Email Marketing Tips: Transactional vs Marketing Emails

Hi I'm Dave I head up Customer Success for Mailjet in the US

The difference between marketing emails and transactional emails is pretty simple marketing emails are digests, they're newsletters they're messages that are one-to-many The best time to send marketing emails is when you're trying to send a similar message to everybody on your contact list maybe you're making an announcement about a sale or you want to let everyone know about the news of the day whatever your use case or your vertical lots of companies use marketing emails to communicate a broad message to lots of users at once transactional emails are usually triggered by a user's action or a preference that they have think of a billing receipt or forgot password a transactional email should be used when you're sending a very targeted message to a very specific person who's just taken an action on your website or done something on their end that should trigger a message with some information that they need or a confirmation of an action that they took traditionally we've seen those transactional emails really being owned by the development team, teams who code plain text emails or use HTML to build a simple triggered email that sends out from the back of a website In the past marketers haven't really had that much input into what those emails look like now we're seeing more forward-thinking companies use software like Mailjet, they use our live collaboration tools to allow those developers and the marketing and design teams to work together seamlessly on a single email template The biggest impact of having your developers and marketers collaborating on email is that those transactional emails that used to be plain text and pretty boring can now be on brand responsive across email clients and devices and have some really great you know marketing and sales language in there to get your users to buy more products or convert however you need them to it's getting louder yeah of course NYC Baby!

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