what is going on guys in this video I'm gonna be talking about some of the best cpa courses you can take today to really get some great results and learn what this is all about you know you really want to get the most relevant information and the courses that are currently presently obviously getting people results so i'm gonna go over a few of those courses because I haven't seen anyone discuss it on the YouTube platform and hopefully this video can be of some help to you so make sure you stay tuned the first course that I'm going to be discussing is by someone called Channel Steven cyber that or Chanel Stevens I believe in a link to everything I discuss in the description box below basically yeah this is a sepia course of where she goes through all the in-depth information of the best traffic sources you can use predominantly the courses focused around Facebook but all of the different affiliate networks that you can go out there a market from and find products on is all covered inside of this course now this isn't like a sort of held back course it's straight in in the deep end of full comprehensive information on CPA marketing specifically because as you may know online you'll find a lot of um gurus or other people who are giving lots of information which may be based about affiliate marketing so its basics like things like Amazon affiliate marketing and all of the generic stuff you might find online but there's only very few people who are giving straight information on cpa marketing so that's cost per action or Cpl cost per lead and that's found an affiliate network so it's not like Amazon or you know and jvzoo or anything like that this is actually like real in-depth comprehensive information on CPA marketing specifically now you can go over to channel Stevens YouTube channel and she gives quite a bit of information on there but then when you obviously want to take it that step further you didn't obviously can make an investment and go into the course to find out what type of information you can gather from that and utilize matron in your business career so the next person I'm gonna discuss has recently brung out for course it's Anthony Alfonso now I'm not sure if it's currently still in beta because obviously the last time that he gave out any information in regards to this he was mentioning that that's where it was now Anthony Alfonso gives tons of information on his YouTube channel completely free so if you're looking for any type of free information then you could go over there and that would be the place I would recommend you to start if you're trying to gather any information on what cpa marketing is or how you can go about it he's got a few case studies on the channel one for a traffic source from bing and one for a traffic source from facebook so whatever it is that you're trying to find i mean these are two of the most common traffic sources used throughout cpa marketing for beginners you can go and find relevant great information there and anthony Alfonso is always willing to give you an extra helping hand in regards to you know if you've got a message or you want to sort of ask any questions or anything along those lines he'll be always willing to help you out and this is the really sort of good thing about people who haven't got a huge following in that sense because these are like the niche super affiliates under the cover sort of thing who don't put themselves out heavily online in that sense but they are getting the results behind-the-scenes so he's a great guy now we've also got a guy who you may have seen a lot of adverts from and a lot of information from online and he's a guy who's currently based in the UK who's mr popular so he's a guy who's giving out tons and tons of information throughout his actual YouTube channel you can go find him in the description box below as well and you may have potentially seen an advert from him talking about how he does a digital marketing business and he's helped many clients over the years and whatnot now his channels completely you know all about cpa marketing there's no cyber video or anything like that straight in depth just that channel stephens and he actually has a course called a-1 revenue now if I were to put any courses into prospective currently on the market at the moment I would say mr

opulence a1 revenue and channel Stevens course CPA I think its CPA coaching or something like that those two courses are the top CPA courses now there's only one cat trip going into any of those two courses you need to have a budget it's not one of those things you can go in on a free thing like that and that's the thing with affiliate marketing you can go in with no budget in that sense with CPA marketing you need to have a budget because you need to run paid advertising so you need to have a budget for the advertising and you might not make your money back straightaway because it involves a lot of testing now these are the two best courses I've found out there at the moment giving the real information no sugarcoating it's great to the point and it's real in-depth like exactly what you're looking for if you're a CPA marketer and you're having some type of trouble and you can't get results I would definitely recommend those two courses but if you're looking for free information then go and check out Anthony Alfonso's youtube channel because he runs several case studies on that channel okay now just to mention some of the older names inside of the game these people like Greg Davies you can go check out any type of information you can find on him he's one of the biggest CPA marketers in the world and these are the guys who are really not super affiliate status but behind the scenes so they've made millions and millions inside of this type of industry there's another guy called Peter Parkes you can go check him out he's all over YouTube as well and he's also got like you know of course on Facebook how to master Facebook Ads now his course is a bit dated so the same with great davies he hasn't got anything quite relevant at this specific time but if you do get hold of any of their courses I mean you know you can potentially google their courses Greg Davies has like a six-figure mobile CPA course and he has a few others as well but just the information that these guys are giving out for free can be very very helpful and both of them actually do quite a few events and things like that so if you're based in the state so you're willing to travel to actually invest into yourself then I would definitely go recommend that you check out those two guys now one of the other people would last but not least I'm gonna mention is Shaun burglary I think that's how you pronounce it very sorry if I pronounced it wrong but he actually has of course which covers SEO and also CPA marketing so it's a bit of a mix that with affiliate marketing CPA and a bit of SEO and whatnot but yeah it's really good in-depth information again but not as hardcore and straight direct snipers like the first two people that I mentioned throughout this video so if you are looking for a bit more lack of a diluted type of information then Schaumburg Aires course is quite good now in regards to affiliate marketing I've been through I've taken Odie's cause I've taken Tana J Fox's course I've taken Chad Bartlett's course all three of them are good they're good courses for beginners but they're not so much in depth with CPA marketing if you are looking for a straight CPA marketing and that's the business you want to go into then I would definitely check out a one revenue from mr opulent or Channel Stevens course those are the two for Anthony Alfonso those are the three people actually I'll say who are currently doing cpa marketing and they're not sort of doing some diluted information in regards to CPA or whatever else there are other people that I mentioned are good yeah like in regards to Sean and Chad and you know OD productions and all of that they're good but it's a bit more diluted and be prepared for that you might not be able to get the same results as if you go into like you know someone with a1 revenue or wherever else okay so that's it anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video very short very straight to the point I'm using my webcam today I don't know what the quality is like on this video hopefully it's good enough for you to watch but yeah as always make sure you take care if you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe just below leave a like on the video if this was useful to you and you found it helpful I'm trying to give straight to-the-point information and leave out all the fluff okay guys and until the next one you take care peace

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