Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 197

Adam: Hey! There we go I got a little scared there that I thought we weren't gonna go live

But we are alive It is Hump Day Hangouts and it is Episode 197 Getting closer Getting closer Before we dive into things today, we got a few really good announcements we want to get to and share with you, guys, but let's go down the line up and say hello to everybody

Chris, how are you doing today? Chris: Doing good Good to be back in Austria Off the screen Getting some roots in again and breaking outs Yeah, exciting week here, especially for Semantic Mastery

Adam: Yeah Chris shared some really good information that came to light I'm not going to show you exactly how because I don't want to disclose people's names But Chris wrote for the MasterMIND newsletter a few months ago about the use of routines and traveling and how important that is I liked it at the time and then I recently recommended that to a friend also who was having some real issues for their job, they travel a lot

It came up that they had that time where they keep coming back from traveling and it was really messing up their schedule, bringing down their productivity and actually screwing up their projects Adam: Anyways, Chris, a little public shout out to you, that you're helping people Chris: Sweet Good to hear Adam: Awesome

Hernan, how are you doing, man? Hernan: Hey guys! Hey everybody! It's really, really good to be here We have some really good stuff coming up, so I'm excited I'm pumped Adam: Hernan has never helped anyone, so we're just gonna skip over him Hernan: Well, you can just skip me over

Well, actually maybe there's stuff that we shared with the Search Engine Marketing Success Summit, could potentially help a couple of people so we can talk about that Adam: Nice What's that going to be about? That's still coming up, right? Hernan: Yeah That's coming up in late August I've been interviewed on behalf of Semantic Mastery

We talked about syndication There's some big names someday on that, Rand Fishkin, and some other really big names So it's exciting to see I think the event is free, so we're gonna be potentially having the link over here But it's good to see we're getting out there

Semantic Mastery's getting out there I'm playing with the big boys Adam: Good deal Awesome Marco, how about yourself? How are you doing, man? Marco: Well, from what you guys saw this morning, the boatload of emails, we're working hard on MGYB

We're trying to get it ready We're trying to get it to work like clockwork so people don't have problems, less support, less issues Just we want everything to run smoothly for people who are used to the kind of service that Semantic Mastery provides So that's what we've been doing now Marco: I'm really excited about Make Google Your Bitch! That's our marketplace, guys

We're gonna offer about a one-stop solution where you can get everything Anything and everything that you need to choke Google, you can get it at mgybco So stay on the lookout, we'll be sending emails as soon as everything is ready It's almost there

Marco: I mean, I could go on and on because the Done-For-You autoposting service, that's ready We have actually three VAs ready to go I can't say that, but we can help you with your Oh, shit We can help you with your pin If you're having trouble getting pins for your business, we can help just about any way you want Right? So reach out Adam: Nice

[Crosstalk 00:03:47] Marco, I'm just curious, what's your favorite offering right now as far as the Done-For-You solution? Marco: As far as Done-For-You, it's just being able to give people a business wherever they want, because it was nearly impossible before Now there's still some impossible niches and some that we can't do But right now, we can help you, if you wanna do affiliate or whatever it is that you wanna do and that you're having trouble, we can bypass everything and just get you where you want I think that's fabulous Adam: Yeah

That's awesome Just so it's clear to everyone, so, Marco, you're talking about, not only for someone's client, if they need to get GMB verified, but if you wanna maybe do some lead gen, something like that, right? Marco: Yeah Whatever, lead gen, whatever it is that you wanna do, you can just come to us We do everything You just provide some basic information, and then we go and we do everything

We turn it over to you and then you're free to do whatever it is that you wanna do Hopefully, you have Local GMB Pro so you know exactly how to just take over the niche and just get tons and tons of leads So, it's beautiful, it just works hand in hand with everything that we're doing and also with what Bradley's Local PR Pro So, everything just goes hand in hand Marco: We try to make it so that anyone, I mean, whether you know absolutely nothing about SEO or you're the expert SEO, you can just go in and just kill it

I think that nobody, nobody right now is offering what we're offering Marco: Not only that, we feel so good about the service we provide that we're offering a 60-day money back guarantee I'd like to see anybody match that So that means that if anything happens to your listing, for whatever reason, we don't care, within 60 days, we'll replace it once If it happens again, if it gets removed for whatever reason, we'll just give you money back

I mean, come on, come on, how good is that? Adam: Yeah That's freakin' awesome Yeah If you guys haven't checked it out yet, I put the link on the page You can go, again if you wanna go ahead and sign up

Like we said, we're still getting things in order, but you can register your free account and check out the services that are available right now, and then there's gonna be a lot more coming Adam: Well, we mentioned Bradley's Local PR Pro, so let's actually talk to Bradley How are you doing, man? Bradley: Hey guys I'm happy to be here We don't have a lot of questions because apparently our page wasn't redirected properly or something

So I've got some stuff I kind of wanna show off, if we have time But I'm good I'm happy to be here Adam: Well, let's just roll into it, flex your muscles, show off a little bit Bradley: Well, okay

