How To Build Your Brand On Social Media

(upbeat music) – No, but that's when it really clicked for me, though, and then I was like, basically, I started, even if it was a Facebook ad a YouTube video, hey, somebody might want more information, so you have the links in there, right? A lot of times they give away freebies – So what we're saying is through the funnel, we need to give them something worth of value

– Yeah – So that it's a small purchase So small commitment leads to big commitment – Exactly – It goes on, and then you offer them, like you said, a profit maximizer, whatever, the backend, we call it a backend, what marketing products you might have

So what about on the front end? How do you deal with those followers, and just more exposure, more fans? – Man, it really changes all the time Like the algorithm is a little different So actually my views have went down over the years because the way I built my following initially it doesn't work as well anymore I was using search engine optimization very heavy – Search engine optimization

– And that worked really well – Yeah – Up until maybe a few years ago, right? – Yeah So what we're saying is the strategies might change – Strategies definitely change – So what works this year might not work next year when it comes to social media

– Yeah – You have to be on top of your game, right? – But the principles still hold, right? – [Dan] Yes – So the strategies change, but the principles hold, right? So the principles are you want to give value on social media – I do want to ask you this, because I think part of when I look at you content, when I study your content, that I think a lot of that it's based on your character, right? So you're very charismatic, right? You're interesting, entertaining So I think that helps being very video driven, and the second thing is I can see your content, because there are a lot of fitness content out there in the marketplace, but you make it entertaining

– Yeah, yeah – Right? You think outside the box, you make it interesting, you also almost make it a little more raw? – Yeah – Like not as polished on purpose – Yeah – I think that's also part of the brand

So how does that play into the whole thing? – Well for me it's like, you gotta think with the end game in mind, right? Like what's the main goal? To build your business, right? – Your business – So you gotta make content that a customer will want, right? – Mmhmm, yes – So for example, there's a lot of guys, in the fitness, there's guys who make videos, and they talk shit about other fitness, that's like a thing, and their channels will blow up real quick, but those guys, there's one of them that's in your country, right? He's very poor, right? Like, he's very poor, I know that because a friend of mine sent him a cease and desist, and he found out he still lives with his mom, and he found out a lot about him, and that's kind of sad, right? Because it's like, if you get millions of views, you should be able to monetize it if you know what you're doing The problem is, talking shit about someone, it doesn't solve a problem, right? So I say that to say your content should solve problems for people, it should help them, right? And then some of those people are gonna want more help That's when they go through the funnel, you know what I'm saying? That's when they go through, they'll want more, and then they have something they can download, or something you can purchase

– [Dan] Makes sense, makes sense – So I think with that in mind – How come, I don't know why, just this image comes in mind – It just makes sense – It's like a stripper talking shit about other strippers, like she is no good, – Yeah, yeah – Her dance is no good, it doesn't help you closing a sale

– It doesn't help you – You need to solve a problem – Yeah, yeah, yeah You can go up to other guys and say, this girl can't twerk – Yeah, so what, yeah

– Look at her, she can't twerk to save her life – Yeah – But you gotta be able to twerk something – You gotta deliver the goods (laughing) – Yeah, no, for real

– Yeah – Or some guys'll just be all entertaining, right? – Yeah – But you don't trust them – So they get attention, – Yeah – But they look at them more, it's hard to say, it's more like a clown

– Yeah, like a clown It's because, you know, I'm not taking financial advice from – Someone who's – Yeah, Flava Flav, – Yeah – Or like Bozo, or something like that I want someone serious, but the entertainment part is kinda just my personality, right? – You like to have fun, joke around – Yeah, just like to have fun, but also I think there's something to that

If it's too dry, then you're like a math teacher or something – Yeah, like a professor – Yeah, yeah, yeah, – You're lecturing people, right? And I think people go to YouTube, they want some kind of entertainment Most people – They want value too, but you do the same thing

– They want value – You do the same thing I see the videos, you could just talk about the stuff you talk about, but you go to locations, because there's music None of it has to be there, but it has to be there for it to be entertaining – I use the term edutainment

