– What am I gonna say? How do I be me? These are the questions that I ask myself when I'm about to play myself on camera It is a bit of behind the scenes fun facts for ya

I am this hectic in real life, but then when I'm doing a vlog, like this one will be in black and white, right? But when I'm doing a vlog I just turn my volume of my personality up from 10 out of 10 to like 12 out of 10 How we doing, Andrew? We good? Alright, here we go Getting set, what's dolce, welcome to today's episode of the vlog We are back at Crown, Crown Towers in Perth, the Crown Casino in Perth Look the casino over there in the background

Definitely not going to have a gamble today Did too much of that in Vegas But basically I'm here speaking at the Australian Hotels Association Conference for Western Australia I'm super-excited Basically me doing my thing, getting up on stage, having a spiel about digital marketing, social media marketing, talking about content creation, and it should be a lot of fun

Should be a lot of fun I've also got a bunch of new slides in today's deck, which I'm really excited about, some really cool case studies from the hospitality/tourism industry specifically, which are gonna be super, super lit, and I promised myself I wasn't gonna dab today, but I've just done it I've already broke my promise Apart from that, let's get into it (upbeat rock music) Yay we got it working, yay thank you

(audience clapping) Can everyone hear me, yeah? Woo! Quick question, what does this guy have in common with your business? Anyone know who this guy is? What kind of sugary treat does old mate up here really enjoy? Cookies! Yes Cookies And what do cookies and your business have in common? – [Audience Member] You sell them? – Sorry what was that? – You sell them? – Oh you do sell, okay, that's not what I was going for, but are they delicious? No they're not, no I don't like them? So cookies in your business Alright so, who knows what cookies are in relation to digital marketing? Who's been to Who likes shoes here? What's your name? Everyone's like, don't want him pick on me, don't pick on me What's your name bro? – [Audience Member] Tim – Tim, Tim You like shoes, do you ever go and search for shoes, online, and then like, you'll go over back into Facebook or Instagram, then BANG, those shoes that you were looking at, that you haven't purchased, are in your feed

Right, that's retargeting right And retargeting works by using cookies, every time you go on to a website, a mobile website, someone's Instagram account, Facebook account, Snapchat account, like whatever, you're having cookies being pixeled onto your phone, onto your laptop, onto your web device, whatever Now, what the cookie-ing does, it allows people like me, to retarget you, so like in the same way that Tim's being retargeted for shoes, allows us, to retarget our customers, with incentive base retargeting, right? So with the example of shoes, with Tim Say he's looking a really really sick pair of I'll just use Nike as an example, sick pair of like Nike kicks, right, and let's say that they are $200, and it's $20 shipping cause it's coming from overseas Now Tim, let's say I'm doing the marketing for the shoes business

I know that Tim has now spent Just play this example I know that Tim, let's assume that he spent 15 minutes, 20 minutes, looking at these shoes, and he's added these shoes, these specific pairs of shoes, to his cart, now, to me, as a marketer, that tells me that he's in the consideration stage of his purchase, right

He's like, I really want these shoes, but I don't know, there's something stopping me, maybe I don't have the money, maybe I don't get paid until Wednesday, like whatever, but there's something stopping me, or stopping Tim from purchasing those shoes So, it's our jobs as marketers specifically on social and digital to do something, to push Tim along his purchase or path to purchase, and one way you can do that, which work really well for the shoes, let's say the price of shoe, let's say that the specific issue is that he doesn't like the fact that it's gonna cost him $20 shipping, so if I retarget Tim because I put cookies in his browser, and within 24 hour of him adding those shoes to his cart, I do an incentivized retargeting campaign where with retargeting ad which is basically like, hey saw you left these on your cart, we're offering free shipping for the next 24 hours, the conversion rate of those ads, and this is all done in autopilot, the conversion rate of those ads now go skyrockets, right The media cost is super low, and the return investment is super high, because you're only targeting the most engaged audience, which you know have got the most amount of consideration for actually making that purchase Final one, and these are great, see if you young kids in the room, who has been to Amplified Capitol before? Hands up Sweet, alright cool

So this next piece of content that I'm gonna show you it is the perfect example of niche-ing down and personifying your business, right Niche-ing down and understanding what your target market in your business actually enjoys, if you don't have a minute at Amplified Capitol, you may not understand, but, let's just have a look – [Person On Screen] It wasn't going the wrong way, but (upbeat rock music) – So you've been to Amplified Capitol before, pretty much guaranteed The Killers, Mr Brightside will be played most nights in Amplified Capitol, and most nights in Amplified Capitol, you will basically see people in the smoking area, the dance floor will be pretty empty, and then bang, song comes on, everyone's like, BRB, runs to the dance floor

So what Amplified Capitol have done, and this is pretty much my favourite piece of content that I've seen this year on social and Facebook, they took a meme, right, and they DJ'd the meme, so that meme's already going around, and they DJ'd it, but they understand, that the personification of their business, through their content, through their social channels, is what matters to them, right And that's what's gonna work in terms of the best piece of their content they can create for their audience So, this post, right, 283,244 people reached, 3500 reactions, 3400 comments, and 542 shares, an amazing killer piece of content, they didn't spend much time making it, they didn't have to think of the original idea, they just DJ'd it, credited the content, for their own business And the final of piece of content that I will share with you, and this one, also by Amplified Capitol, this was from last year, probably one the best piece of content they've ever done This content went so viral, that it was trending in America, and in the UK, and a bunch of other places across the world

(upbeat jazzy music) (loud screeching noise) Nothing overly complicated, what's going on, right They're personifying their business, what are they actually selling, Amplified Capitol is selling good times at Friday, Saturday night, if not more, when they're open, music as well, and other kinds of fun stuff, but at the core of their business model, this yelling a good time, and, they understand their target market, and they understand how their target market thinks, and they understand what kind of content that you create, to create viral exposure amongst their target market 'Cause what they're doing essentially is they're taking the offline, the real experience of like having a few drinks and having a good time, and they're taking that, and they're applying it to their content, so that in the weeks leading up to, or the days leading up, to, you know, Saturday night, so they'd run this, and, it just exploded, it went globally viral Like 800,000 people reached, what's interesting about this is see the light orange compared to the dark orange, that light orange represents organic reach, and they put a bit of paid advertising on top 4100 reactions, almost 8000 comments, 1400 shares, cause they understood how to personify their business and how to personify a good time, Right and they understand what their target market and what their target audience, who they are, and what they're into, and what they're gonna react to, in the best way

Thank you very much (audience clapping) Alrighty, just wrapped my talk at the Australian Hotels Association Conference for Western Australia here at the beautiful Crown Towers in Perth it was a great time, I had a really great time I was getting really nervy before I go on, and then I hit a nice little cadence, and then it's just, just lots of fun Anyway, that's basically it, this is a wrap My name is Paul Ramondo

If you're not already subscribed, go ahead hit the subscribe button, turn the bell notifications on, so you get notified when I drop new videos, I usually drop them every week, but recently in biz dev mode, so lot more hassle, lot more grind, means less videos and less content, but at least once a month, so let's keep the explosion, and I'll see you next time Peace (upbeat music)

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