So I got a couple things I'm working on One is another case study that I'm starting for Local GMB Pro You have been working on a cab service, a taxi service in there for a while, but I've kind of, it's funny, I just posted in the Facebook group yesterday, I think it was yesterday, maybe as a couple days ago Anyways, the taxi service I've been completely neglecting I haven't had time to work, like fool around and tinker with the GMB stuff recently because I've been working on the prospecting and sales side of it, developing a prospecting method for selling Local GMB services to clients

Bradley: Because we've had a lot of requests for that inside a Local GMB Pro, so I'm working on the cold outreach emails, as well as the lead nurturing emails, landing pages via sales, that kind of stuff, so that we can kind of help set the GMB Pro members up with their own prospecting funnel and system We're working, we're actually trying to prove it now too because, not only am I developing it, but we're testing it Bradley: So anyways, I've been working on the GMB Pro stuff, excuse me, the prospecting stuff so I haven't done much as far as tinkering with the process and actually doing the GMB Pro services and methods and things like that I'd leave that to Marco and Rob mainly to do the testing Bradley: However, I wanted to set up a new

I've neglected the taxi service one for several weeks now while I've been working on this It was funny because I just posted in the group a couple days ago that, like SEO, we talked about GMB Pro method is not It's going to It helps to generate leads and exposure for the business, traffic without traditional SEO

And that's absolutely true Bradley: The rank trackers may show no improvement, yet the business will get more and more traffic and more calls, more exposure, more leads Right? Period Whether it's clicks to website, phone calls, contact form submissions, text message, clicks for directions if it's a storefront, so driving directions, any one of those, you'll see a significant increase in activity or engagement from doing the Local GMB Pro methods Right? That's just a lot of activity in the GMB Pro dashboard

Bradley: So even though we talked about being able to generate results for businesses regardless of what the SEO rank trackers show, we've said many times, and even in the course, we said, "Look, if you know SEO, you can apply SEO methods to it and get even better results, but it's not necessary because it will still generate results" Bradley: Again, regardless of what the rank trackers say, because it's so much different This is really affecting the mobile algorithm and people that are in close proximity that have in market, search history, that type of stuff So you'll get exposure for the businesses regardless of whether it's showing in rank trackers Bradley: Well, Mario's Cab Service, the taxi service that I've had set up, that I've neglected, well, now it's ranking for tiny or short tail phrases without local modifiers

It's ranking number one for multiple phrases It's crazy Bradley: Again, that's cool for us, as SEOs that typically rely on rank trackers to see what kind of progress we've made Even though I can still quantify the progress with GMB Insights, it's still nice, as an SEO Old habits die hard

It's still nice to see the rank trackers now showing significant improvements in rankings Bradley: Especially for short tail phrases, that in my six years of doing local SEO, well, as an agency, in eight years, I've been doing local SEO and lead generation, I always targeted phrases plus local modifier, it was very rare that I ever went after just a search query without a local modifier And now we're able to start getting results in ranking, in the maps pack for just like a single phrase terms Bradley: This guy, the cab service is getting exposure and clicks from taxi and cab That's it

One single word Two years ago, I would have never even attempted to rank for something like that It would have always been taxi service plus a city, or city plus taxi You guys get what I'm saying Bradley: Anyways, I just wanted to point out how effective it is

It's really crazy Then, I started in another case studies for a handyman It's located in Tennessee and I'm gonna be building that out I'm actually just started building the assets for that this week I'm gonna be updating some content as I start getting some results for that

Bradley: But the reason why I'm pointing that out is, for those of you that aren't in Local GMB Pro yet, get into it It's absolutely fabulous It works like crazy Those of you that are in Local GMB Pro, I'm gonna be adding a second case study It's not gonna be probably as in-depth as what I've done for Mario's, but I'm definitely gonna be adding some in there

It's right at my own It's a handyman, so it's a contractor So that's much more my speed Bradley: The reason why I started telling you this, guys, I'm just gonna grab the screen real quick, and then I've got something else I wanna share too, if we've got time If we don't, then I'll just keep moving

This is Google Adwords keyword– or excuse me, the ad preview and diagnosis tool I'm not running ads for this business, but I was just using this to show you guys, if you can take a look Bradley: I've just registered this GMB on Sunday of this week Searching a single keyword phrase, look at that guys, "handyman in Arlington, Tennessee" I've got it set up for mobile and he's ranked number two

Jimmy Lanes Handyman Services That's the company So that's fabulous, right? So that's handyman, which is one singular phrase, and this just happened in less than five days, or less than four days It's only been four days since I verified the GMB Bradley: Let's click again and we'll check "handyman service

" Look at that, number one Look at that It's freakin' crazy, guys The guy doesn't have a website or anything His website is this now: jlhmservices

businesssite That's a Google site, guys, from Google My Business So I added some content to it I haven't done anything else at all

Nothing You can see already were ranked in, which is crazy Bradley: The reason I knew this is, I wasn't expecting this, I wasn't even actually looking for this because I haven't done anything else yet I haven't optimized this GMB listing or anything All I did was register it and put content on the GMB website

