How To Make $100 Per Day By Ranking Videos On YouTube – Affiliate Marketing With Youtube Videos

hey guys welcome back to my channel and in today's video we're going to talk about how you can make a hundred to two hundred dollars a day by ranking videos on YouTube so this is the easiest method because we're just getting started you know you won't be having enough fun to run Facebook ads or Google ads but YouTube and Google is the best platform in the internet right now because their traffic convert well compared to Facebook ads and Facebook ads on Facebook you don't have organic reach but in Google and YouTube your as long as you be consistent on the platform your content is going to get promoted a lot and it's going to get a lot of eyeballs to your content so the more viewers the more money you make so that's how YouTube and Google works but ranking a website in Google is a impossible task right now recently because pretty much almost companies spend millions of dollars on Google SEO but they are missing out YouTube YouTube is just getting started and like I'm not saying it's just getting started but there's this some competition in YouTube but it's not that big compared to Google search engine so that's the reason try to leverage YouTube videos and the in today's video guys how you can target bias for free and I'm gonna show you guys how to do keyword research on YouTube and after that I'll show you some examples and I'll go through some YouTube channels who is already doing this and making like ten thousand twenty thousand dollars a month I just started doing this I took a lot of courses I spent a ton of money on taking courses so I just want to share this with you guys so this is totally valuable course sorry I have video make sure you spend some time on watching this video and before that if you're someone who's TOT new to this channel and I never been to this channel before make sure you give a like to this video and do subscribe to my channel and let's get started so guys these are the two ways you're going to make your money the first one is Google Adsense and the second one is affiliate marketing so I am a big fan of adsense like almost I make half of my money from google adsense there's a reason and a affiliate marketing is not dead and it's working perfectly in 2018 so our peoples are making more money in a affiliate marketing compared to adsense so recently I've been doing a affiliate marketing and I've been getting some results through YouTube videos so that's the reason I'm gonna share this with you guys so Wow so all you gonna need is a Google Keyword planner and YouTube and if you have for example I'm using Clickbank you don't need Clickbank up you can use Max bounty you can use peer fly or other CPA networks or as are the affiliate marketing networks or else you can also use Amazon affiliate account because those items are very easy to get that's a reason first let me show you guys how to do a keyword research in the right way because not all keyword is going to make your money for example let's say ya let me type so you can sit your dog barking just keywords know this keyword gets almost two hundred thousand monthly view of search volume but this video sorry this scheme is not going to make your money let me explain always always try to target bias because uh you're not creating content to educate them they're trying to make the sale so always try to make sure that your main keywords has these words like our review by because uh these people already have some knowledge about the products all you need to do is give some content and ask them to buy buy through your link call to action is very very important when you're creating YouTube videos and first let me show you some examples are for example let's say that I'm selling this product on jojoba you can see Joe can on years 5d mark for full-frame digital DSLR camera so people don't search if they're not buying this camera they don't search for this keyword research for Canon cameras or else cannot find mark bias will be very specific with their search terms you can see it here this is very specific towards that this camera can so they're not searching for just cannot cameras are they searching for Canon EOS 5d Mark that means they already know this product and so they're interested in buying this product so you can see do so this youtuber used this keyword has his title name there's a reason why because let me show you guys this video so you can see here on the first line he has Amazon link towards this I'm this product that means this keyword works well let me show you you consider these are these are the tags he used on his video he's he's also being very specific towards the biased keyboard i consider canon eos 5d mark 4 he's is not targeting people's who's searching for cannot fight he he's being very specific with the keyword I'm not asking you guys to review this product because it's going to cost you $3,000 sorry $4,000 a you don't have to buy this product but you can promote it let me explain now content is already out there you can see here these are Creative Commons video for this product Canon EOS fighting so all you need to do is just download these videos and you can use them just put it together make sure it has 10 minutes a video duration because it will help you on ranking and you can reuse them that's the reason YouTube is allowing you to use this create a commenter and actually I made a video about as you can see to your YouTube three hundred dollars a day just go ahead and watch that video because I explained how you can create videos by step by step if you are interested you just go ahead and watch that video and it's really easy to create YouTube videos you don't have to buy the product you don't have to be on camera you don't have to say anything you