Day 42: Why Am I Excited About A $7.43 Affiliate Commission?

Hi members Trish Leadyourlifestylecom a life of freedom and choice Just came out of the gym had a great Zumba session

It's Friday night and I just wanted to talk to you today about a Check that I received wasn't actually check It was a payment It was a notification an email to say that you have been paid Seven dollars and forty three cents for referring someone to our program Which is pretty exciting actually because it just I mean, it's a very small amount seven dollars forty-three However it just shows the power of Online business it shows the power of affiliate marketing What I did is I did a training video about a week ago showing people how to Apply a cookie policy to their website and in that training video I actually included a link to a company or an organization That provides this software and you have to pay a one-off payment, I think it was about $27 and of that amount if you refer someone you actually get a commission payment and so Little surprise turned up in my email inbox Seven dollars you have been paid seven dollars 43 so I thought wow that's It just shows you the power of what you can do if you find organizations that are prepared to pay an affiliate Commission What you can actually achieve by just doing some videos doing a training tutorial recommending an organization that you use and that you would recommend and Getting paid a commission or a referral Commission for that process So I just wanted to quickly share that with you It's Friday night had a great night at the gym and Today has been a day of getting up to date with my primary business

I Had to sort out Business Administration I had to sort out Rick turns or dual profit-and-loss and So that goes to the accountant here in the United States I've got two tax year ends that I have to handle and that can be hard work sometimes just handling the administration side of a business and When you've got two tax year ends to deal with it can be very very challenging So That was a huge obstacle for me this week I was just like it was there it was nagging because the 30th of June was the end of financial year and That ties in with the end of financial year in Australia So I have a corporation that ends at the 30th of June but I also have corporations that end the end of December as well so you can see I'm doing Profit and loss and returns twice a year so had to get all that done today Hi, Annie great to see you here Get all that sorted It's all done sorted and so now I can move forward again next week and work more on my online business for next week That's my share great to see you here Annie and over and out here from Ohio in America bye everyone

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