That's all that's been done and you can see it's already ranking There's two primary keywords: handyman and handyman service Now there's a rack of other keywords that we're gonna be optimizing for as well, but that's really good I just wanted to kind of point that out Bradley: I've mentioned this before, I'd done the same thing with a tree service site recently

I registered it, and within an hour, it was, boom, number one for the two primary keywords in the 3-pack That's absolutely insane, guys Bradley: So this stuff works If you're not excited yet, get excited So that's what I wanted to share about that

There was something else I was going to share and I can't remember what it was now Bradley: Do we have time? Have you guys looked at the Adam: Yeah

We got a few questions, but, yeah, let's go ahead and keep rolling and then into questions Bradley: I got one more I wanna roll out to you guys, something that I've just started experimenting with I haven't even had a chance yet to see Let's see if, I guess, I'm gonna start another incognito window

All right You guys are seeing my full screen, right? Adam: We're seeing your desktop Bradley: Okay, good All right I want to show something else to you guys that I just started playing with

For example Oh, you know what? I wonder what Oh, I'm signed in and I'm on incognito window Let me sign out of that real quick I guess you can't open two instances of incognito windows without them being signed in That's crazy

All right Would you stop with this? Bradley: Okay Anyways, try again It's not showing it I'll be damned

Okay Well, it's not going to show it now But what I was trying to show was, let's see if we can find it for my company Okay So it's showing here

All right Bradley: So what I wanna show here guys is, when you see something that pops up for a brand search, and the reason why I was searching for my name just a minute ago is because I'm also considered an entity in Google semantic database Me, Bradley Benner, is also considered an entity I was talking to Marco or telling Marco about this the other day I'm testing some stuff, I'm not going to get into it, it's more Mastermind level stuff, that I'm gonna get in as far as what I'm testing but it involves this stuff

And this is really crazy Bradley: Several years ago when Google started to apply the semantics databases or semantic technology to their algorithm, their search engine, one of the things that they used is a semantic database as a resource for sourcing data It was Freebase, right? That's what it's called, Marco? Freebase, not Firebase, right? It was Freebase? Marco: Freebase Bradley: Okay So Freebase was one of the places

I learned this back in I think 2013 when I was at the Network Empire Certification event I was learning about from Kevin Pauly about semantic technology and how it applied to search One of the things that we had access to at the point, at that time was called Freebase

Bradley: It was a semantic database that you could literally go in and enter entities You could add entities, people, places, things, products, services, that kind of stuff It was heavily moderated, so it wasn't for spamming But if you could validate, if you could go in and enter data and it could be validated on the web, then the moderators would enter it into the semantic database Bradley: Well, I did this way back in 2013, now since then Freebase, yeah, Freebase has been bought out by Google and it's no longer available for us to add data to and things like that

I don't know if it's still in the background But there is a similar service called CrunchBase CrunchBase is, I don't know if Google owns that or not, probably, I don't think it does, but it is also something that gets sourced for semantics data So that's something that you guys could attempt to do this with as well Bradley: But what I wanted to show was when you do a brand search, if you see this kind of a box right here, this means it's a semantic entity in Google's database

Right? So you can see that it's showing: founder Bradley Benner If I open that link in a new tab, okay, so now it's showing, you can see the Bradley Benner is coming up as a semantic entity You guys see that? So, "Organization founded, Big Bamboo Marketing," which is known as a semantic entity Bradley: You see this little line of I know it's probably really small on your side, let me zoom in a little bit guys But right here where it says "Do you manage the online presence for Big Bamboo Marketing?" I've already claimed You have to go jump through some hoops I don't know if I still have an open house No, I probably don't I've already claimed and got verified for Bradley Bennett for my own personal brand Bradley: I just started testing this last week

Essentially what happens is when you click on this little button or this little link where it says "Do you manage the online presence for Big Bamboo Marketing?", you click that and that takes you to postsgooglecom This allows you to enhance your presence on Google and you can get verified, and then you can post directly to Google search Literally, you can create posts that instantly get published on Google search

It's not on a website It's not on a Blogger profile It's not on a G site It's not in GMB or Google My Business It's literally publishing direct to Google search results

Bradley: As long as you get verified, you can post out directly to Google search from that profile That can be a brand, a brand identity or it could be a personal entity, it could be either one To get verified, what it's gonna do is, well, first of all, you got to sign in to the Google account Bradley: I wish I had I should have taken screenshots of it, guys, when I was going through the process, because I've done it twice now I did it from my own brand last week ClickFunnels Thanks, ClickFunnels

I appreciate you interrupting me Okay Anyways, I did it for my own brand last week, which is why it doesn't have that line of code there or text under there that says do you you know manage this brand or whatever because I already claimed that Bradley: But essentially what it does, when you go through the claiming process, what it first tells you to do is Let's go back here It tells you to, well, sign in with the account that you want to claim it under I highly recommend if you have a G suite account, if it's for a brand, you use the same G suite account domain is attached to for that brand If it's for a personal brand, then obviously, sign in with your personal Gmail account first

