Are You Wasting Money on Your Paid Advertising Campaigns?

– Hey, everyone Jason Case here with another video and today's topic is: Are you wasting money on your paid advertising campaigns? So over the past couple weeks, I've been doing quite a bit of competitive research for new clients and it surprises me how many sites are still not mobile responsive

So what I mean by this is it looks great on desktop but when you look at it on a mobile phone, it doesn't respond well to that resolution So people that are viewing the websites on mobile phones, they have to zoom in on the text to read it and it just provides a poor user experience Well, Google's been pushing a lot of updates recently One of the biggest ones is their mobile first index rollout where they index websites from a mobile point of view Everything has always been from a desktop point of view previously but now they've started rolling out this mobile first index where they're indexing everything from a mobile point of view

The reason for this is because a lot more people are using mobile devices They're browsing the internet on their smartphone now and it surpassed the people that are actually using their desktop or laptop computers to do so So they're making a lot of updates to this and pushing webmasters and website owners to have mobile responsive websites and if not then you're probably going to see your rankings drop, your engagement times from users drop and so forth Well, this impacts your paid advertising campaigns as well So if your site is not mobile responsive, guess what? You're going to be paying more for paid ads because you're providing a poor user experience so people are bouncing back, they're only staying on your site for a short period of time and then they're bouncing out of there

Well, you're going to be paying higher costs for these ads because you're providing a poor user experience and guess what, your conversions are going to be lower too So I was very surprised by this over the last couple weeks when I was doing competitive research how many websites were actually still running paid advertising campaigns and their websites weren't mobile responsive So if you fall into this category, I highly suggest just stopping and pausing these paid advertising campaigns and invest that money into a website redesign It's going to go a long way It's going to lower your cost per click, it's going to increase your conversion rate and you're going to be seeing a lot better results from these campaigns down the road

So if you ever need help with this, we do this We do a lot of web design here and backend development Obviously, we also optimize sites for, optimize sites for marketing purposes too so either way, if you fall into this category, feel free to reach out I would love to help you with this but I feel like people are just wasting money if you're running paid advertising campaigns on a non-mobile responsive site especially today and especially if you're running ads on Facebook because 90% plus of people on Facebook are coming to your website from a mobile phone So that's my two cents for today and again, if you need help with this, feel free to reach out

Otherwise, look for my video coming up tomorrow Take care

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