Lesson 8E/12 – Social Media Marketing ( Pinterest )

Learn Social Media Marketing By Er Sumit Hello guys, welcome to ocean and digital learning for food I am your friend Simon few days back we started our journey I am sure that you are enjoying a lot on your journey of digital Learning with us guys food is back We started learning digital marketing and I still now we have already completed some of the Important chapters of digital marketing the eyes in our first lecture

We learned how search engine works and we learned basics of HTML Guys, we have already learned how to write Title tag and description tag and guys we have already learned about google webmaster tools we have already learned on page SEO and we have already learned about Google and analytics tools and Guys, we have already learned how to create your blog and how to earn money from it and guys This is my 8th lecture and I have already told you I have divided my eighth lecture in six five guys I have already delivered my lecture on Facebook marketing And as I am showing it my lecture on Facebook marketing is most comprehensive lecture on Facebook marketing ever Guys, if we haven't lost my lecture on Facebook marketing Please go and watch it and show that link has been given in the description and guys I already delivered my lecture on Twitter and LinkedIn marketing and guys my third lecture Was on Google Plus and Google business page and guys My fourth lecture was on Question and Answer websites and guys So this is 55 of my inflection and today I am here to give a loosey lecture on Pinterest marketing So, okay guys, let's start our lecture on P inverse marketing guys P interest Definitely, it's the place to hunt and gather for consumers and definitely it's a goldmine for bloggers and for brands They can promote their product and bloggers came to more their blog on Pinterest guys in this lecture we will learn how to meet your profile on Pinterest how to grade your board and how and he pens to it and guys one important point if you make your profile on Pinterest and if you add the link of your website on Pinterest Definitely in this way You will get a backlink why I think that some of you already Know what is backlink? And what is the significance of that link for those who do not know? I will cover this in my lecturer of page SEO and as my ninth lecture will be an off page SEO Please subscribe our channel if you haven't subscribed it yet So then you will be notified whenever we upload a new video now guys let's come to the point how to verify your website on Pinterest guys when we find your website won't be interest click on profile and After clicking on profile so I could add it settings after click with and it's status and your website and click on confirm website When you click on confirm website, but HTML code will be generated Now guys copy this code now come to your vertiginous website lobelia and click on appearance Click on editor now guys one header file will be opened now guys You have to copy and paste that HTML code in the header tag of this header file and after copying pasting That HTML code is the head tag of this header file update the file now guys You have successfully verified your website on Pinterest You will get a message on Pinterest that you have successfully verified the website now guys let's come to the core point of our lecture how to increase followers on Pinterest guys the post if you post content related to marketing, Such all the keywords related to marketing search marketing search digital marketing such speed press marketing search brittle marketing Sludge SEO search everything and guys in this way You will see content related to marketing and you should follow all these people those who are posting content on Marketing guys, just follow all these people and I am sure that some of them will follow you also Now guys how to create your profile on being Bruce how to create your fold and how to add pins to it Let me start my lecture now guys Let's start our lecture on P Just pee interest disclaimer social networking website you get share images on Pinterest It has been found in research that we interest can increase your business up to 40% in Pee interest you can make your pen board and in pinboard, you have to upload an image and pin your image you have to give proper title and description while uploading images on Pinterest now We will learn how to make a town derpy interest For making accountant pee interest just search V interest on Google just open website P interest calm if you have Facebook account, then you can click continuous Facebook and now pop-up screen will appear and you Have to fill your email ID and password and click on login button After death P interest interest screen will open and here you have to choose five topics of your interest After choosing five topics of your interest click on done button Here you have the option of adding extension of P interest for adding extension of P interest click on get it now and after that click on add Extension

If you do not want to add extension of P interest then you can skip this step just by clicking on Skip now homepage of P interest has been opened now You can make your boards and you can pin your videos for those on this board guys if you are in a business of selling products Then you can pin the images of all your products on board for making board Just go to your profile by clicking here now click on create board, then you have to fill this information name of your board description category Etc after filling this and permission click on trade now guys We have created our board now guys for finish images click on plus button after that click on upload Happen and then click on choose image after choosing images click on Save button Now image that you have that has been pinned on your whole guys in this way you can pin your business related images and you can increase your Customers your customer base or you can increase traffic to your blog or website Pinterest can give up to 40% growth to your website or blog Guys, the interest is very important in promoting your restaurant Boutique Hotel, etc Guys, if you are a blogger, you should make your PIN port just by painting images You can increase up to 40% traffic to your blog just by pinning images on your board now guys We have successfully learned how to bait your profile how to place your board and how to add pins to it Now guys one important tip for you guys We have to create about 10 words and you have to add at least 10 pins to each board While creating board you have to add relevant Description to the hole also and guys are more importantly for you guys You have to fix a fee should attend daily And if you see someone's interesting pin just save it and you can add This pin to your board also guys in this way You can add more and more content to your board and guys Please participate in the pee interest community Coming on others pins also trying to build relationship with them on Pinterest You can get relevant customers also and guys Let's come to another important part of our lecture how to create more and more quality content How to create good pins guys there is a website wwwcancergov Guys on this website, you can create in drastic pins and guys If you know Photoshop then definitely Photoshop is a good tool to great more and more Interesting pins guys width of your each pin should be 800 pixels and your pin should be taller Guys friends of the slice gets more engagement and guys all interested back for you guys on some of the websites Like Facebook and LinkedIn there are drugs You can churn it insane traffic from these groups guys on Pinterest There are group boards

You can join these group BOTS and You can add pins to it in this way You can generate more traffic to your Grove and website and guys after confirming your website all being dust You can see the analytics how much traffic you are getting on your website property interest guys I had toast not matter of P interest marketing guys You must make your website on the interest and you can attract a lot of traffic from Pinterest grass in my next lecture I will tell YouTube and YouTube marketing drive each and every letter is important for you guys What we are teaching is relevant and to the point guys, please watch our video carefully We are meticulously working only for you We are working continuously to make more and more Good videos for you and guys subscribe our channel if you haven't subscribed it yet Definitely guys we need accolades from you We are working very hard Ok, guys I will meet you in my next video on YouTube and YouTube marketing till then Take care Be real and be digital

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