Then, that's what you want to click, is that Bradley: Then what it does is, the first thing it asks you to do, and it asks you a question: Are you the brand? Are you trying to claim the brand or the profile in Google? Are you that person or a representative of that brand? Are you that brand–, I'm sorry, I said brand, but it says entity "Are you the entity?" So you first say yes or no "If it's no, are you a representative of the entity?" For my personal brand, I said, yes, I'm the entity for Big Bamboo Marketing No, I'm a representative of the entity

Bradley: Then if it's for in a company, then it asks you for documentation to prove that you have are authorized to represent that brand, or that entity, excuse me So you have to upload some corporate documents You have to define your title or your role at the business Then what it asks you to do is, come right here And you see the share button, guys

You get a special Google link for that If you copy that link, then you have to add that link into the form when you're trying to get verified Bradley: Then you have to go through and take in all of this You have to go into It says two to five profiles that show up for that search for, on the first page of that search query Bradley: In my case, I logged into Yelp

In fact, I think I still have all this open back here Oh, no, I already shut it down Anyways, I logged into Yelp, I logged into Manta, I logged into Alignable, I logged in the Facebook, and I logged into LinkedIn I've only attempted this twice, guys In both times I've done all five profiles

It gives you five different sections that what they want you to do is grab the URL of the link itself, which is a verified profile for that entity, according to Google Bradley: It tells you to copy the URL, then paste the URL Then be logged into it and show that you're logged in and have editing capability or editing rights for that profile And take a screenshot Bradley: So you paste the URL and then there's a button to upload a screenshot that shows that you have editing capabilities

You do this for two to five profiles that are listed on the search result page for that brand or that entity, excuse me Because remember, it could be a person, it could be a brand Bradley: Once you do that, then the last thing it asks you to do is to take a selfie holding an ID, a government issued ID So a passport, driver's license, something like that So that they can see that it's you and that you are indeed who you say you are

I just took a screenshot of, excuse me, a selfie with my phone holding up my driver's license and I submitted it I was able to get verified for Bradley Benner, But I just submitted all this stuff for Big Bamboo Marketing today Bradley: Now like I said, one of the things is, it will give you the ability, once you've been verified, to go in and actually post directly to Google and to control what shows up to a degree It allows you to control what shows in the knowledge panel Bradley: I just kind of wanted to point that out

This is something, in the MasterMIND, I'm going to be talking about, I'm testing some stuff with this right now that I'm gonna be sharing in the MasterMIND guys but I'm certainly not going to share that here on Hump Day Hangouts, but I did want to kind of point this out Bradley: For any of you guys that haven't haven't seen this yet, first of all, go register your businesses or the businesses that you manage in CrunchBase Give it some time because it's likely that within a few weeks, couple months, whatever, I don't know how quick Google is in recognizing entities, but you should start to see this entity panel show up, It's not a knowledge panel, right? It's an entity panel I don't know that that's the official name

That's what I'm calling it Bradley: But when you see that, that gives you the ability then to go in and claim that for the business or have the business owner do it You could even create that as a premium service But this gives you the ability to protect your brand Do this for your own company

Do this for your own entity, your own personal entity Right? Because that protects it and it gives you the ability to control what people are going to see direct from Google, to a degree, right? Bradley: Again, there's a lot of nasty stuff that I think we can do with this I'm just starting to test it now Again, I just would encourage you guys to go play around with that Okay

Adam: Nice [Crosstalk 00:24:02] Go ahead Marco: Yeah Freebase went into WikiData and that's even worse trying to get into Marco: Remember how we tried to get our stuff in there-? Bradley: Yeah

They always moderate it out, close the account Marco: Yeah They shut it down for spam Bradley: Yeah Anyways, guys, I just wanted to point that out

I thought it was really cool I just started, I think actually if I go right now to post It says get verified but I'm already verified

So I'm not sure how you access that Anyways, I'll play with this more and maybe I'll share with you guys a little bit more later I want to figure out a way to actually There's a way to post to it, but I'm not sure Maybe I'd just do a brand search while I'm logged into that account That might be it, actually That's not shown right now So I'm not sure

I why wonder if it has to be capitalized though That's what it did on the other one No I still got some more investigating to do But I've been playing with the guys and I'll let you know what I find

Bradley: All right So let's get into some questions, if you guys are cool with that Any other announcements or anything? Hernan: I think we're good Marco: POFU Live, man Bradley: Yeah

POFU Live We're gonna be getting into a lot of business scaling things Then I had one of our some followers, Kelly actually reach out She's in a specific business type and she was like, "Would your POFU Live apply to this particular business type?" and I actually had to tell her no, because we're talking about how to really build and scale a local marketing agency, local consultant agency That's really what the bulk of the training is gonna be or the POFU Live event is gonna be about, guys

Bradley: Okay Paul's up He says, "Hey guys Recently I was told by someone that when, or excuse me, that when you put links inside your post, your GNB posts, that is against Google's terms and services Is this true? I have not been able to find it in the Terms of Service

If it is true, why would Google make those links inside your post clickable live links?" Bradley: Yeah Paul, as far as I know, that's just in another internet rumor That's why I commented yesterday when I saw you post this question about this, because I specifically went into Google's help files and took a look at this and this is talking specifically about Google My Business posts It talks about what's allowed and what's not allowed It doesn't say anything about external links

