How To Start Digital Marketing Agency-4 Things You Must Know

what's going on welcome to my channel my name is Luqman and I really do want to welcome to this channel well let me take a guess you landed on this video because you over there searching trying to see how you can make money online but you're not that different from a thousand you know thousands of people out there who trying to do the same thing but here's what happened on this channel I'm gonna tell you things that you should do and what you should not do so you can avoid the mistakes that I made that actually kind of slow down my journey a little bit when I started off I came online in 2010 11ish I started selling used phones online by the time I was selling used you know a Blackberry phone Blackberry phones were hot at that time I was selling used Blackberry phones online making about fifteen to twenty and thirty thousand dollars online every every month but at that time I was still a registered nurse working as a registered nurse so I was not really sure this is what I wanna do or not even though I was making money from selling on Amazon that I was making from my job as a registered nurse from even working two jobs as a registered nurse so bra boys now I was not really I could not look up on mine at the time so eventually I made a mistake went back to school to get my doctorate in anesthesia not work out I came back online in 2015 and this day I discovered Russell Bronson which I will tell you much about literal in 2016 and since then I've been stuck with him however what I'm trying to tell you this you are at a point in your life right now where you are starting out online are you already online or you're not really sure this is what you wanna do I will tell you some things that I did that I did rights that helped me in my journey and some of the things that I shouldn't have done it was stupid you know so I'll tell you about three or four things that you need to actually focus on if this is what you want to do alright having made all those mistakes right now I run digital marketing agency Called : Viral Ad Media Viral Ad Media you can check it out wwwviraladmedis

