Do You Need a Business License to do Social Media Marketing?

hey hey how you doing out there hope you have had an amazing day today it's at the end of the night for me and you know what I committed to myself and my commitment was 30 day challenge 30 days I'm trying to offer the best value I can to people who are looking to grow their business using social media and you know what after three and a half hours in racquetball practice I'm a racquetball coach – forty kids elementary school middle school and high school and you know three and a half hours of practicing not granting it off 14 obviously were there but three and a half hours of practice I'm feeling it but the show must go on and I'm gonna push through it and I'm still excited to be here to be completely honest with you my voice is probably a little gone but it is what it is so we're just enjoying it today today I get this question and I wanted to share with you do you need a business license to do social media marketing no you do not social media marketing is basically using the internet and social media platforms okay so you need an internet access that's part of internet marketing but you're actually focused on social media platforms to get your content out there so that social media marketing but do you need a business license no you don't need a business license now let me share with you how with the process that I went through when I became a social media marketing coach probably going on three years now I didn't have a business license I was I was helping businesses with their social media okay I should have had a business license at that time an LLC some way to protect me but I did not do that over time I started picking up more clients and my bookkeeper was like Manny you need to get an LLC you need to protect yourself you're taking on more clients if you're taking on clients period protect yourself so I didn't do it right away I it was actually so I started coaching in 2000 I want to say about so maybe going on I don't hear I can't think right now but when I started it was just as a social media marketing coach and actually two years I've been a social media marketing coach for two years and I just started our social media marketing agency so I was just a coach I was going to clients office place of business and coaching them how to use social media marketing for their business and holding them accountable to getting it done and showing them hey this is the plan this is where we're headed so you know what it is that we're doing where we're going over time I started realizing that some people do not have time to do a lot of it and they were willing to pay for extra help for more help so what we did was we created a social media marketing agency now then right away I got an LLC because I knew I was gonna take on a lot more than just coaching so now we actually have hired our second social media marketing coach and we're doing a lot more in-house marketing so taking on a lot of those responsibilities it was a no-brainer to have an LLC to have a business license so if you're looking to start social media marketing for your business just so you can learn no you do not need a business license if you are going to be offering doing Facebook marketing for other people maybe Facebook Ads maybe doing an assortment of social media stuff yes you should have a business license you should be protected protect yourself now if you're thinking about starting a social media marketing agency there's no better time there's just no better time it is one of the fastest growing trending industries right now social media marketing agency you know why because there's a huge need for it and I'll give you an example I work I Network quite a bit with other professionals and it is true a lot of them do not know how to use social media for their business and they need guidance they know they should be on social media they just don't know you know they'll they'll be faced with something where they say oh I did Facebook ads it doesn't work and it's like well what are you just trying to get people to your business or you actually focused on offering value and getting it in front of a lot of people you see there's a lot of social media marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business there's not just one way and there's no quick quick way everything requires some testing to even see what may work what may not work what changes have to be done so nothing is done really really fast sure you can start generating leads right away but there's a process that you have to go through to build the relationship before they're gonna buy because at the end of the day who are they buying from are they buying from your company are they buying from you right so you want to keep that in mind because they're buying from you you have to create the know like and trust factor on social media so those are really really key to marketing what I will tell you though is my recommendation focus on branding you you see a Manny Rodriguez I'm always going to be Manny Rodriguez even if I stop being on social media marketing coach I'm still Manny right Regas create that as your brand sure you could be I'm Manny Rodriguez with Catman marketing you could be you know Joe amazing awesomeness with such-and-such amazing company right that's no problem but who are they getting the know like and trust you who are they going to buy from you focus on branding you that's the key that's what I'm really trying to hit on here when it comes to social media marketing focus on branding you and offering valuable content that attracts people to you you have to know what people what struggles people have what problems they have in your industry in your industry you have to be familiar with all of this it puts you in a much better position to help other people so keep that in mind as you're focused on it so again do you need a business license for social media marketing no not at all takes you taking action and learning if you don't want to go through that curve just hire a social media marketing coach hire a company get it done for yourself because there are some great strategies that can help you grow your business and it won't run you an arm and a leg on how to get likes for your page on how to get engagement for your page on how to convert it to sales through your pages whether it's Twitter YouTube YouTube YouTube is there so you can get found people are searching stuff you want that your stuff gets found when they search that Facebook is more a media people go to Facebook to be entertained to share to connect they don't go there to be sold they're not typing and stuff to find answers solutions to their problems you have to keep that in mind when you're using Facebook are using Twitter Twitter is more like what is going on right now but there's some great strategies to tie in your YouTube channel with Twitter as you get followers you get viewers it's great there are so many different platforms out there which ones do you even start with start with the one you want to master first it doesn't matter what I recommend what are you comfortable with what do you comfort are you comfortable and Instagram do you want to show visuals great are you comfortable on Facebook you want to promote your business you want to get you work on building that audience they're great YouTube great which one focus on it so you have a good understanding out of it getting leads now one thing I do recommend is that you do because you're going to do videos on Facebook I highly recommend you do videos on Facebook and since you're going to do videos on Facebook you might as well have a youtube channel right so that when you do your Facebook videos you can easily upload it right so again do you need a business license to do social media marketing know if you're taking on clients if you're charging them then yes have a business license protect yourself if you're just going in for yourself educate yourself do it learn it move forward with it I'm coach Manny with Catman marketing where we're always focused on helping you grow your business using social media and I look forward to serving you again so be sure to subscribe to this channel because I'm always trying to keep you updated on what's going on out there in the social media marketing realm it doesn't matter what you're in affiliate marketing we will we have or we'll have content for social media marketing we have content for network marketers we have content for you if you're looking to grow your business and learn how to get leads we have content for you just be sure to subscribe and hey do me a favor while you're at it leave a comment below let me know what you think about this let me know what you think are you looking to start a social media marketing agency and you have some questions I'm glad to help glad to help it has been great for us no exaggeration it's been life-changing to be completely honest with you so if you're looking to grow your business or even start a social media market agency and looking for some some guidance some advice leave a comment below and comment social media marketing agency I don't know exactly what you're talking about or send me an email at mani m8 and NY at Catman marketing

com I look forward to serving you again and I hope you have a great night peace

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