It just says you can't link the stuff that is malware viruses or other harmful software, or links to sites that are irrelevant to the business That's all it says Other than that, it seems like we can post pretty much anything we want Bradley: It should be content that's relevant to the business If you're linking out to stuff, it should be relevant to the business as well

But that's as far as, I mean, that's pretty much all it says So I'm pretty sure that's just another internet rumor Bradley: But it must be true, I heard it on online Marco: Yeah It's actually the types of links

If you're doing pharma, if you're doing gambling, if you're doing supplements that aren't verified, that type of stuff, yeah you're gonna get hit for that But as long as you're doing stuff with your company and for your company and you're linking to all the stuff that's related to your company, now we haven't run into any trouble So whoever said that is full of shit Bradley: Yeah Okay

Scott's up He says, "FYI, Google is experimenting with Lazy Load for images and embeds as built-in support in the Chrome browser" Okay "This will improve page load speed for pages with maps and YouTube embeds more here" Oh, that's kind of cool

That's kind of cool All right I'll take a look at that later Thank you, Scott Bradley: This will be a short webinar today

Oh, it's already 4:30 because of my rambling ass All right Dan, right? He says, "Hey guys I was going to add the AMP plug-in but I was concerned about something I have a plug-in on my site Project Supremacy, which does all the schema markup for my website

Will the AMP plugin get along with plug-in?" Bradley: As far as I know But, Marco, what do you say? Marco: Yeah We don't schema with the AMP plugin, unless you add the little tricks that I did a video on, but it shouldn't have a problem Now plug-ins will conflict and if it does then just don't use it I mean, it's as simple as that

But nothing beats tried but failed Right, Dan? So go ahead, install it, see how it works you see how they get along and do the things that I mentioned in the video because that really works It starts moving your website up in no time for keywords that you thought you could never rank for and it's just a simple tweak Actually, Google gives you the things that you should tweak and they give you the code Bradley: Yeah

If you use the what search console or whatever in that rank or markup helper or something like that? Marco: Yeah It's all in there Bradley: Search console Marco: The video, yeah In the group, the Facebook group, which is AMP Creators Mastermind, tells you how to use it

Bradley: There you go That's free guys, right? Marco: It's totally free Hernan: It is Bradley: All right Sweet

Adam, how do we want to answer this? "Is MGYB replacing Serp Space?" No Not yet Not entirely Hernan: Yeah That's a good question

Not yet Not entirely But we should have more information for you guys shortly Bradley: Yeah More details coming

But short answer is not entirely Local GMP Pro, there you go Thank you Okay Wow

Let's see Thanks, Greg Okay Well, anything else we want to share, guys, because, I mean, I know we screwed up, didn't have a lot of questions because apparently the redirect wasn't working But you guys got anything you want to share or should we just wrap it up for the day? Hernan: Yeah

I wanted to talk a little bit about POFU Live Let me put the camera back on Because we actually had a bunch of people asking us what's a whole deal of POFU Live and what's the main goal of it I would say for the past, almost a year now, we decided that we wanted to go local Right? That we wanted to go the local SEO/marketing route, number one

But also, number two, we also wanted to help you guys grow your digital marketing agencies and that's gonna be the main point around POFU Live, to be honest, to be completely honest Hernan: We have these three pillars on Semantic Mastery, which are: number one, get more and better clients; number two, get those clients better and faster results so that they can stick and they can stay with you for a long time because they are happy with your work; and number three scale, outsource processes and also the mindset that is required behind that Hernan: So those are basically the three pillars or main aspects that we're gonna be talking about POFU Live, which I think is gonna be pretty awesome Not to mention all of the networking and everything that happens of those events that's usually, I wouldn't say neglected, but that's usually not the case when we're meeting virtually Actually, we at Semantic Mastery as a group, we get a lot done when we meet in person

Hernan: Anyways, guys, get it If you're part of the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, we have a sweet deal Actually, if you can buy a full year of Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, you will get a VIP ticket for free, which is a sweet deal If you just wanna come, get your tickets because we're doing this for a really limited audience We wanna keep it small

We wanna keep it really intimate and tight for a reason Hernan: Yeah It's gonna be pretty awesome So I'm really excited about that Adam: Awesome

We had some people asking about where to stay and all that All I can tell you is we're gonna be taken over an Airbnb house Now what you do is up to yourselves but I would say try to buddy up with some people Especially if you know people who are going or want to go, that's a great way to do it We do it, obviously, because it's easy for logistics but also we get a lot done you know when we meet up like that or after hours

Hernan: Yep, pretty awesome Bradley: Okay I think I'm gonna show off a little bit more stuff here Hernan: It's all right Bradley: Because we have a little bit of time I think

This is just to expand on what I was talking about earlier with the GMB Pro stuff I'm kinda on this kick right now just because it's working really well and because I'm working on all the prospecting, copy and stuff like that for the emails I just recorded a VSL today for it and all that, so it's fresh on my mind Bradley: Anyways, two things I wanna show you All right