com maybe that'll give some inspiration not until actually focused on this is what I wanted to did I start making money so you really have to make up your mind this is what you want to do or not that being said I'm gonna tell you about two three things that you need to do all right number one make up your mind respect everybody but listen to nobody I stole that from one of my mentors listen respect everybody but listen to nobody be sure this is what you want to do put your mind to it do not make it seem like something that you just want to make quick money from you need quick money you can go do you can go wash your car or something if you need quick money but you really want to make money online you wanna make a visit business you've got to make up your mind you cannot be like oh I just want to do this for one month and make quick money and I know no it does not matter which area you want to go to our feelings or selling on Amazon or Shopify or having on digital products or having a digital marketing agency all of these things are done and I mentor in each and every one of those areas so you any of those areas you want to go into you've got to make up your mind that you really want to do it and you want to make it a long-term business not there's nothing like you know get-rich-quick when you do this right now you're gonna get quick you're gonna get rich tomorrow that's a waste of time in life do not waste your time I do not waste your life all right that's number one number two you've got to invest in learning in terms of books or I'll show you some books I'll share some books that I really leave to that I think helped me a lot in my journey I'll share some of those with you some of them you probably cannot get out there because we were given those in our inner circle like I told you I'm a member of Russell Brunson inner circle well the two comma Club X training program will pay about thirty five thousand dollars and you had to belong to that program I'll tell you much about that later so this book right here the four ha what book is a book you want to read it's going to help you put things in perspective try to read this book and there's also another book by Eddie or cafe at the ok fee or cafe I'm not sure to pronounce me boy he's a cool guy he's doing a big the book is called time collapsing try to look for that on Amazon you're gonna find it that these are books you can read books like this the 12-month millionaire this ownership you can find out there is like Vincent James given to us in an inner circle you know by Russell Brunson and don't worry we don't find it I'm gonna be sure anything that I learned from this with you anyway so in good hands another book that is golden is this book right here you guys said the mr X book this book is golden is by Jay Abraham and it was also given to us by Ross Brownson for belonging to his to comma Club X membership mentorship program you know before now I've wasted so much what I would not say waste that's just so much money in wanted to learn try to see what is my nature what should I do and you know does a problem well you try to do these things people tell you niche down but it's very vague when they say niche down people don't really tell you why you should start with a tiny niche down that's very confusing so I will tell you what I did to Mitch down later on because that's what I found out even when you niche down you can do everything within your niche once you understand your niche that you can do everything else I invested in a bunch if in a born child you see all that and a whole lot of that then you talk about of course click try now I found click run in 2016 did for six months then I know what I was doing I can suit came back and he's been very very good since then I did Billy James you guys know Billy James marketing I did the Amazon FBA I did go with Chaudhary did inner circle with the Odell brothers I actually launched my own supplements any newspaper twice twice and those are all things you're gonna be Lenny from this channel and several other mo all those kids are on right now and I can teach it to people I understand some of you didn't have that much money to invest in mentorship right now but I can guarantee you on this channel you gonna learn all you need to know that we helped you in your way that will help us in your way to becoming an online marketer be a jitter market you know whatever you want online I'll try my best to give you all I know on this channel and I just hope that will help you you know I invested in this guy called Trevor Trevor Trevor something you know he owns the arbitrage of of something a or a anyway it's one of those other stuff that I invested money in I did Neil Patel I still do new paternity one of my mentors till date I did knowledge Lord nation with a Nixon god you know a whole bunch of them you know bunch of fred lamb you know zero Pittsford line i'll and beat and piss from all those people but not until i actually came and become part of russell brunson 2 comma Club X my mentorship program did I really understand like what I really wanted to do and I declare vision on what I should be going and with that I'm not doing badly and I will be sharing all of that with you guys as we go along so number two things like I said he's try to invest in books trying to invest in books read books not nonfiction are books books written by people that are doing what you're trying to do or books that are promoted or rather talked about by people that are doing what you're trying to do I will be sharing also with you some books that I've read as well and then I continue to read I like all this book that I told you I read books this books all the time all the time another kind of book that you read and just put on the chef's know you still keep making money reading those books every day you read those books every page teaches you what to do next to make money no no no no kidding no BS they say no like get-rich-quick kind of books these are books that teach practicality and when you apply them in your business you're gonna see changes and also you've got to find a mentor you have to have a mentor and for those of you that cannot for the mentor right now I will be Harned if you accept me as your personal mentor because all you're gonna be learn on this on this on this channel is what I've learned from big mentors like Neil Patel and Nixon God you know free laugh of course Ross Brunson and all of those I'm gonna be sharing with you guys on this channel and also you know just just just don't don't what you try it don't waste your time trying to chase others get rich book crap and and then just follow whatever is in the trend you know once you pick up your mind of what you want to do and you walk into what's that in terms of reading the right book listen to the right person that I did the thing that he's trying to do then you're gonna see that things will start to nuts for you for me personally when I realized what my niche should be I focused on leaf generations and now I'm very very very very good and I help my clients on Facebook marketing goo-goo marketing in terms of Adwords and Google shopping YouTube marketing and of course LinkedIn as well so I bring in clients leading them through wanted to generate leads for them and eventually we end up helping them with a conversion because the fact that you send 1 million people to a website does not mean that website is going to convert you still have to understand the technique and the art of conversion so that's all my digital marketing agency does right now we we don't just bring traffic to people's sites we also help them strategize their marketing funnel in terms of the message and the structure of the funnel and all of that I'm gonna be sharing with you guys for free on this channel so do me a favor go ahead and click the subscribe button on this channel subscribe to this to this channel because I promise I promise I'm gonna be bombarded you with a lot of content that will help you in your journey and I just hope that you will apply each and everything that I asked you to do to get to where you need to be and erase it from your mind that you don't need money to make money that's a lot you need money to make money I mean you are probably watching me on your phone or are you watching me on a computer right now someone has to pay for that they use an internet or some kind of data so if anyone tells you you only need money to make money that is not true you need money to make money but that also can always be worked out you don't have to invest a whole bunch I was like I did I could have fought all those men because I was working two jobs I said nurse even though I didn't have time to invest I mean to to actually spend time in my business I was just pumping money into trying to learn but I was not I didn't have enough time to actually on sit down and and and you know taking all this content because I was working two jobs but you know I could have further because I was a registered nurse and I was making money but for you if you're not registered nurse right now or you don't really have that kind of job that would allow you to there's so much money in learning right now the best thing you still wanted to is to at least get some kind of job because whatever I tell you to do you're still gonna have money you're gonna need money to implement all those things so when someone tells you you don't need money to make money it is bullshit I'm gonna share something with you guys one of my marketing books here this book and I want you guys to check it out this book right here I'm not sure if you can see this book breakthrough advertising this book is sold for about three hundred and fifty five dollars on Amazon if you want the book I can hook you up later on for way cheaper than that what I'm trying to say is if I do not have three fifty five dollars I could have afforded that book so when someone tells I don't need money to make money they are deceiving you you're gonna end up paying them they're gonna take your money and you're not gonna learn shit from them so since it tight subscribe to this channel I'm gonna be coming your way with a bunch of valuable content which you will be able to apply step by step in your journey and I hope when you see me on the streets you meet they had efforts or we meet the need of an event you're gonna be able to shake my hands and say look man you really have helped me but my name is Luke man Luke man it's pronounced as luq em a and the other good one and I'll be coming back your way later on

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