– Edutainment – It's basically educational, but it has to be entertaining at the same time – Yeah – Because I believe you cannot create change and impact if you aren't getting attention, but if you just get attention, that's not good either – [Brandon] Yeah

– You have to have both – Exactly Sometimes it's like if you do something that's click baity, or whatever, I look at it like, I'm not religious, but this is a good metaphor, it's like a Bible with a Playboy cover They might come in for something silly, right, but then they get value, like okay, this is what I needed You give them what you want sometimes, you bring them in by giving them what they want, but once you get them in, you give them what they need, what will really help them

– I agree I agree, I agree So you use something kind of entertaining, at least you have the attention, – Yeah – Then you can share with them what you believe in, your message, right? – Yeah, and if you can weave it in so it's almost like, yeah, they learned, but they enjoyed learning – They enjoyed learning

– They enjoyed learning – [Dan] Yeah, it's fun – Who doesn't like that? – [Dan] Yeah – It's like when a kid is watching a cartoon that teaches (chuckling) That might not be the best example, but you know what I mean

(laughs) – So out of all the platforms right now, what do you focus on the most? – There's a lot of interesting things going on with Facebook, especially with Messenger I've been doing a lot with Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger, yeah – It's almost platform within a platform – Yeah, yeah

– We've been building it, and it's like a lot of things we've done that are kind of groundbreaking with that, and then I probably, I'm gonna have to go with Facebook, like Facebook 100%, yeah You know, YouTube, I really like YouTube, and it's my first love, it's just YouTube is a standard, right? So like I can only do so many videos a week, right? But I can, literally you can't put enough on Facebook, and it can be a one minute video, and I might do the best, but like a one minute video on YouTube – Are you talking like Facebook live, or just a video? – Just Facebook – Just Facebook – Yeah, yeah, yeah, just like I can have a minute video on Facebook, and it'll do really well, and people will love it

– And I think it's some way with Facebook that it's also easier to share for people – Yeah, to share – It's easier to go viral Of course YouTube you can have a viral video as well, – Yeah, yeah – But I find that because of the way that the platform is on Facebook

– Yeah – That you could have a video that you may not think is a viral video, even a lower quality, lower production quality value, but it could still go viral You could have millions and millions of views – I had a video that I didn't even like it It was a workout video, it was just four minute's long, no edits, just a phone, normal iPhone, and I didn't even want to post it, but I was like what the hell? – Yeah

– I posted it on Saturday morning before I went to workout, and I thought, all right, no one will see it, and then after I'm done working out, I'm like, something strange is happening Like you could feel it when a video goes viral, something goes viral I know you had some viral stuff, you feel it, like something's happening – Something's going on – Something's happening, like you feel it

You can't explain it unless you've had something go viral, and I looked, and that video had like a million views in like a few hours Like what the fuck just happened? And I wouldn't have expected that I couldn't replicate that, and that video went on to get – The same video, if you post on YouTube, will not have the same – I posted, and it didn't – Yeah – It didn't, same thing

It ended up getting 70, seven zero, million views – Wow – You know, like that year It has more now So here's the thing, the advantage of YouTube is it's more conducive to long form content

– [Dan] Yeah – Like this video, it would show up on a YouTube, I mean this here was on Facebook, be in a feed, right? So it's like competing with shit – Yeah, and YouTube people are going there, they're looking, yeah – You click that, right? – Yeah – And then it's less distraction unless you're going on, there's not something right up underneath it

It's more conducive to long form content, and this video will get views forever, where that video will, I don't know if it got over 70 million views, right? Because they have a lifespan on Facebook I don't know, I guess they go and die somewhere, but it's not search engine based – It is not, yeah – YouTube is less and less search engine based now, but it'll still come up in recommended videos, – Yup, suggested – And in some search stuff too, but it'll get loved, it'll do well forever, right? So there's a definite pluses and minus

I still do both, and I love both, but for different reasons, you know? – So Facebook, but YouTube it still, depends on the purpose, depends on the content, what you want to do? – Yeah, yeah – The way I see it at least is YouTube is 24, seven – Yeah – It's more long term – Definitely