don't need to create the videos or all you need is some editing skills that's it let me show you guys how you can do a keyword researcher for example let's say that I'm promoting some fitness product or else some Clickbank offer let me go to weight loss so I'm going to change that remove all save and you need to add a negative keyword let me show you try to remove keyboard which starts or ends with free because of the keyword which ends with free or starts with free they not bias therefore the free content so we need to know them let me search the keywords it's a weight loss it has almost 10 million 200 million you're not going to write for this one so let me show you guys just click this so it's going to arrange the keywords by its volume ah seconds here 10 210 110 200 go for well keywords which has 100 mm search volume keywords so you can see here these are the keywords which has a hundred mm monthly search volume ah so let me show you guys how so you can see the help i need to lose weight faster so this one has one two three four five so this one has five words on it I never go less than like I don't go behind these keywords like way to reduce diet or elles are two keywords or one keywords weight losses are two key word so always always go for three to five keywords or because uh the the more keyboard it has the less competition will be there's a reason you can see it here and you can also let me explain now what this competition section means this means advertisers are spending lot on this keyword that means this keyword is working for them there's a reason you can see you're seeing your high-low don't go for that keyword which has the slow symbol always use this keywords because these key votes converting well that's reason advertisers are spending a lot of money and Google is showing you that this has high competition so it doesn't mean you it will be very tough for you to rank on YouTube it's not something related to that it means bias are spending lot of money on this particular keyword guys and these are the tricks big affiliates are using and making ton of money are so make sure you remember this always go behind high competition because it converts well this keyword converts well that's a reason so so you need to find such sorry keyword which has 100 mm at the same time it should be high medium is okay but don't go for low because it's not converting there's a reason advertisers are not spending money advertisers spend ton of money to to find this these kind of keywords uh it should Google is showing literally everything it's showing you guys that this one is not working and this is working so all you need to do is try to target this one let's go to this one and it's search for the let's also search that on Google so uh you can see them this search volume it has 70 search volume monthly search volume and it has only three videos on it so uh we're not creating websites and we're gonna create YouTube and we're going to rank our YouTube video on first page of Google like this so uh target this keyboard and mostly try to create like spend some money on backlinks on Fiverr for five dollars that's all it's going to cost you to rank on this first page so and it's going to get like within two or three months you don't see the other this video was posted on 2016 and it's still ranked on the first page so it's going to get a lot of biased traffic and and make sure you add your affiliate link on the first line of your YouTube video because that's how we're going to make some things on affiliate marketing you can see do mmm let me go to youtube are you consider it is the same video your video its 2018 there's a reason it's ranked and it's posted by bright side they have lot of authority in YouTube so they're not targeting this one but they're getting right for that keyword uh no one is targeting for that keyword up you can see here let me search for that control C control F so only actually no one is targeting for this keyword YouTube is just recommending videos to that keyword um it means there's no competition on YouTube targeting this one now just make sure you watch this video because I gone through how to create videos like this and mostly this video should have made around at least thousand dollars from just creating this animated video WA so guys this method really works and even big internet marketers are doing this let me show you guys an example so you can sit here actually this is the internet marketing niche agency do the last code it's a product name so I just search for the product name and I added this word review at the end of this world so so you can see to you all this YouTube videos are targeting this particular keyword the last code review because they're gonna make a lot of money when they promote this product it's gonna cost you $50 and they're gonna make a hundred percent of the sales there's a reason and you can see to you the last code on the title and down the description on the title of the title or the title it doesn't have lot of search warrant but still internet marketers are targeting this key border they will make ton of money from this keyword you can see it you pretty much almost all videos in the first page is using this keyword and they're making all they go to need is like 500 200 views to make two or three sales that's going to make them $150 guys this method really works always always try to target buyers because that's how you're going to make the sale even you get less views you're going to make the sale so this method really works guys take action and if it's someone who stood you new to this channel and never been to this channel before make sure you give a like to this video and do subscribe to my channel and see you guys in the next video you

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