3 Digital Marketing Tips We Think You Can Use

Hi, I'm Jeremy and I'm Josh and we're from 97 Switch a digital marketing agency in Chicago Today we're excited to tell you about our top 3 digital marketing tips

Our first tip is tell your story We think this is the most important aspect of communication This is the foundation for how your business can be on and offline The second tip goes on top of telling your story, Make sure you have a clean and functional website We know that your website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts

It's more important now than ever because people are moving very quickly online When people find your website they should understand your story, have all the information they need and be able to take actions that they want Your website should be easy to find on search engines like Google because your website is your 24/7 ambassador Our third tip we have for you today is to quarterly review your marketing strategies We think this is really important because it lets you look at what's been going on and the numbers behind it

This can create a roadmap to see what's working and what areas might need more attention By quarterly reviewing your digital marketing strategy, this lets you make realistic goals on how to improve your business So to review, our three digital marketing tips for today are tell your story, have a clean and functional website and quarterly review your digital marketing materials If you like videos like this check back soon and you can always visit our web site 97switchcom


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