Is Organic Search Better than Paid Advertising? | Q&A with Shay

Are you sick of paid advertising? A lot of people are When it comes to organic growth, organic search results, organic anything really when it comes to the Internet, so many people are choosing to go there

Paid advertising is the bane of so many people's existence when they're on the Internet They're really not looking to click on an ad, somewhere that sponsors, somewhere where they're paying to be there or get a deal or get really pushed into buying something They want to find the people that they want to work with through organic means – because they ran across them, because they search for them, they showed up in the map section, or because they were showing up in the organic section just below the map on Google There's so many areas where you can be found organically, and organic growth is at an all time high today Unfortunately, paid advertising can result in people who are shopping around, not that serious, and can waste all your click dollars, or your impression dollars

With organic growth, you can earn the right to continuously be in those spots where people are seeing you, and you can get that earned media that you can't get with paid advertising

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