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com and from Copywriting from another Galaxy I come to solve a new question, which Bruno sends me this time, and he asks me something very interesting, which is: can email marketing be applied to a niche? A niche in the SEO world, because is more of the SEO world, it is a page destined, above all, to sell products of affiliation For example: I create a niche of Go Pro and sell there, I explain a article and I put everything about Go Pro so that people buy and with that affiliation that I take, in plan, they buy on Amazon and I take 10% Something like that would be a niche, I do not want to go into more details because is the video of that But how could we apply email marketing here to generate more income? Well, for example, I think of something very simple that would be create as a leadmagnet, which could be a guide, a checklist or whatever

Imagine in Go Por: the 10 gadgets needed to get the most out of your Go Pro or how to choose the Go Pro perfect for you And here what you do if it's only affiliation Well, for example, a guide on how to choose the perfect Go Pro People know what download, the leadmagnet arrives You know, they get a confirmation email, the mail arrives and once they read it we send them an email as we say: yes You have six steps, put those six steps you are detailing in those emails E-mail one

For example, step one you need for the Go Pro, step two, the step three and so, you not only depend on which PDF is read, but you can also do a little pressure by email and not only with this, but to enhance it more with email marketing, you can also use Facebook to have like two ways and that email that you've picked up can remarket you as an affiliate from that Go Pro store, etc Here, if you do all this, I recommend that you do not of Amazon because the percentage is very small, but some affiliation where they give you already 30%, 25% or something that is worthwhile and deserves uses Facebook Ads A strategy as simple as a leadmagnet and a small sequence of email can be used I have used it, I have used it in other sectors, not in this of Go Pro For privacy I can not explain in which sectors but it worked fairly good

We mount as an author of that page, an author We put it as its history, it was also downloadable and when you downloaded it it came to you as a guide so that in the end they sold you clickbank products It worked very well and the benefits of that niche went up a lot because it went from only generate income with AdSense, which is what many niches do too, to generate income from product sales and instead of generating, I do not know by clicking how much it was, five cents, it's a lot already, very much, it started to generate many income because he earned almost $ 30 each time he sold a product and started to sell almost one product a day, so that was great So yes, you can use and I recommend it although in certain sectors people do not open the email and You may have a problem, but for that you can use Facebook Ads if you want, so nothing: use email marketing in that niche that you have, or in those niches you have and you tell me what your results are Bye 🙂

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