B2B Video Marketing Examples – 6 B2B Videos for Lead Generation [2018 RELEASE]

The best B2B video marketing examples ever to inspire your own What makes an unforgettable B2B video? Before we get into it, let me lay out the components of an outstanding B2b video marketing piece

The 6 videos that follow check off most of these criteria You don’t always have to get every single one perfect to produce a memorable and effective video, but the best B2B videos should get most of these right Your message engages with your target audience on a core level Your video has to grab your audience’s attention right from the start – and then hold on to them throughout You do this by first being clear about your messaging and how your product or service really helps your users on a deeper level

You tell a story – or at least communicate in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence Effective B2B videos need structure for your message to carry across well You can use an emotional element like a story, or simply a linear list of points for your users to follow Think of it like holding your user’s hand and leading them through an unfamiliar environment Where should they step next? What do they need to watch out for? Thinking through these helps to make your message more digestible

You teach your viewers something – or make them feel something How will your target audience think or feel differently after watching your video? Use your B2B marketing video to elicit an emotion or share a piece of information that will enlighten them – even better if you can accomplish both Your video feels smart and polished We’re told to never judge a book by its cover, but most viewers do naturally tend to steer clear of poorly filmed videos or bad audio Particularly since you’re marketing to companies, your video needs to look professionally filmed and edited

Your message spurs your viewers to action At the end of the day, you want your users to take an action after the video, whether it’s to visit your website, try out your product, or to try out your product or download an ebook

Make sure you have a strong Call to Action at the end of the video! You build trust by displaying sincerity and authenticity Building strong B2B relationships – heck, any relationship – requires trust Your video should reinforce this by displaying a human side to your company, product, or service Your video is consistent with your business’s brand identity Like every piece of marketing collateral, your video is an extension of your brand and should therefore be consistent with the overall vibe you want your users to feel whenever they think about your company

This is done through thinking about the tone of voice you want in the video, visuals, props, and even the values undergirding the message Here are a few examples of B2B video marketing for the Awareness and Acquisition phase in your sales funnel and why of course, reasons why they work Example 1 B2B Brand Video If you’re promoting technical and not-so-sexy products and services, you’ll appreciate this B2B video marketing example

This video shows you that a good translation now saves you from problems later To make it visually understandable, they’ve tried translating different recipes with the help of Google Translate and Elan Translation The dramatically different results and the reactions of the people who test out the recipes perfectly capture how customers can react when you share an important but badly-translated document with them Of course, it helps that this video is hilarious, and people love watching experiments This way, Elan Translations manages to sidestep the stereotypically “boring” impression of a translation app and make it entertaining for their users

I’m left feeling like Elan Translations really understands the core purpose of their service, which goes a long way in building my trust and confidence in the brand 2 B2B Leadership Video Example Leadership videos are designed to give insights to new leads in the Awareness phase of the buyer’s journey But the key is to give real insights instead of old or generic tips

This B2B leadership video example shows that even a simple “talking head” video can add real value to the user in their quest to understand important aspects of an industry At the end of the video, you’re cracking up and you feel smarter The video is fast-paced and triggers a desire to learn more Plus, they don’t take themselves too seriously! In a way, it feels like you’re watching the news The insights are short and to the point, and afterwards you’re treated to something you never expect, at which point they don’t mind being creative

3 B2B Social Media video example This B2B social media video brings out people’s empathy for the brand, Hootsuite When they read mean tweets of product users out loud, it really makes you think This shows you another side of Hootsuite – demonstrating that it’s not a faceless brand, but made up of real people who are responsible for why certain customers aren’t completely satisfied

The way they mixed recognizable “customer feedback” with people creates tension, but in an entertaining way This is a perfect example of a social media video that brings multiple brand values across with storytelling techniques Everybody who works B2B knows how painful it is when customers aren’t 100% satisfied with your products or services By showcasing these real vulnerabilities, it generates sympathy from your leads For more B2B Video Marketing Examples Please go to the description and find the link below

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