Jumlah Customer | Digital Marketing 101 EP3

Hi, guys! Finally, the third video! So, for you, who didn't follow the first part of this video, Okay, look at here, right?! First video That determines what your business is What do you up to, actually? What market do you want to serve actually? What problem do you want to solve? That's what the first video is all about! Well, in the last second video, You've already set up how much your goal actually Well, actually, in building a business, there are 2 paths! The way, There are 2 paths in the way of thinking At first, mostly, what taught out there is how to search the goods

How to research product, Then, how to selling! That's it! While for me,

I'd prefer more to top down! So, I'd prefer, where do you wanna go first? That's why in video 1 and video 2, I explained first, what the background was like So, we didn't just

"Okay, let's search the product, and sell it right away!" After that, when the product doesn't sell, done, and search again! Okay, let's post Facebook ads! After that, gain nothing but loss! Small profit, but loss again! Counted overall, loss again! So, I don't wanna be that way! I wanna build a business correctly, okay?! Well, now, you've already had your goal, right?! You've written it like, "I wanna have this amount of millionsor this amount of billions rupiah each year," like that! Well, we're starting from there now, okay?! And in this video, The tasks that you have to do below are, Wrote on the comment! Don't forget, okay?! Your product, how much does its price? Okay, so, users transactions, how much does its value? Then, how much does its margin? So, how much does its profit here? We'd like to know that first! Then, you check, If only you've had a business already,

But not a Start-Up! If you've already had a business, You check on each transaction per 1 user, how much the total is? That's called "Basket size!" So, we count when they decide to buying, averagely, whether they Like, for example, my "Essential oil" People usually don't buying only one! People usually buying 2-3 bottles, and sometimes with its diffuser! So, even though my "Essential Oil" price is only Rp198 thousand, But, on average, people could buy up to Rp700-800 thousand! On average, less is more around that! Well, from there, we count how much our profit is How much our margin is Okay, so, your task is, Checking out one product! How much your margin is, How much the price is, How much your margin is,

Second is checking the transactions! Do you think, in each transaction, they buy only one? If they only buy one, it means the price is the same, right?! But if they buy either 2, or bundle, or package, or else, That means it's going up! This is what called as your "Basket Size," okay?! So, once transaction, how much is the value? Then, how much the margin is, Well, then, the next is You must count

How much money do you want to gain in a year? Well, if you want how much money a year like in the last video, Some say this is revenue, (gross) revenue, Some say, "This is my profit!" I want a profit of Rp1 billion! Or, "I want (gross) revenue of Rp1 billion!" They're different, okay! (Gross) revenue of Rp1 billion, the profit could be only Rp100

or, Rp10 million, could be! Up to you, from last benchmarks, which one you'd prefer to use The point is like this, To make it easier,

To make it easier, Let's talk about (gross) revenue first, okay?! So, no need to count in this question so detailed, okay?! Third, Count first, how much (gross) revenue do you want in a year Let's assuming, you want Rp1 billion, like that! You want Rp1 billion! Or, you want Rp10 billion! Well, divide this Divide this number with the price of your item! So, if, for example, your (gross) revenue is Rp1 billion, andyour each item prices Rp1 million, then you need 1000 customers! I want you to write below How many customers you need to reach this goal in a year Okay?! So this number you divided to 12! So you know how many customers you must have in a month Well, if you want Rp10 billion, let's break it into several steps! Rp10 billion

But your product only prices Rp10,000- for each item It means that you must sell 100 thousand items for 1 whole year! 100 thousand items divided by 12, how many? 10 thousand? Well, less is more, if divided 10, the outcome is 10 thousand! If divided 12, possibly 8 thousand something How can you get 8 thousand customers in a month? Okay?!

Your task is clear, right?! So, determine how much your price is, How much your margin is, Then, how much your "Basket Size" is, How much your margin is,

Then, how many customers you need are, That's your task in this video! Okay, thank you so much guys, for watching this video! I'll see you guys in the next video! Bye bye!

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