How To Create a Video for AFFILIATE PRODUCT PROMOTION 💥Affiliate Marketing with YouTube Videos

Before I get started on How to create a video for affiliate product promotion, let me show you proof of earnings I just spend about 2 hours a week on this

The strategy I use is affiliate marketing with youtube videos Anyone can do this method but the problem is most people’s youtube videos don't convert and thus they don't make any money from that video Basically, no one clicks any youtube affiliate links after watching the video or no one ends up buying It's not because you can’t make video It boils down to the what you say in the video, the video structure and the type of video you create

To help solve that problem, here’s a proven formula you can use right now, to massively improve your affiliate commission from video Hi I'm Shamelle from Promote YouTube videos, this video is part 2 of a the video series I started to share the exact steps on how to make money on youtube with affiliate marketing If you haven't seen the first video on how to choose a profitable affiliate product to promote, the link is in the description and If you don't want to miss the future videos in this series, be sure to subscribe to this channel I upload videos every Saturday Ok So how do you structure your video so that you can convert a viewer into a buying customer

Here are the 5 steps I use Let me use an example, Let's say I am trying to promote an ebook related to selling your home your self Step 1 – Open With a Shocking Statement Start with a shocking statement that is bound to grab your target audience’s attention and snap them out of whatever hypnosis they might find themselves in at the moment Then I might start the video with something along the lines of Ex: Attention Homeowners Are you going to let a realtor steal 50% or more of your hard-earned home equity? It will get people thinking and will want to watch your video more Step 2 – State the Problem and WHY Its’ a Big Deal In this section, you tell your target audience what problem they face, and why it’s something they can’t ignore I’ll often do this with a list of bullets, especially if I’m doing a PowerPoint style video Ex: Even though realtors only charge 6% commission, that commission could represent a huge chunk of your equity, especially in today’s market

That means: * You’re paying out a huge chunk of your profit just to have your house listed in the MLS where it may or may not sell * Most listing agents never sell or even show the houses they list * You’re paying to have your houses entered into an online database, and that’s basically it! Step 3 – Introduce The Solution This is where you show them that you have the solution to their problem You can save the day! Ex: But luckily for you, there’s now a solution Introducing “Selling Your Home Alone” where you’ll discover: * How to sell your house and save the entire commission * How to get MORE exposure for your house online than any realtor can give you * Specific strategies to price your house for maximum profit * How to get free work out of realtors, and only pay them if they actually bring you a buyer * Etc Step 4 – Credibility/Proof Tell them Why They Should Listen To You and prove what you say is true

You can use testimonials, statistics, screen shots of results, before and after pictures, etc Whatever you need to show them to prove you are telling the truth Ex: Take a look at these testimonials from people just like you who used the “Selling Your Home Alone” system to sell their houses and save the commissions This one sold their house in one week This one saved Over $20,000 in commissions

This one sold after an agent couldn’t do it in 6 months Step 5 – Specific Reasons To Act Now This is an area where most people fail in creating affiliate video People may want your solution, they may know they have the problem, they may even want the solution very badly, but they still procrastinate One of the easiest ways to get someone off the mark is to offer bonuses Yes, there are a LOT of other ways to get them to take action now,, but bonuses are the easiest to do for most people

Ex: Act Now and get these exclusive bonuses: * BONUS Special Report: HOW I DID IT I’ll reveal exactly how I sold both of our houses AND how my buddy sold his house in one day just by changing our ads! I’ll hold nothing back, and I explain everything about each deal in detail * BONUS Report – How to get FREE Property Listings Pages! I’ll show you more than 11 different FREE places to instantly list your home for sale online … and you don’t pay a dime in advertising! * BONUS- Sample Forms Pack When you purchase my for-sale-by-owner book right now, “Selling Your Home Alone”, you also get instant access to our FREE Contracts and Sample Forms PAK So there you have it A proven formula that has worked across different niches to sell just about any kind of affiliate product If you haven't done so already, make sure to subscribe to get the other videos in this series of affiliate marketing with youtube videos

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