Facebook Ads: perché il CPC non è una metrica da tenere in considerazione

hello I'm Fabio Faccin, expert in Pay Per Click campaigns and today I would like to talk about the because CPC is not a metric to be considered but first of all, I like the page if you're watching the video on facebook or subscribe to the YouTube channel if you are watching the video on YouTube Today I wanted to talk about why CPC is not a metric to be considered let's see an example of this campaign, there are two groups of selections and if we went to analyze the CPC then the cost per click we will see that this desertion group has a higher CPC than this 62 cents against 49 if we went to analyze only the CPC of course this first group of insertions would have to be paused though the error and do not evaluate the CTR that is the click rate on the link that denotes the real interest of the public towards our contents because the CPC therefore cost for click also depends on the cost per reach that specific audience then from the CPM, and then it depends on both this CPM and the rate of clicks on the link from the interest of this public, cost to reach the divided audience the interest of this audience gives me the CPC in this case indeed I see that the CTR of the first group which has a higher cost per click is higher than the second group so this group is more interested in this second group The CPC is higher only because the CPM, so the cost to reach this particular audience is higher practically double so it's important to note that to go to find the winner then a group of ads to keep and to As a result the ad group to pause is also important to go to analyze the return on each click then the conversions of this group of insertions that value have in proportion to the expense I had for get those clicks if you also have a CPC of 2 euros but these clicks are so much of value so this audience is more than value and brings me more conversions later obviously I will have to keep this group and pause the other so my advice is to analyze first of all if we do not have enough conversions the CTR and not the CPC

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