Let me grab the screen again All right So this was the post I was talking about in the Facebook group, about the some of the keywords that we're ranking now for Again, we talked about forgetting about ranking, don't concern yourself with ranking when doing the GMB Pro stuff, but old habits die hard and we're all still gonna do It's funny because we had several people in the group that had purchased the product and then they said, "Well, I've been using the GMB Pro services now for a month, or have been you know doing performing the services, whatever, and I'm not seeing a ranking improvement

" Well, we all say in unison, "Stop worrying about rankings" Bradley: But anyways, it just goes to show you that it does actually improve Look at all the last one, 24-hour taxi near me is in the C position but all the rest of those are in A Brand search, obviously, but look at that guys, 24-hour cab, 24-hour taxi, 24-hour taxi service, 24-hour taxi hyphenated, best taxi service, cab company, best taxi service near me, all number one position A in the maps across mobile, desktop, and maps for all those keywords Bradley: Which is crazy because, again, I would have never even attempted to rank for those, well, it's rare that I would attempt to rank for short tailed keywords like that, typically

I've always targeted with local modifiers Anyways, I just wanted to point that out Bradley: Then, this is what I was talking about earlier, this is the same business, Mario's Cab Service You could see that these are the number of engagements in just the last month that have caused a click or some sort of action on the Google Maps listing, the Google My Business assets Right? Bradley: Look at these guys, taxi services

By the way, those of you guys that aren't targeting "near me" keywords, if this isn't proof right here that the "near me" keywords are absolutely critical, I'm not gonna show you all my other businesses that I manage, but in all of the GMB Insights now, I'm seeing more and more "near me" keywords in these top 10 that produced engagement or actions to the GMB listings Bradley: I mean, there's three of them here alone, right? Taxi near me, cab companies near me, and then cab near me You can see taxi and cab, in the last 20 or 30 days or whatever, one month, 28 days, or I don't know how they calculate that exactly, but he's got 16 clicks or engagements from taxi alone and 12, or excuse me, yeah, 12 from cab Those are short tail keywords Bradley: I mean, how else

That's kind of difficult to do with just straight SEO, guys, is my point Right? Especially a company like this, this listing is only what, three months old now, maybe four, but I really didn't start doing much with it until about three months ago Bradley: Marco, do you want to comment on that at all? Marco: Yeah

My comments is still don't worry about rankings That's a byproduct Bradley: Yeah Marco: The real action will come inside the GMB and you can see it Right? How many calls, 51? Bradley: Yeah

He's got 92 actions from 148 maps exposures or impressions Think about that guys Was that 60% engagement? That's freaking ridiculous Now don't get me wrong Sometimes I'll get engagement from organic

But what I found is the vast majority stuff is coming from Maps impressions, not from organic Right? Marco: Yeah, because his mobile related Bradley: That's right Marco: We're triggering the mobile algorithm I mean, guys, it's really simple, the concept

Once you go in there, you're gonna kick yourself in the butt and say, "Why didn't I think of this myself?" Well, it takes time That's stick intuitiveness That's right If you don't go in and if you don't play, and if you don't stay around long enough to chase it and to see what it does, then you're not gonna get anything out of it Marco: But if you look at this, man, it's just consistency

That's what Google is looking for in here They tell you, if you go down to two photos, they tell you "add more photos" so that you know they want more pictures Right? It says right there where the camera is, your photos, receive, and they ask you add more photos Just give us more photos Marco: Why? Because Google plays with those photos, right? They have facial recognition, they have image recognition software that they need to use

So the more unique photos that they get the better that their image and and facial recognition software can get So you're doing them a favor and they do you a favor in return That's how I see it Marco: The byproduct of all this, yes, your organic rankings will go up, your Map rankings will go up, but the action has to take place in the Google My Business listing Bradley: Yeah

Well, think about why, though, because one of the biggest rankings factors now guys is engagement, Click-thru rates and such like that And it's true It's very difficult to spoof mobile traffic So if you're getting exposure and engagement from mobile devices because of GMB activity – GMB Pro methods, essentially – then that's going to naturally improve your organic rankings because it's engagement signals Even if your organic rankings, again, aren't showing it upfront, consistent engagement through mobile devices to your GMB assets from searchers, Google searchers, that's going to improve your organic ranking because of the engagement signals

It's positive signal, right? Because it's not spoofed traffic So that's part of the reason why But it's super powerful Bradley: What I was going to point out here was, like I was talking about the near me keywords I just went to page two

I know this is saying less than 10 users But still, look at the frequency, guys The number of occurrences of near me type keywords: taxi near me, cab companies near me, cab near me We go to this next page, look at all these near me keywords or in my area near me, right? Bradley: That's why I was saying, if you guys aren't targeting that, you're crazy There's even templates inside the GMB Pro course for how to GMB post templates, content templates for near me keywords

It's very, very simple All you do is swap out tokens with your desired keywords and, boom, you've got Bradley: The reason why we're getting all these exposure for near me keywords, guys, is because my VA that posts in here has been targeting near me keywords in the posts