– It's more long term, it's a very important foundation, – Yeah – And it's also a place where people can consume content at their own pace Facebook it's more interruption – Yeah – It's more hey, check this out

Could be short, where you get your brand out there, and you can also scale, obviously, very quickly with paid traffic Instagram now, of course, Instagram stories and all that – Facebook is better I mean, okay, YouTube is more important now that I think about it I think you're right

Another business I have now is a marketing agency, right? – Right – And what we'll do is we'll take influencers, and we'll so their whole business, right? – [Dan] Yeah – So there's some don't like it, but these guys always come out with a program or something – I almost think, let's say if, this is my own personal preference, my perspective is I think people know how difficult YouTube is – Yeah

– They know that you cannot just spend money, and buy those engagements and views, you know what I mean? – Yeah, yeah – So when anyone that you meet someone, an influencer, who has a 100,000, half a million, a million subscribers on YouTube, – Yeah – You're like, man, respect, because people know, man that is tough – That's what I'm saying – [Dan] Right? Facebook you can spend money, you can get there

– You can spend money, but it's also the fans are just not as engaged, right? – [Dan] No – A YouTube subscriber is worth more than a Facebook fan, an Instagram fan, or whatever they call it – [Dan] Yeah – My marketing agency, we won't take on an influencer to work with and stuff because we do 50/50 splits with them – [Dan] Yeah – Unless they have at least 100,000 subscribers, and we've just seen it, the fans don't care, they don't make as much money

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Right? They don't make as much money – Because they haven't consumed as much content I always have a rule of the Law of Consumption, right? Meaning for every $1,000 you want people to spend with you, they need to consume at least one hour of your content – Ah

– That's the way I see it So it doesn't matter if it's one hour, or if it's like five minutes here, and six minutes there So if you think of it from that general rule of thumb, if I watch it on Facebook, watch it on Instagram, I've watched eight minutes of your content – Yeah – It's far from hitting an hour, right? – Well if that holds true, it's very powerful

I think you can do this on YouTube too, actually – [Dan] Right? – But Facebook, you can target people Let's say this video's on, you can target people who have watched an hour of a video – Yes, yes – So that sounds like it would be a very effective strategy

– Yes, because you think about the people who would spend, let's say, tens of thousands of dollars with you, I bet most of them – Yeah – They didn't just watch a five minute thing – Fuck no – They have watched hours, – Yeah – And hours of your content, right? – And most of them they bought something cheaper before they went and bought the other thing – [Dan] There you go

– Hence the strip club analogy – So that's the way I believe the consumption theory, where you want your potential clients, prospects, to consume your content, and maybe you bring them into Facebook, and maybe then you give them more YouTube content – Yeah – To build that trust, but I think you need to consider that Law of Consumption – Yeah, that's real, man For example, before I met you, I would see you always on different events, you know, we're in the same circle

– Yeah – And then some of my friends, Jeremy, the guy who does some Facebook stuff with you, Vince Del Monte, and Jason Capital, he spoke really highly of you, and I started listening to your podcast too a little bit, and then I was like yeah, okay All right, all right, but yeah, now when I think about it, where you want to start, and then watch the YouTube – The YouTube videos – And then I was like, oh, and that's when I was like, oh, I felt with this guy

– Yeah – Like all those endorsements are good So I can see my own – Path – Even though I'm not a customer, right? Not a traditional kind of customer – Yeah

– But the customer journey was like that – Yeah, yeah, yeah – I see that now Somebody says, hey this guy, and then they check out some stuff, and then they start, oh, okay – So it's the consumption theory, right? So then to me if you don't have a lot of content on YouTube, for example, for people to consume, how are they gonna build that trust

If let's say I have five million fans on Facebook, that's cool, but I have only two YouTube videos You know what I mean? You know? So I think, I believe people now bounce back and forth between them, right? – They do – So they might see you on Facebook, they see you on LinkedIn, by the time they type in your name and go to YouTube Okay, you only have like 500 subscribers – Yeah, it's social proof

