5 Ways You are RUINING Your Email Marketing

– In today's video we're going over five things you are screwing up on your email marketing, coming up (upbeat music) Hey guys, what's going on? This is Josh with Section 5 Media

Today we are going over five different things that you are screwing up in your email marketing that's not getting you the results that you're expecting That and more coming up Issue number one, you don't have it What are you doing? You need an email list

The reason, this is an owned media That means that no matter what happens, you get banned from Instagram, YouTube decides to take your videos down, you own that list Whether you're a business or a brand, ultimately you're trying to build a community of customers or followers If platforms decide to stop allowing you to contact your followers or customers, what are you going to do? An email list is one of the best ways to have owned media where no matter what happens you do still have that list of email Now I know sometimes you might need to change email providers or something similar, but you need to understand that you still have that list of emails

So even if you need to jump in Gmail and email them one by one, your business isn't dead in the water because of decision another company made Issue number two, you are not sending enough emails So a couple things with emails is that they tend to kind of fall on the backside So what ends up happening is you don't send it out and then all of a sudden in three months, you send out an email What happens kind of in that timeframe is your customers are going to forget who you are

And that just happens in today's environment If that happens and you send out an email and not a lot of people open it or a a lot of people report it as spam because they can't remember that they subscribed to your newsletter or email blast, you're gonna have a problem with deliverability of future emails as well So if you don't send enough emails you're gonna have problems with both your customers not remembering who you are, why you're getting, why they're getting information from you and you're gonna have problems also with the email providers because you're gonna send the email and they're going to look at it at a macro view and say, a lot of these people are reporting it as spam or they don't know who this is or they never open the email but are deleting it That all factors in with your future deliverability and ability to reach your customers using your email list Issue number three, you're sending too many emails

So, on contrast with not sending enough that we just talked about, if you send too many, you run into your own issues One, your customers are gonna start to ignore you This happens with email in general because they start getting so many emails that they start tuning things out If I get three emails from the same person I'm more than likely deleting all three of those unless they're personal emails like I'm talking to a customer but if they are marketing emails, if I get two or three of 'em and I haven't checked 'em, I'm just deleting 'em and more than likely, every email that comes after that I'm gonna delete it Because one of the other effects is that oh, you just sent me a coupon for 10% off and then you send me another one for 10% off two days later

I can delete any one at anytime and kinda just know that, well when I wanna take advantage of it, I got two days and they'll send me another email So you wanna be careful about that Also if you send them too often you run a big risk of getting kind of labeled as a spam provider or a spam sender where you're sending out so many emails and people are receiving them, not opening them, deleting them, there's a good chance that the big email providers are gonna notice that and say, you know what, you can just go to spam Issue number four, you are not using automation If you're not using automation, you're making a big mistake with your email

The reason for this is that you are meeting people at different parts of their journey So this means that you have some people in your email list that have been there for six months, you have some people that just joined yesterday These are going to be people that are in different aspects of the buyer's journey and/or they're going to be more open to learning more about you So we use automation to kind of take that and go, we're gonna build up these paths so when somebody requests this one thing we can send them relative, timely information based on what is the best for them So when somebody signs up for a seven-day course we can set it up where, day one they get one, day two they get two, day three they get three

And then we can follow up with them, say in seven days But when it's six months down the road and they haven't opened an email at all, we can start sending them less emails because that increases the value to them because oh I haven't heard from this company in two months and they sent me some really good information Let me open this Versus, oh they sent me another email this week They just sent me one last week

So it allows you to measure and respond to different parts of the buyer's journey and different levels of engagement with your company because the thing is with digital marketing you have a vast reach with a lot of different people at a lot of different technological levels as well as different levels of business in their life We can take the automation and use that to kind of map it out for each one of these Issue number five, and this one is probably the most important You're sending out bad content Stop doing it

If you're not sending out good content, you don't have anything to say, you're better off not saying anything at all More importantly though, I would make it an effort to go out and find some good content Now this doesn't even need to be your specific generated content, it can be something that is relative to your industry, that your users and your, basically community would find useful So let's say you are a chiropractor and you want to send out an email but you don't have anything individually that you wanna say You go and find different articles from respected publications that you can go in and write a 200, 300 word blurb about and then link to their article

It improves your credibility with your community It also gives you something relevant to send them so they know that when you send them information that they are getting good information If you send out a newsletter just for the sake of sending a newsletter, you start sending out bad content And when you do that and you start getting into people's filter of, this isn't worth my time, they start deleting your message before you even get a chance to read it So it's important that you keep this in mind every single time that you are crafting an email because all it takes is one time for people to go, oh that was not worth my time and every time after that what's gonna happen is they're gonna see it and they're gonna make a little mental vote, is this worth my time or not? Last time it wasn't

So, and the more often you do that, the more problems it's gonna cause So keep that in mind Send good quality content to your customers or your community Alright, I hope you found that video helpful I know that email marketing can be one of those things that a lot of businesses, they tend to put on the backburner and they put it on the backburner because they're not really sure how to do it and do it effectively

You just need to keep in mind that if send people relevant content, that is applicable to why they want to hear from you, you're going to get good open rates and you're going to get business from it Overall, on the digital marketing spectrum, email is one of the best ROIs of nearly any platform It's also an owned media So it's really important that you understand this, that you nurture and keep this up Send people on your email list good quality content, great offers, keep them engaged and your business is going to thrive

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We do listen and respond to as many of them as possible Look forward to seeing ya, I'll talk to you soon (upbeat music) Build your impact, their brand, blah, blah blah Better than Let's take a look at 'em, let's go through it and let's answer your questions

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