How To Get Your First Digital Marketing Client If You’re A Beginner – Hernan Vazquez

What is going on everybody? On this video, I'll show you how you can get your first digital marketing client if you're starting out Hey guys, what's up? Hernan here and welcome to another video

I know, don't worry, I didn't bring my camera It's just here in the headquarters and doing some stuff the usual way And you know, I had an issue with my computer during the weekend, and I recorded two amazing videos for you guys and they got deleted Did you hear what that happens? Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about how you can get your first digital marketing client if you're starting out And I'm actually going to give you two great tips for you to get going

All right? But anyways, I'm just in the middle of the grind as you can see And I didn't want to miss the opportunity to actually talk to you guys for a little bit Now, with that said, I also wanted to invite you guys to do the Facebook group, which is 100% free and you will get a lot of good stuff on the Facebook group You know, you will be able to ask questions, who will be able to get a lot of stuff out of that group So it's completely free, there's going to be a link somewhere around here so that you can join

All right, so let's talk a little bit about getting your first digital marketing client All right, so let me do this real quick This is Oh, I'm out of water Anyways, all right, so let's not do anything So, let's talk about how to get your first digital marketing client This is a question that I get a lot, specifically from people that are starting out Okay, so maybe you're a beginner or maybe are starting out, or maybe you want to actually go ahead and get new strategies so that you can get your digital marketing agency to the next level? So, I'm going show you two really quick and really helpful strategies that have allowed me to take my business to the next level

I'll actually get started So number one is to just sit down and write what kind of companies that if you would provide a service for will change your life Like I'm not kidding, when I was starting out Let me put this back down there, and yeah, I think that we can have a conversation like that so I don't have to be moving all over the place So, back when I was starting out I will follow some people around, right? I will follow some people on social media, on Facebook, on YouTube and whatnot And there are some people that I would really resonate with, and I'd say, "Okay, so what I would happen if I go out there, if I reach out to these folk or these girl, or this person, this business owner, and I would actually offer my services for free? What would happen? Like what would be the consequences of that?" And that's exactly what I did I did my best to actually start working and get on the radar of these people that I really admired And the reality is that when that happened, I got into their radar and they started considering me for some side positions

That's how I got access to become moderators in forums, and moderators in Facebook groups, and whatnot And then you might land a job with them So that's number one, like actually think, sit down and write down what kind of clients you would want to have so that it will change your life Because the reality is that when you get these type of clients right, when you get these type of clients, you can actually learn a lot from these people So that would mean that, that will help you moving forward in life faster just by doing free stuff for them

So, actually I was actually going out there and telling people, "Hey listen, we'll do anything for free Just let me work for you, let me work with you, and whatnot" And that really helped me out getting my first digital marketing clients Of course, they weren't clients because they weren't paying me, but I will consider them clients because they were giving me a lot of teaching in return So, that's number one, actually sit down and write down what kind of businesses, if you would provide services for them, would change your life

So, that's one And number two is to actually do some work for, let's say, local businesses for free All right? So, something else that I tried that worked really, really well was the fact that I [inaudible 00:04:22] posts on my Facebook timeline saying, "Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple of business owners because I'm launching this new business and I need you to make an experiment" So that will actually get you a couple of potential interesting people and completely for free Like you won't be charging them anything, but if you, let's say, that you are running Facebook ads for them and you're taking them in as clients, and you start getting them results

Then 30 days down the road you will tell them, "Hey listen, do you love the type of service that you're getting from me?" Yeah, sure, because you're doing your job, right? So if that's the case, then you would tell them, "Okay, so what do you think if you keep paying me, I don't know, pay me 300 bucks a month, or for 500 bucks a month and I'll keep on doing it?" If they say, "Yes," that's great You got your first client If they say, "No," that's completely fine What do you need to tell them is, "All right, no problem I'll keep on doing it for free, but since you're not paying me and you're getting good results, would you mind putting me in touch with five additional people that you would think that will benefit from these services that I'm offering to you?" And Bam

So you either get money or you get referrals, which is kind of the same thing at that point, right? So, that's how you get the ball rolling So, you will get a couple of free clients or free people that you're doing this for free, and then you will ask for either A, to become a full client, you know, they will start paying you Or B, you can get referrals And you know there's a lot of people out there saying, "Well, you shouldn't be working for free You should know your worth," and blah, blah blah, and this and that, and that's all fine and dandy

But when you're starting out, you really need to build your career and really need to build your portfolio So there you have it guys Two quick tips to actually get your first digital marketing clients, go out there, do stuff for free for people You will create a lot of goodwill You will start learning a lot, and earlier than you might ever think it was possible you will start getting paid for what you love doing

All right guys, so thank you once again for watching I hope to see you in the next video, and then the Facebook group Bye, bye

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