– It's social proof – It's nothing else, nothing else – It doesn't mean you're no good, but from their perspective is human psychology, right? If I've never heard of you, you cannot be good – [Brandon] Yeah – But if I see you have a lot of social proof, social following, you must be good

– Yeah, yeah – Because a lot of people say you're good – Yeah, that's why we read reviews on Amazon – Yeah, it's the same idea – You right about that thing, you can't really fake YouTube, you know? – No

– You're not smarter than Eric Schmidt and them boys, man – And look, now in the fitness industry, which you have more YouTubers, – Yeah – But you talk about in the business category, – Yeah – You think about anyone who has a substantial YouTube channel – In business

– In business, you can count them with one hand – Oh yeah, because they're all outside of it – You can probably count them with one hand – Well aside from you, maybe Ty, Andy Frisella, everyone else is boring as fuck, right? Gary V, Gary V – [Dan] Gary V

– Entertaining – Grant – Oh yeah, definitely Grant – Yeah, right So, but you're talking about four or five top, top influencers, that's about it

– Yeah – So then in my mind, at least this is my perspective, why I spend time and effort to go on the channel that I know if I can hit that one million subscribers, two million subscribers, you're the top three in the world – Your consumptiontheory is spot on when I think about it, right? Because I always thought that a YouTube customer's more valuable, right? And it makes sense as why, because they spend more time with you – More time – They spend more time with you

– That's more intimate They know your stories It's a relationship, right? They invest, the more they invest time consuming content, the more you build the relationship, and it also makes them better clients – Yeah – It makes them better customers

– All my employees, they intern with me for 90 day first, right? – [Dan] Yeah – And they all came from YouTube – Yeah, they were all YouTubers – I mean, they probably followed me on this stuff, but they referenced YouTube, right? Not Facebook and stuff – I'll give you one tip before we go, this is interesting because why, when I made the decision, you've been doing YouTube way longer than I have, I'm been doing YouTube probably two and a half years

– [Brandon] Yeah, you're crushing it, though – Thank you, and I've written 13 books, I've done hundreds of speaking engagements – Yeah – I've done a lot of up close interviews, and podcasts, I haven't had anyone walk up to me, and say, hey man, I read your blog post, or I even listen to your podcast – Yeah

– T never has happened I've read your book not even, but I've had so many incidents, this is before my channel blew up where they walk up to me and they say, hey Dan, I watch your video – Wow – And I had that happen to me like a couple times in a day – Yeah

– I've had people, I was eating a restaurant, people walked up to me, and they said, Dan, I watched your video Can I buy you this dinner? Like that kind of thing, and that clicked for me – Yeah, it makes sense – That's when I had about maybe tens of thousands of subscribers, not even 100,000 In my mind I thought, what if I have that times 100

What would that look like? That's why I do the video That's influence – It's real It's always YouTube for me, almost It's starting become people recognize me from Facebook, which is weird

It's even weird to hear it come out of their mouth – Yeah, I watch your Facebook – Okay, the size, maybe the size for some of them, but now it's starting on Instagram too Oh, I know you from Instagram Like, that's strange

So maybe the other platforms are becoming better, but I don't think it's fucking close, though – It's not even close – It's not close You're definitely right, and I think it has to do, yeah, that consumption theory – It's the consumption, yeah

– It's very good insight – So you want to have a lot of videos for them, that's why I do a daily video We have now close to almost 1,000 videos now It's a lot – Yo, yo, so I think volume on YouTube, like that's one route

I know somebody else who, my boy, Connor Murphy, we do all his business stuff, he has like 20 videos – [Dan] Yes but they all went viral – So if you're not gonna go like viral, right? He's one of the best to ever to do YouTube, right? – Right, right, right – I think In fitness YouTube, statistically, there's no one who's been better than him

If you're not like that, and I think volume is a really good, it's rare to find someone with 500 – That's like hitting a home run – Right? – Yeah, yeah Like I would much prefer, I may not hit a home run, but I'm just gonna keep hitting singles – Keep hit singles, man

