3 Instagram Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

I'm gonna give you three killer tips to master Instagram affiliate marketing and I guarantee there's at least one of these you've never considered and we're starting right now What is going on my name is Steven If this is your first time here and you want to learn how to master affiliate marketing create wealth and all sorts of other Entrepreneurship stuff start now by subscribing and clicking the bell icon so you don't miss anything I know Instagram is really tough for affiliate marketing due to its lack of analytics and support for clickable links So I'm gonna give you three tips that I use to get the best results possible on Instagram my very first tip for you is to post links to your landing pages and Websites within your Instagram stories now before you get all like but I need like 10,000 Instagram followers to be able to do that Let me give you a couple of strategies you can use to get there within just a few weeks Strategy one is the quicker but less profitable way to get to 10,000 Instagram followers and that's by doing the follow unfollow method now I know this may seem tedious and might not get the highest quality Instagram followers but when you use an app like captivate It gets a lot easier this app allows you to follow and unfollow people in your niche automatically overnight while ensuring that it's not doing it quick enough to get your Instagram account flagged for spamming or get it banned in general and then once You use this strategy to get those 10,000 followers you can do what I said and put those links in your Instagram stories While you may get some inactive followers from this method and trust me from Experience you will which is why I don't do it anymore There will still be a good portion of people who actually do Continue to click through on those links and be active on your account Which is why I do still recommend this method if you're a little more Impatient and you don't mind getting those top notch results the second strategy for getting 10,000 Instagram followers takes a little bit longer But it gets those high quality active followers that we all want And that's Gary V's dollar and 80 strategy Basically with this strategy you search up 10 hashtags in your niche and leave your two cents Aka a comment on the top nine posts for each hashtag I highly recommend doing this over the follow unfollow method because you can really build a strong connection which of course is great for sales But as I said earlier if you are a little bit impatient Feel free to use the follow unfollow method with an app like captivate to help speed up the process tip Number two is for everyone but especially For the people who haven't unlocked the ability to put links in their stories and that's to go sign up for elink

io I'll leave a link to it in the top of the description box below Basically, it's a free tool that allows you to put multiple different links in your Instagram bio Which is super helpful to increase those profits for affiliate marketers you can use this to share links to multiple different landing pages and offers which is super helpful for split testing while you simultaneously share links to your other social media and even your website So now you don't have to choose between the link to your landing page or link to your youtube channel You can have both and before you go ahead and say this No I'm not sponsored by them and no the link in the description isn't an affiliate link I just really like this tool and I think It could be helpful for everyone especially affiliate marketers Finally tip number 3 is to consistently post valuable content to your followers now Valuable content will be different depending on the niche you're in but a good rule of thumb is to post inspiring Helpful informative or motivational content at least once a day if you're struggling to come up with ideas on what to post Just go look at what other influencers in your niche are posting about and post similar content now Of course you want to make the content unique to you but looking at other accounts is a good way to figure out what type of Content people in your niche respond to the best an important thing for me to mention here is to avoid making your account of pitchfest Of course, you want to get people to click the links in your bio? but if every other post you make is about clicking the link or About some sort of offer that you have All you're gonna do is piss people off and ultimately lose followers I found that one promotional post per week is the sweet spot to not piss off your followers But make sure they know that you have an offer out there If you have any other Instagram affiliate marketing tips I'd love to hear them in the comments down below and as always if you're not already subscribed Hit the round subscribe icon somewhere on this page So you don't miss anything and I'll see you in the next video

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