(escalating music) – Five, four, three, two, one Boom, what's up Champions? Hey, it's Coach Real here

And listen, I wanted to share with you my 12 tips Today, we're gonna coach on my 12 video tips to help take you on a whole nother level Video is a huge platform right now It's probably the number one platform to build your business on And you know I have a little bit of experience

I've been acting since I was 16 I've been doing it for 39 years I won an Emmy My biggest claim to fame was General Hospital where I played Lieutenant Taggert, chasing Sonny all the time So I just wanted to come in here and share some big tips that will make a big difference when you're doing videos out there

And I've been keeping them over the years I got them here in my handy journal And we're gonna train on them today because this will really separate you from everybody else, cause now that we all know it's important, everybody's starting to do it, right? And because everybody's starting to do it, so how do you separate yourself from everybody else There's some really key things that you can do Some of them seem pretty basic and pretty simple, but you'd be amazed how many people miss these basic things

So I'm gonna start with some of the easy things and we'll build up Actually, I said 12 tips we're gonna train on I actually got three bonuses for you I'm gonna throw in today as well So let's just jump right in Number one, number one, and this is probably the biggest mistake people make

But it's really simple and it's just clean your lens Clean your lens You know, just clean your lens Make sure it's not dirty or anything 'cause there's nothing worse than blurry, out-of-focus videos That is the worst, okay

Number two is know where your lens is Like, right now, as I'm talking to you, I talking right at you and it appears that I'm talking to you because I'm looking right down the pipe of my lens And that's really key, right You need to know where your lens is And most of us do videos with our phones

It's my number one way to make videos With the technology we have today, I have an iPhone And you know, you really can't beat it It's just quick, simple, you always have it in your hand And you know what, the editing that I do with the iMovie and those different, you know, apps that you can use really make things simple

And I like simple, right? But with that said, you need to know where your lens is Because number three is eye contact and if you don't know where your lens is, you do not have eye contact Your eye line will be off, as we call it in the film industry Right, like I said, right now, you can see, I'm talking right to the lens, right? If I'm looking over here, do you see how my eye line just went off because maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or I'm looking there Or a common thing is to be looking right at yourself, right here as you're filming

So know where your lens is and look right down the pipe Okay, next, this is a huge one You want to shoot your videos, you wanna shoot them horizontal, not vertical So for example, if, let's just say this is my phone here Okay, this is horizontal and this would be vertical

Now if you're doing a Facebook Live, you need to shoot it vertical, otherwise you'll be sideways But when you're doing your normal videos, you wanna shoot 'em horizontal And what'll happen, if you ever notice when you got videos, if you shoot 'em vertical, they have these borders down the side, right? Otherwise, you're gonna get this nice picture, just like here So you wanna shoot it horizontal Number five, okay, lighting is key

I'm actually using two right now You get these little glam lights, they're glam lights I think the Kardashians made 'em famous or whatever But they're really inexpensive, you can put it right on your phone I have one right here on my laptop as I'm filming this

I have another one here to the side of me And I'm using some natural light coming in from the side But this bad boy right here is a lifesaver And even in the middle of the day, okay, even in the middle of the day when you think, wow, I got a lotta light out here, I don't need lights, in the movie industry, we like daylight So it's important right? You wanna control the light because what's the most important part of your videos? These two things right here, the eyes

If we can not see them, if there's dark shadows, they're not lit up, it really affects the power of your videos because we need to see your soul We need to see your energy and how do we see that? We see that through your eyes, okay? So we wanna get that light right in your eyes, especially if you're shooting in the dark Number six, okay, get a tripod I have a tripod right here You see this right here? This is a tripod, I actually have my phone on it right here because there's nothing worse than looking at somebody filming and it's shaky all over the place, jerky, okay? So just get yourself a tripod

They're, I think that cost me nine bucks on Amazon, really inexpensive, that way you have nice, quality film and video You know, also if you're shooting in your car, if you're doing videos in your car, it's five, six bucks to get one of those suction cup things, put it right on, on the window, and you need to frame it, and that will become your set if you will, your scene, okay Number eight, number seven, sorry, number seven, number seven, use long-tail keywords in your videos, in your subject line, when you're, in your description of your video What is a long-tail keyword? Well a long-tail keyword is just like, you know, say something like, you know, how to shoot better videos How to shoot better videos is a long-tail keyword

You know, videos is a short-tail keyword You put in videos, you're gonna get a lot of people searching that But how to shoot better videos, and I'm gonna give you a special bonus at the end of this today, how to find those- (dog barking) That's my dog, sorry My dog wants to get in on the video You know, how to choose those long-tail keywords, to help you out

Now, number, number eight is you wanna upload your videos right from the beginning with those long-tail keywords, or the long, say, how to shoot better videos, right? So we're gonna use that in our description when you post the video You're gonna use it when you open up your video, like, say for example, I always start off five, four, three, two, one, boom! How to shoot better videos, hey Champions, it's Coach Real here See I hit it right off the top with how to shoot better videos, right? Then when I go to upload it, I'm uploading it I shoot most of my videos, like I said, on my phone I'm gonna upload it, it's really important, right from the beginning, title of the video, how to shoot better videos, description of the video, how to shoot better videos