– Keep hitting singles – You can hit a single every day – Yeah – But can you swing for the fence every time, can you get Hail Mary every play, nah man, maybe you just get some yards, you know? And then those videos, man, all those videos, even if it doesn't do well, it's still gonna get some engagement forever – Forever, yeah, and then it might take off suddenly a year later, you don't know, but that happens too

– Anyone who wants to start a YouTube page, channel, whatever it's call now, did you noticed this? I feel like at 100 videos, that's when you start to notice the momentum – 100% (they laugh) So I noticed two trends – Yeah – It's your first 10K subscribers, – Yeah

– This is the most difficult – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Zero to 10K, and then your first 100 videos – Yeah – This is my speculation, I'm just guessing, thinking about how YouTube will think is when you have crossed 100 videos, I think YouTube is like okay, you're serious

Like from my perspective, if I'm there I'm like you're a serious content creator Maybe I'm gonna give you a little bit more love You're not some fly by night, you're not trying to make a few videos You're pretty consistent, and I think part of my growth is when I can demonstrate that I'm a good, solid, – I think they like consistency – Consistency, I'm prolific, that I haven't missed a single day, then they can see, people are liking it, they engagement more

It's this snowball effect – [Brandon] Yeah – And then you're like, okay, let me give you some more YouTube love That's just my theory – I never thought about it like that

I thought that it was just like, because when I make a video, I really do try to think about what if no one knew me before and they see this video – Yeah – Right? So I think of it as like a tentacle it can reach out and grab some people – Yes, if they see this one thing – Right? So once you have 100 of these tentacles grabbing people forever

– [Dan] Yeah – The momentum of that – [Dan] Yeah – That's how I thought about it, but it may be that too Well it's definitely what I'm saying as well, but it may be that as well, because it's definitely the more tentacles you have, you know what I'm say? – And I think, from my perspective, in terms of business – [Brandon] Yeah

– Because products and services, they're all commodities, – [Brandon] Yeah – Meaning if you're selling supplements, how many supplements are there out there they can choose from? – Yeah – If you're selling coaching services, how many services people can choose from? Anything that you sell, unless you're something super proprietary, but chances are 99% of people you're watching this, whatever you're selling, somebody else out there is selling something similar – Yeah, you're not the fuckin' Wright Brothers – Yeah, you know

(Brandon laughs) Right? – Yeah – So it's not that you have an invention So then to me, and this is profound, you are not selling products and services, for most people you're selling trust If you're selling trust, think about it, listen to me, if you're selling trust, if you think of someone's channel, put aside the social media followings, if you have been in business longer, that more trust If you're more consistent, if you only have 35 videos, or even trying to do this up and downs, you release whenever you feel like it, it's less trust, less trustworthy, but if I see you have been consistent in terms of content producing, chances are, as a consumer, you're probably pretty consistent in your fulfillment and delivery, too

– Like subconsciously they think that – Yeah, because I can see you, like you said, you're making small promises, you're delivering a video every single day for two years, you've been around, and you deliver good value, and I can see your improvement, then chances are, whatever product you're selling, I would believe that's the same, because that's how you operate That's how I see it, right? And then I think that's why Gary V gets so much respect from people – Daily vlog, yeah – It's daily, and you can see he's running around, he's doing a lot of different things, – Doing shit too, yeah

– But no matter how busy he is as a social media influencer, he is prolific, and he is fucking consistent You know he's always, always putting stuff out there, and that earns respect – Yeah – Because you can see he's not doing it for one year, not two years, not three years He's doing it for many, many years Now that's respect

– Yeah, yeah – That is a lot of respect, the way I see it – That's deep No, that's deep I didn't think about it like that

– So versus if I want my supplement, I want to buy from a guy who has his YouTube channel for a year and a half, has five videos, or do I wanna buy from someone who has, maybe same followers, maybe same followers, but he has 500 videos? They're good – Different topics – Different topics – Yeah, like he's an expert – Adding value

– He's demonstrating he's an expert, yeah – He's prolific, and he's consistent You know what? I'll buy from this person – Yeah, yeah, yeah – That's the way that I see it

