Affiliate Marketing Definition [CPA VS SEO?] Best Marketing Advice!!!(2018)

what is going on guys in this video I'm gonna be talking about SEO versus affiliate marketing or cpa marketing in that sense now when I actually started out I went straight into CPA which is good it's a great fast way of making money but the thing is you need to have a budget so like I think what's overlooked with the majority of people online these days in the way it's taught by gurus is that you don't need a budget or you don't need a bit of money and whatever else but the biggest thing is is one of those businesses that you have to pay for the traffic now the only difference a majority of the time obviously with SEO to cpa marketing is that obviously there's an advertising cost involved with SEO you're actually ranking websites higher on Google to then gain traffic organically whereas with CPA marketing you're actually driving traffic into your business by paying for it and then obviously looking at the numbers to work out whether you should add more money or cut your ads off yeah so that is the way it works in a nutshell and one of the things that I think is taught like these days is that you know you only need a small budget to actually going to CPA marketing I think that's quite false because with a small budget you don't have any breathing space for if anything goes wrong personally I mean I wouldn't go into CPA marketing unless you've got at least about 500 to a thousand dollars because when you actually burn your budget you're gonna be come a lot more disheartened very quickly because you think that it doesn't work and really you never really even gave your chance to sell YouTube you never even really gave yourself the chance to actually succeed with it or to actually test in that sense CPA marketing involves a lot of testing now if I was going to give any type of recommendation for anyone starting out personally I would always say go into some type of free traffic methods go and get results and actually learn how the systems work online in regards to affiliate marketing and how to build funnels and everything else and then I would once you get results going to CPA marketing now that can be very beneficial as well if you start off with SEO because when you can understand see oh you learn about keywords you learn about how actually Google works or how Bing works or how all of these different search engines work whether you're doing YouTube or whatever else is yeah now you're ranking either you know videos or you're ranking you know websites and whatnot it mainly focuses on websites to be fair so you know you are ranking websites inside of search engines like Google and then you gather organic traffic from there now with this is great because it teaches you how to do the correct copywriting how to go in-depth with describing something and be very persuasive and how to convert people into cells when they land on your landing page or you know your actual main article in regards to a website so I think it's really good foundational skills to gather online before going into any type of paid advertising and if you realize a lot of the biggest people or the biggest names in the game at the moment people are alex becker for example i'm just going to use him they actually went through SEO before going into any type of paid ads now alex becker doesn't focus purely obviously on a fiat marketing or anything like that in this current climate but what i'm saying is a lot of them started off with SEO and then went into all the paid advertising later on throughout their career so like i think they have a more comprehensive understanding of how things work online from the bottom up and I'm always a big believer in starting from the bottom and working your way up now there are people who are an exception to this rule people like Anthony our funds are I've seen him go straight into paid ads but he was working outside of actually starting an online business so he was generating cash from outside from his actual day-to-day job and then invested into cpa marketing but I mean even him he'll tell you that he had probably lost quite a bit of money before obviously becoming profitable with this so it does involve quite a bit of testing and quite a bit of cash for you to invest so if you are starting out I would definitely say go down the route of SEO start with that once you get some results with it then you can then use that money to invest into your business and really start making quick fast money with cpa marketing and paid advertising i hope that video was helpful to you guys very short very quick and straight to the point if you are new to the channel then make sure to subscribe just below and if you didn't like the video and you found it useful then make sure you leave a

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