Effectively Using Paid Advertising (PPC) and SEO | Getting the Most Out of Your Advertising

– All right, I've done a couple videos before on paid advertising, SEO, and some other marketing services, and I'll have more for you But with this video, I wanted to specifically address the point on combining marketing services, specifically combining paid advertising and SEO

Check it out (jazzy hip hop music) Here's the thing to think with SEO has a certain purpose That is to get you ranked higher in the search engine so that over time, you get found more and more and more, or you get more people who come to your website And that's important, because with billions of websites out there, people cannot find you easily, so the search engine exists

They can't find you unless they know who you are exactly and type in your website address So, SEO has a purpose It's a longer-term strategy It's something that you're doing Even in 2018, it's very relevant

But what you're doing is trying to show up where people are searching for you It's not your entire marketing strategy, so if people are like, you know, SEO's the only thing, well, that's not true There's the other side of it, and this is why I like to mix the two services together You have SEO and paid advertising as two different strategies with two different purposes So on the paid advertising side of things, what you're trying to do is drive people to a page to either fill out a contact form, right, call your phone number, or buy something

I mean, that's really what you're trying to do You're trying to get some form of contact from these people on a paid advertising campaign So, here's what we recommend We recommend that you actually do both We recommend you do a lot of other things too, but as a starting point, you can do both

If you only do SEO, you're not going to get immediate results necessarily on anything like, you know, on things right now that are going to heavily impact the people reaching in However, if you just do the paid advertising, then you're entirely dependent upon that one platform or a couple platforms where you're advertising, and also, it's a bidding concept When other people figure out what you're doing and target the same people with the same kind of thing, your price is probably gonna go up So you do a mixture of several different things And this video's specifically on using paid advertising and SEO together, and how that can be effective

So, when you're doing the SEO, a good SEO company would be writing articles called blogs for your site so that you build up content, you build up pages on your site, which is one of the things that Google looks at, but also, it provides value to the people who land on your site When it's done right, those people can find the articles in the search engine, but also, when they come to your site, they can find you, click on your blog, and see that you have an active blog I'll tell you, if you come to two different websites and one has a blog that hasn't been updated in two years and one has a blog that's updated, like, multiple times a week or at least every week, which one are you gonna think is more legitimate? Which one do you think you would wanna do business with? The guy who has his site updated all the time So it's one way that people can see you're real It can establish you as an authority, and SEO can help

If it's done right, if you're actually creating real content, it can help improve your existing sales process, which means however you're getting people right now, however you reach out to people, whether you're networking or referrals or, or other advertising, people will Google your business They're going to search your business They will So what you do is you do a combination of both You take SEO and paid advertising, which gives you a beautiful combination

You have the SEO helping long-term build value in the eyes of search engines, but also the people who land on your site And you combine that with the paid advertising, which helps you get the immediate leads coming in, phone calls being done, or people buying things from your site And so when you combine the two together, that's highly recommended It's far more effective than just doing one or the other If you can't do both, okay, start with one or the other, but the reality is, it's gonna be far more effective to be doing both paid advertising and SEO

There are a number of other services you can combine together, and I'll create some more videos to explain that Go ahead and comment below if you guys have any questions on how you can actually create that effective marketing for your business You know, I wanted to provide this information to kind of demystify things and help out So, go ahead and comment, like, and share, and I'll see you guys tomorrow (upbeat hip hip music)

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