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You must have heard the term Digital Marketing The current sales era has been very different from the past You must have felt bad right? Sales continue to fall even though you have advertised it all out expensive but the results are not too visible Digital Marketing is currently the basic foundation for all of us who have a business Why? Because our customer segment has shifted if in the past they still used conventional media but now they have shifted to digital media Now, where is the attention of our customers today? this is what we will discuss in this video the current digital era bring very broad changes if we used to advertise conventionally in many seminar events I usually ask inside class with 50-60 participants how many are still subscribing to newspapers? there will usually be 2-3 people who still subscribe to the newspaper if we return back around 10-15 years ago we can imagine, usually one class all or at least almost all participants will definitely subscribe to newspapers now we know, if that means conventional media began to be abandoned and digital media began to rise if we look in the environment around us in one family, if in the past we talked to one newspaper divided for one family usually they will start from their father, mother, then their children read alternately but what about now? now every family member has their own gadget so media access to every family member or every individual become permanent, inseparable access can be positive or negative, we can argue separately but for sure we as sellers, currently have exceptional access to our customers the main difference also lies in the speed of information dissemination if we used to talk

information when it starts to spread will take at least a few hours or if we talk about newspaper print media, example, what has just happened in the past few days declaration of presidential and vice presidential candidates night declaration if in the past, we talked the next morning Why? because newspaper publishing usually starts the next morning but what is this just now? night declaration, only takes 1-2 hours almost all of Indonesia already knows in terms of speed of dissemination of information is very different if now information spreads very quickly the second, in terms of price / advertising costs If in the past, we talked about the price of advertising relatively expensive right huh? Why do we call it expensive? because often we advertise in many media without knowing what the response is so our tendency to talk is expensive because between costs and what we can return is not worth it

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