Right? Why? Because we know how powerful they are We know that a lot of traffic is coming from that now those near me keywords I'm not gonna reveal everything, but what I can show here is, you can see I've got her, she's only doing four post per week right now, or maybe five I think she's doing five now Bradley: But scroll through and you can see some of the type stuff where we talk about like, "Hey, if you just searched cabs near me and then look no further

Mario's Cab Service provides 24 hour taxi service" See, now we're targeting multiple keywords in it What is that, about a 40-word post, guys It's about 40 words long and we're getting exposure and clicks and engagement from that Does that make sense? Try that with your blog

Try posting a 40-word post on your blog and trying to get some traction from that That's why we love this process, guys It works really well Bradley: Paul says, "I'm seeing more engagement with more posting on the GMBs I'm posting on 12 businesses and it's hard to keep up

" Yeah, it is, Paul Hire an VA Marco: And use our Autoposter, Paul Bradley: That's right Marco: It makes it really simple just to go in, schedule the post, drop the image in there, and everything is taken care of

Then you're free to go and scale your business We always talk about that, Paul Get away from working in your business and work on your business Bradley: That's right Marco: Our Autoposter, which is available in Mgyb

co, it makes it a whole lot simple We have videos that show how to use it Don't go through the videos Have the VA go through the videos so that they learn the process That's how our VAs learn the process, the same way

Bradley: Here's the thing Paul, if you've got 12 businesses that you're doing that for, that's worth hiring a full-time VA for that You could hire a VA, from the Philippines or something like that, pay him $150 a week You could even potentially pay him less But that would be a really good, that's a really good wage, $150 a week or salary, excuse me, for a Philippines VA

We've got dozens of them so I know Bradley: I was gonna say, what we typically do, and we talk about this in Outsource Kingpin, guys, but what we do is we typically, well, first, we set up a hiring funnel, which screens out the tire kickers and the time wasters and such to where we only interview and spend time with those candidates that are extremely qualified and that have proven themselves to be able to follow explicit instructions That's exactly what the hiring funnel is all about Bradley: Again, all of this, we teach exactly the same process we use in Outsourced Kingpin Okay

First of all, set up a hiring funnel, then put some VAs through it The ones that come out on the other side, which you're gonna lose 80% of them, but which is good because those are people that you don't want to talk to because they can't follow instructions or they won't put forth the effort Bradley: But the 20% or so that come through the other side, now you set up interviews with them, you chat with them Find a good one that you communicate well with, they've already proven themselves being able to follow instructions, because they went through your hiring funnel, right? They wouldn't have even gotten the interview time with you had they not been able to follow instructions Bradley: So the interview process, the key thing about that is who can you communicate with the best

Right? Who's the easiest to communicate with? That should be the deciding factor on whether or not, well, that and, obviously, ask them what their salary requirements are and such, and those kind of things But I found it's best to hire those that you communicate the most fluently with, right? I think that's important Bradley: Once you hire somebody like that, now what we do is, we usually put them on 30 days or depending on whether you're paying weekly or bi-weekly I pay weekly and so we do 75% or whatever their agreed-upon salary is going to be, for the first month, that 75% wages That's how I do it, because they're in training

Bradley: You hire them for, let's say, $150, 75% of that would be $120 a week that you would pay them to go through training They could be trained in a week, and in week two they could start posting Over the course of the next two weeks, you will have to kind of manage them a bit, give them constructive criticism, give them suggestions on how they can improve, you're gonna have to jump in and probably record several Screencast videos on things that you want to point out on how they could make this better and that better and ways to find different images and things like that, all that kind of stuff Bradley: But you go through that process in that first month where you're paying them a reduced wage, so that by the end of 30 days they are proficient, they're competent, and they can handle it Now you've got somebody that if you got 12 businesses, I don't know what you're charging for your services

Bradley: I'm not going to reveal here publicly what I bill, but somebody asked just specifically what I've been charging to offer this service to clients I've been testing different price points and I found one that seems to be accepted the most widely by my clients It's a combination of both GMB posts, GMB optimization services which includes posting and citation building But I also offer it for those that balk at that pricing a lower GMB posts only option Bradley: But what I'm saying is, if you got 12 businesses for what I'm charging, that's a significant amount of money

To pay a VA $150 a week to do all that for you, Paul, so that you can go out and find more GMB Pro clients, that's what you should be doing Right? That's what you should be doing Bradley: Again, inside Local GMB Pro, guys, if you haven't already joined, well, the MasterMIND will get it too, but the prospecting training that I'm doing for that, you guys will have email, copy, and all that stuff that you can use, you should have it probably within the next two weeks or so Marco: Just so I can add to this, we will allow you to put a VA or two VAs through the training I mean, we don't control the training to the extent that you can't have your VA access the training and go through it

Because you shouldn't have time to go through it You should only have time to go and make more money Your VAs have the time to go and train and go through it and go through the process The only thing that you should be doing is checking up on them and making sure that they're doing the posts and the images the way that you want them to and the way that the training teaches them to Marco: So you could just put the training on fast-forward and go through the relevant things so that you can control the VAs that are doing it

That's only gonna take, what, an hour of your time to go through everything that they're doing instead of whatever time you're spending on this now Bradley: Cool He's got two VAs already He said he bought your course to hire VAs Well, that's good, Paul

