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in your business you would like to make videos but you do not know where to start? Or do you still like videos that I do and would you like to do something like that? then I suggest you keep listening because on June 30th I will organize a course just for this but let's take a small step back Surely you have heard everywhere that it is very important to communicate with video and you know why you heard it? Because it's true! Especially for those who do a consultative work, making videos gives 4 advantages – point 1 ° is more comfortable in fact watching a video just click play and it is definitely less tiring to read a text

– point 2 ° a video you remember it more easily in fact, as regards the texts, we remember about 10% instead for video, this percentage rises to 50% – 3rd point, the authority, in fact, those who make videos tend to be seen as an expert in his field and consequently also more authoritative the 4th point, in my opinion, is the most important one, that is, trust is created it is created as a kind of sense of empathy with who is looking at the video is as if you a little bit already know who is talking and this for those who do a consulting job where trust is basic it's a huge advantage Look, I decided to organize this course to do videos is definitely not a walk there are tons of details to take into account such as the technical aspect With this workshop I will keep Hub / Spoke on June 30th I want to explain what are the steps to create videos then what are they mistakes to avoid and above all how to create a video that is useful for yours marketing strategy so if you like my videos and would like to create something similar for your business this is the perfect starting point find all the info below and you're from the questions that hello to everyone care

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