– If nothing else, that person's demonstrated a level of expertise – Expertise – Yeah, yeah – He has enough things to say to create 500 videos – Yeah, you can't bullshit 500 videos

– In my mind, I can tell you my number, Brandon, is 10,000 videos – Ah – I'm not think 100 When I hit 100, oh you have 100 videos, my mind is 10,000 videos because 10,000 videos living in the cyberspace? Just think about that – Now do you have a criteria for videos? Because my favorite videos of yours is only 1:30, (Dan laughs) but I've had no luck with those short videos, and I've tried it for a little while

Is there a criteria for how long or short? – Yeah, we are testing every time, yeah – Yeah – Every kind, and that's why the video that you see that day is very different some six months ago – Yeah, yeah – That's my business philosophy, where I'm always thinking that my primary driving question is how can I make it better? So you will not see me doing the same thing

– Yeah – I'm testing, pushing, coming up with ideas all the time That's just the way I run my business So you will not see me, that's why I'm on the cutting edge I'm testing things, I'm running things, I'm always experimenting

This is just testing more, a collaboration, this is a collaboration I'm testing something maybe a little bit more entertaining, I'm testing something maybe a little bit more skip based – I see, I see – Yeah – Gotta show a Louis Vuitton video, and unboxing shit, yeah

Lifestyling – I'm testing – And I can see some of that stuff Oh, he's got a Louis Vuitton, he's showing his lifestyle – Lifestyling, kind of

– Yeah, yeah, yeah – So I'm testing all the time So here's the way I see it, whatever I've built so far is yesterday doesn't mean shit That's the way I see it – Yeah

– It doesn't mean today I've got 300,000 some odd followers, I don't care if I have millions of followers, I don't care if it's Instagram, it doesn't matter What I've built, that's the past I look at what's next – So are you flipping to say your goal is, if you wanted a million, I heard you say that earlier, you think 10,000 videos get you a million? – I don't think about that, I'm just saying in my content creation, my mind is not set, oh I'm gonna make x amount My mind is set in I'm gonna have 10,000 videos

– The reason why I ask, and I think that's a better goal for someone to have than focus on subscribing, because you can't control subscribers as much as you can control your own effort – Effort, effort – Yeah – But the way I see it is I don't want to, it's not being competitive, okay? But I don't want to win by a little in my business I don't want to have, like my competitor's here, and I'm here

I want to do it in a way that when people look at my stuff, they're just like, I give up I don't even want to compete – I don't want to compete with this guy – How the fuck do I compete? – Yeah, right there, yeah – When people look at it, you've got fucking 10,000 videos? You've got 10 million sbuscribers? You've got this? How the fuck am I donna compete with that? I want that

– [Brandon] Yeah, yeah – It's like Michael Jordan You play basketball with Michael Jordan, don't fucking even bother, I don't wanna play – Yeah, yeah – I don't even want them to think I'm going to try

Don't even bother to fucking tryin – I posted something like that on my Instagram the other day, because there's a lot of guys who I can tell some of the stuff that they're doing is the same You know, they think they're competing with me – Yeah – And it's like, no

– No – Dumbass – No – Like the shit you see me doing is like a step My goals are so much bigger than yours

I'm competing with Cornelius Vanderbilt, you know what I'm saying? Or I'm competing with John Rockefeller, you know what I'm saying? You know, with Conrad Hilton, I'm thinking like that, right? So you seeing me doing this now,, you're not competing with me Even if you beat me to that point – Growing – Yeah – But people sometimes on social media, unfortunately the idiots, they judge you by watching one video

– One thing, yeah – One video, oh, this is what you're about I don't think this is fucking right – Yeah – These guys are fucking losers, right? – You have no fucking clue

You have no fucking clue – I have a saying How would a frog in a well conceive the vastness of the ocean? – Yeah – I think I'll leave it at that (Brandon laughs) Make sure you subscribe to Brandon's channel

Click the link below, and check out his social media as well – Thank you, man – Thank you – Appreciate it

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