Consejos de Email Marketing: Aumenta tu Tasa de Apertura de Email

Hi, I'm Dave, and I'm running Mailjet's Customer Success team in the US You probably already know what the opening rate is, simply the frequency with which your users are opening your emails when they receive them

But the opening rate is very important because it is one of the key factors, one of the key indicators that will help you to get to the inbox or end up in the spam folder, so what is a good opening rate? The answer is that it depends It depends on what type of emails you send, if marketing (mass emails) or transactional triggered by a user action Marketing emails tend to have lower engagement, while transactional emails email that people are waiting for, they have a greater engagement As well It depends on the sector and the type of content you send to your users, so you should investigate the benchmarks in your market or sector to see what the average opening rate is and point to that and, if possible, try to overcome it The most important thing you can do is try to send emails the more relevant and personalized Address users with messages that they hope to receive, but also with messages and content that are relevant to their interests and ultimately relevates for what they really want from you

Mailjet can help you increase your opening rate by thoroughly analyzing the data and information that you are already collecting about your users, whether your preferences or interests, or the frequency with which you want to receive your emails Listening to your users is essential and also working with a customer success manager or a Mailjet Support agent can help you figure out when send, how often and when to eliminate the users that maybe they are no longer interested in receiving your emails

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