to attend marketing and LinkedIn marketing and we have seen important tips on twitter marketing and LinkedIn marketing guys till now Really we have updated Important chapters we have completed chapters like google webmaster tools Google, analytics tools facebook marketing guys all these shuttles They are backbone of marketing guys If you haven't watched any of my previous video Please do watch it links of all my previous video have been given in the description So ok guys, I will meet you in my next lecture My next lecture will be on Google+ and Google business page till then Take care Be real and be digital

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