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– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson and today is the first episode of something I'm calling Matt's Marketing Tips No idea if there's gonna be an episode two or not, but I like how Matt's Marketing sounds so we're gonna roll with it

Today I wanna share with you how I've been getting a lot more views, comments, likes, and shares on Facebook In case you weren't aware, Facebook has recently been majorly cracking down on the visibility of posts shared by business pages So if you have a wedding film company, for example, and you were trying to share your wedding films, not many people are seeing them and that sucks! So, thankfully I have a workaround for you today Now the way that I've done this for years and the way that most other wedding filmmakers do it is that you render out your video, it looks awesome, you upload it to your business Facebook page, and then you start tagging the couple, all the other vendors that you work with, and then you message as many of them as you can, and say, "please share this that would be super awesome" Because the dream, the hope, is that more people will see the video and an engaged couple

Whenever I say engagement, I don't mean user engagement, but actually proposed to and engaged to get married couple watches your video and says, "Hey, that's an awesome video I should hire that person to film my wedding" And then you get more bookings and you don't have to live out of your car, which hey! That sounds awesome As I said though, Facebook has been dramatically reducing the visibility of posts shared from business pages So even if your couple is sharing the video and the other vendors are, there is significantly less people that are friends with them that have actually seen the shared video

So how do we get around this? Well, Facebook may have been cutting back significantly on the visibility of posts shared from business pages, but they have replaced that with posts from personal pages So now personal page posts are significantly more visibile than business page posts, and that is awesome because what I've been doing is: I've been taking a cue from photographers When a photographer posts about a wedding on Facebook, you notice that they don't upload all 500 photos and start tagging the couple and their friends in all their photos cause that's kind of a nightmare Instead they send the couple all of the photos, and the couple uploads the photos to their personal pages And how many times have been sitting there and you're suddenly tagged in 30 photos from a wedding and you're like, oh my gosh this is ridiculous, but you still go through and look at all those photos

Cause you like, how embarrassing do I look Oh no What I am not doing instead of uploading wedding films to my Facebook page is whenever I send that email to the couple saying, "Hey your wedding film is completed "here is a link on Youtube to stream it" I'm asking the couple, "please don't actually share "on Facebook this Youtube link" Instead, in the email, I have download link to a Facebook optimized version of their video that is ready for them to upload, and I include some instructions, "Here's how you upload to Facebook

" So that way they don't get confused Then I tell them, "If you have any questions you can ask me", but I ask the couple to share their wedding film on their personal Facebook profile I ask them to tag their friends and my wedding film making company So if any of their friends are watching and they're like, "who filmed this?" They can scroll up and look in the description and my wedding film company is still linked there This tricks Facebook

Facebook is now so heavily optimized toward sharing videos and photos that personal profiles are sharing that whenever they upload their wedding video, Facebook just thinks, "Oh, this is a personal video that they made "Share it Show everybody!" And suddenly more and more people are seeing it And I've been receiving many emails from couples saying, "hey I saw so-and-so's wedding video "that they just uploaded I love it "I would love if you could film my wedding

" I'm getting more bookings because of it And as a side note here: doing things this way does not limit you from sharing the wedding film on your business Facebook page Later on, maybe a week or a month after the sharing and viewing frenzy, from the couple sharing the wedding film goes down We then upload the video to our own Facebook page Tag everybody again, and share it, and by that point people that have already watched the wedding video before can watch it again, and people that have never seen the wedding video now have another chance to see it

And that can result in more bookings I hope you enjoyed this first episode of Matt's Marketing Tips I plan on having more in the future Incidentally, if you heard me talking about Facebook optimized videos for download and you're saying, "hey I wanna make videos optimized for Facebook" Well, I have a link up here in the corner and down in the description to my video export settings playlist

Which is where I've made videos that detail all of my export settings for Facebook videos, Youtube, Vimeo, and even Instagram videos So, if you want to export videos and have them look best for any of those platforms You can check out that playlist in the corner or description and watch how to do that As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free leave one below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible It is also a mega-sized help to me if you would consider a thumbs upping this video and subscribing if you wanna see more Facebook marketing style videos in the future

I also have tons of links down in the description of this video Links to my Facebook pages, which, hey, I showed a lot in this video I have links to my Instagram page I have links to my Kit page, which has all of the equipment that I use to film videos if you wanna check that out All of that is linked down in the description of this video

Thank you so much for watching and have a great day!

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