How to Create a 📫 List for Email Marketing in Get Response 🔥🔥🔥

Hi, this is Tammy and I want to talk to you about creating a list and get response for those of you who are interested In email marketing This is a great program great autoresponder to use It also has some other functions you can create a newsletter in it

You can create Landing pages it all really kind of depends on the package that you're buying The basic email package I think has a couple of landing pages in it and that starts out at $15 a month You can get this free for 30 days Try it out See if it's something that you you want But really the first place you're going to start when you come in to get response, and this is really why people want it right They want it to to set up so that they can automatically start sending out Emails to people and in order to do that you have to have a list so I've come in here and I've created a list under here and I'll show you how to do that in a second But what I wanted to show you some options here When you name your list and get response, it has to be a lower case And no space name now The names are unique So if you are trying to name a list that someone else has for you know, like a second ago I had test list and that was already taken So I just added my initials on the end of that and that was that that worked So here you would come down here and add your your list title New list this is all making, you know, I wouldn't actually have this for list this is Showing you just what to do here, and then your description is showing People The important part here is your list ID and your list token some Programs if you're trying to integrate your email Program or your software into a particular program

They're going to ask you Sometimes they'll ask you for the API Sometimes they'll ask you for the list token Sometimes they'll ask you for the list ID so I just wanted to show you where that is because I'm gonna go over here and I've got a little capture page system lead page plus using it for a long time and and John is currently Doing a lot of updates in the background even as we speak But I wanted to show you here That if I want to make a new page For example here I would I'll just go ahead and test that But it's the same thing Test page TJ TJ, that's my name notes Test videos I'm just writing this down the page after they opt-in I'm just go ahead and make it that but here is where you're going to show Gate response and then you're gonna put the token in and let me come back here Right here the token is right there so I'm going to copy that Geoghan I'm gonna come over here to my capture page And I'm gonna put that token in So once you paste that in and in this particular page you but would hit create and do that I'm not going to do that because I'm not really creating that page But for the video I wanted to just show you what you do to come in here and Create your first list so let me go back over here and show you exactly what it looks like to begin with so you can see that I've got so In the back-office, you'll see the headings across here

You'll see the lists I'm on the list section here This is where you create lists, and this is where you add contacts to your list So you'll see here That's the list that I just made if you want to do any editing over here, you can just come over here Add your contacts you can make it your default That's not going to be my default, but then you have your settings newsletters autoresponders things like that, so It's pretty straightforward But if you haven't done it before then, you know, it's going to feel a little bit confusing so really Again, when you come in here to get response for the first time you're going to see this Dashboard or this menu across here, and you're really going to want to start here

You're probably going to want to start with Your lists so that you can start pulling in emails from people your second step would be to come over here and make an autoresponder and I'll do that in another email and over here your list hygiene You'll want to manage your list, you know, if you see that you're sending out emails to people and they're just not opening You know and your list is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and people aren't opening your emails I wouldn't keep them on there I would get rid of them because you don't want to pay for people that aren't responding to you and If they're just sitting there, they're not even opening your emails or maybe you're putting too many spammy words and your emails There are certain things here to look at and by spam emails, I mean spammy words, you know words like make money or make a million dollars or get paid or Join our program, you know, you can actually go out on Google and put a search in for spammed spam words And it will tell you it would give you a list of words that are considered spam and that's what the emails Programs are looking for to filter out So you want to clean up your emails and make sure that you're not sending out spam you type emails And really you're just, you know offering people more information Limited links and just You know to me I like really short clean emails, but that's going to be totally up to you So and I'll create an email in the next video so that you can see that but today was really about just starting to create your list and Get response So I hope you find this helpful If you if you don't mind if you if you do find it helpful just hit the like button there Leave me a comment or Even share it for me I would certainly appreciate that And if you have any questions, please let me know and I will get back to you as quick as I can again I'll leave that link for my get response affiliate down below

If you would like to join get response Feel free to do that If there's something else you're looking for, I've been through several email programs if you need a lead capture page system check back with me here and I Can help you get started with that as well So again I'll speak to you soon, and you have a great day

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