One of your keywords should be how to shoot better videos And as you're talking, if it makes sense, you weave it in to your message, you know, two or three times because Google is listening It's not just watching, it's listening to the words, so it'll help you to rank better in your videos, okay? Moving on, nine, number nine, like I said, talk to the lens You know, it's really important as I'm talking to you that you wanna talk to the lens You don't wanna be like looking all over and talking here and- Give your audience your focus

This is really crucial because we don't spend enough time People don't get enough attention, so give 'em your attention right Make sure you stay focused on them Number 10, this is huge, right? Now I'm talking to the lens right now on my camera, okay But I'm not just talking to a lens

I actually have a visual in my head of who I'm talking to So who are you talking to? Don't just talk to a lens Picture somebody you're talking to You know, for some of us in the entrepreneurial work, business work, who is your avatar? Who are you talking to? You know, and then put a face to that person and then put a face on that lens It will totally change your videos, like big, big time

So that is huge Number 11, this is, now we're going into some acting skills, okay? Where did you just come from? Always have that moment before Whenever you get ready to do a video, have a moment before You know, we take those moments I do whatever I gotta do to get in the moment

You know, where did I just come from, was I, you know, was I out on a date night with my wife? Was I at my son's soccer? Did I just have some bad news? Did I just have some good news? You know, what do I need to do to get myself in that position and where did I come from We're going deep now, this is our deep acting skills, super ninja nuggets I'm sharing with you right now to help you to bring your videos home to a whole nother level People aren't doing this stuff And you can see, you put these things into action, you're videos are gonna, they're not gonna know why they're so much better but they're gonna be so much better And they're gonna go like, gosh, this person's got something

He's got that it, and that's gonna help you to build an audience, that's gonna help people to follow you and it's gonna help you to build your business, yes Okay, number 12, this is key Champions Why? Why are you doing this video? So we know who we're talking to now We got a visualization of that person We're sharing this message, but why? Why, this changes the whole context of your message when you show up with a purpose, why you're delivering your message

So number 13 is, see we're into the bonus ones now Okay, I said 12, but I'm going to give you some bonus ones Number 13 is what I call your thang, okay? And, you know, my thing is five, four, three, two, one, boom! That's my thing because you have about six to eight seconds to get somebody's attention Now you don't have to do a five, four, three, two, one, boom You know, your thing could just be like I've seen people do really cool stuff just like, hello, hey, yeah, I'm talking to you

You know, just something, you know, get right into the message, right Just get right into your message, get people's attention right there You know, anything that could be your thing, you know, it could be like the way you sign off as well could be your thing You could have a certain saying you say all the time So, but you should have something, something that separates you from everybody else

And a lot of times it's gonna come and you'll just realize it's there I didn't, I just starting doing this five, four, three, two, one, boom and that became my thang Okay, number 14, this is massive, you know, especially for us doing business, you know, if you're entrepreneurial-minded, you know, it's great to do a video, put a video out there, do a Facebook live I have another training I do on you know the 12 tips you need to do to really explode your Facebook Lives and I can show you where you can get that one as well But that's probably the number one thing right now, Facebook Lives right now, as we sit watching this

But once again, there's certain things that you wanna do and certain things you don't wanna do But you know, when you're doing a video of any kind you need to have a CTA, a call to action You've got to have a CTA If you don't have a call to action, it doesn't make any sense I mean what are you just doing the video just so you can like boost your ego or feel good

Oh I got like 30 likes or 400 likes or 1000 likes or whatever At the end of the day, who cares right? But do you care if you're building your list? If you're building your list and you're getting more people that you can share what you're excited about, yes So you need to have a call to action And what am I talking about? You know, buy a URL, one of the ones I have is JoinCoachRealcom, you know

And then I'm gonna put that in the description of the video wwwJoinCoachRealcom I use an amazing system called Infusion Soft that is my CRM, my customer relationship management and I build like a landing page or a, you know, a lead form, or opt-in form, and they can put their information and I drive traffic towards it So not only do you wanna have it in the description of your video, once again you wanna say it in your video

You know, if you like what you saw here or you wanna get more information here, you know, go ahead and go ahead to wwwJoinCoachRealcom, you know, or wherever you want to drive your traffic to It's really, really important that you have a CTA And the last nugget I wanna share with you today, this is a huge one, this, I want you to write this down

Write down wwwAskThePubliccom, AskThePubliccom It's an amazing resource, you go there, and this is where you'll find those key, long-tail keywords

It'll save you a lot of time You know, you can go on there and type in something like around your niche video, digital marketing, whatever, and it's gonna show you a big circle of all the questions that people are actually asking around your topic And you can actually do a video on each and every one of those topics, using those long-tail keywords in your description, in your video, in the way you upload it, and in the verbiage you're using This will really give you a huge advantage, and it's gonna give you great content It's gonna, you know are you ever stuck for content? This is a great resource, AskThePublic

com It's, man, that is money right there So once again guys, this is Coach Real and I really appreciate you, you know, showing up today, wanting to take your video game to the next level You know, I have video classes I'll show you the links that you can be part of that as well

I do a webinar every now and then, a free webinar, help people go to their next level And I have a beginner's video class I have an advanced video class And we also have a mastermind group that I put together as well that people really, really wanna take it to the next level So once again, I'll believe in you till you believe in yourself

There's another one of my thang Remember when we talked about our thang? That's part of my thing as well It's become my saying, right? I will believe in you till you believe in yourself Make the rest of the day the best of your day God bless

Boom, another thing escalating music)

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