Hire another one It sounds like, I don't know if your VA is doing your posting already You say it's hard to keep up Maybe it's hard to keep up managing your VAs and that's a very good problem to have too Because that means that you're growing, right? You're scaling

If it's difficult for you to manage your VAs, guess what? It's time to hire a project manager, right? Hernan: Oh, yeah Bradley: it's hard time to hire a project manager One of the things I recommend in Outsource Kingpin is, if you've got a VA that has shown considerable skill and ambition, then promote within before hiring an external, an outside project manager You can always promote Bradley: Now don't get me wrong

Some VAs are incredibly good at executing tasks but not good at management I know because I've promoted several VAs over the years to project managers just to have to demote them back to whatever their job duties were prior to being a project manager because they weren't able to manage They weren't successful at managing others Bradley: I'll be 100% honest, I'm not the best manager I'm more of like a vision idea guy when it comes to managing

I'm not the best at that either So that's part of the reason why I learned to hire project managers to get me out of the way So that's something that I would suggest to you, Paul, is if you're having trouble Bradley: Again, I don't know that, I'm just assuming If you've got VAs already but you're saying you're having a hard time keeping up, then it's likely that you're spending more time managing than you should be, and that's a good indication that it's time to hire a project manager

Marco: Or one of the two VAs, the best one, should be made project lead and the other one should be helping that VA with whatever the VA needs So that VA should be giving instructions according to whatever your vision is and whatever you want So you spend even less time with them I mean, they should actually be that good where one of them can take the lead and say, "Okay This is what we need to do

This is how we do it What I need you to do, VA number two, is this, this, this, and that, and then together we're gonna kill this" Marco: Which is what I just did with our VAs We actually have three I put one in charge and I'm gonna see how that works

She's on probation for project lead or team lead If she doesn't work out, I'll just try the next one, and the next one, and the next one until I find one It usually works out I mean, we have Jojo, who was awesome We have Justin, who turned out to be a perfect project lead

We have Rosale, who's fabulous Marco: I mean, we found some great people, guys There's no reason, if you have our course, not to be able to There's no reason not to be able to find them Just fabulous VA who can manage the other VAs

But don't call the manager, just call them a team lead and pay them a little bit more Bradley: Yeah, and that's covered in Outsource Kingpin as well There's team leaders Team leader would be somewhat like, for example,, GMB, if you got VAs that are just doing GMB posts and that's their primary function and you promote one of them to be a team leader that all they're going to do is kind of manage that team and help to assist, help the individual VAs with whatever they need, get them stuff, organize data, organize project, stuff like that, that's a team leader Because they're only really managing one job function or a limited set of job functions

Bradley: Whereas a project manager, that's more of like, that's a higher level So that's a step above a team leader Because a project manager doesn't necessarily have to know the mechanics or the details of how each and every task is performed like a team leader would Because a project manager is more, it's a broader level and that they're more about making sure that stuff is getting done, that each individual tasks, job, function, or whatever is getting what they need, has what they need, that kind of stuff, making sure things are done on time Bradley: So typically, a project manager can actually manage multiple team leaders

Right? Let the team leaders manage the teams The project manager manages the team leaders That might sound like, "Oh, shit I'm building now an organization" But guys, that's how you get the hell out of your own business and let it make money for you without you being there, it's by doing this kind of stuff, putting key personnel in place to replace what you are currently doing

Bradley: It's not hard to do, if you're scaling your business, even linearly, which is how most of us do it, where we go out, we get a couple clients, then we go set up the processes to get them the results, to provide fulfillment for the services, and that kind of stuff, and then we go out and start over again Bradley: But really, if you can put people in place to remove yourself from the operation, because I guarantee, you're the bottleneck Just like I am in my business and have been for many years, and so I'm trying to eliminate that or prevent that by delegating Right? But if you pull yourself out of the business to where you can work on the prospecting and sales side of things, now you can potentially have exponential growth or geometric growth Right? Because instead of doing what we all typically do, I'm 100% guilty of it, again, prospect, get a few clients, then turn prospecting off while I get everything set up and provide fulfillment, and then go back out and start the machine again and doing it in waves

Right? So it ebbs and flows, its peaks and valleys of getting new clients and not getting clients, getting new clients Bradley: Instead, you could focus on continually keeping your pipeline full of prospects and, hopefully, sales while your team is managing and handling the fulfillment Right? If you can keep that prospecting funnel going at all times, then you shouldn't have any of those ebbs and flows, or at least it should reduce that significantly By the way, that's a lot of the stuff that we're gonna be teaching at POFU Live Bradley: Okay

I think we're about wrapped up, guys "The last thing," Paul says, "is you guys are exactly right Great advice to scale" Well, you guys just got a little mini-POFU Live lesson today So, all right

Bradley: Do you guys have anything else you want to add before we wrap it up? Marco: No, I'm good Hernan: I'm good Adam: Good to go Bradley: All right Thanks everybody for being here

We'll see you all next week Thanks, guys Adam: Bye everyone Bradley: Bye

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